Maybe I’m going to use May in the month of May, so I need to learn good combos with her.:smiley:

Can you please share combos, strategies, character matchups and so on? Thanks a lot


hey! 63214k all day long, and do lots of dolphins! :O! IRUKA-SAN!!!

or just ask scamp for top tier advice!


learn to love and use 6P, it will stun slayer and potemkin fast and other characters even faster
S, 6P - H
- S, 6P (if they are close enough)
- [4] S, H, [6] S or H the dolphin will hit bigger characters and slower falling ones, and if it doesn’t hit them you’ll ride the dolphin to the other side of them and you can start pressure again if they already recovered, if they haven’t recovered , then just keep juggling
it this doesn’t work then its most likley me describing it wrong or my messed up grammer, spelling and punctuation sending the wrong message.


I used to play May but I dropped her, here is some basic stuff I remember.

Basic wakeup combos:

Most of the time you will be running up with standing kick if it’s safe(no uppercut, wakeup super) because you can’t be thrown out of it. Basic standing kick pressures:

  1. s.K, recover, command throw.
  2. s.K, 2S, 2D, [2]8S, command throw.
  3. s.K, 2S, 2D, [2]8S, 2P (counterhit) 2D, [2]8H FRC into combo
  4. s.K (tap up), sc.S, sf.S, [4]6H FRC IAD j.P, j.H, land command throw.
  5. s.K, s.H, dash in, s.K to start pressure or combo if you get a counterhit.
  6. s.K, sc.S, 2D, recover, 2D knockdown. Repeat.
  7. s.K, sc.S, 2D (knockdown), 41236[H], pause a moment, release H so that the dolphin flies through the hoop and hits them just as they’re getting up.
  8. s.K, sc.S, 2D (knockdown), 63214S super.
  9. s.K, sc.S, s.D.

Another way to play wakeup with May is to score a knockdown and FRC 41236H so that they have to block the dolphin on wakeup. Some options from that include:

  1. 41236H FRC, run up s.D.
  2. 41236H FRC, empty jump, command throw.
  3. 41236H FRC, empty jump, 2K, s.D.
  4. 41236H FRC, crossover j.2H, 2P, 2D, 28[H] FRC into combo.

Another good wakeup tactic is just run up, dash cancel, command throw.

Getting in:

As far as just getting in with her, you’ll be using either s.K, sf.S because of it’s excellent range and 2-in-1 into dolphin or counterhit s.H to score a stagger and dash up combo. Her 2D is also fast and has quite a bit of range. 6H has a ton of range but isn’t too safe unless you cancel into 41236H.

Another great way to get in with her is with the dolphin. Practice mastering the ranges of both the S and H versions. You should be able to ride the dolphin just in front of your opponent so that they react and block, but in reality you didn’t hit them so it’s a free command throw.

Her dolphins have excellent priority, but try not to abuse them. It’s safer to ride them into just before you hit your opponent, rather than spam them, have them get blocked and eat a combo. The across dolphin has 4 frames of recovery when you land, so keep that in mind. Ideally you want to ride the dolphin towards them so that you end up about mid-range. From there you can poke with s.K and sf.S, or even s.H if they are a slower character.

The dolphin upper can be even nastier. Most people don’t know how to properly punish May when she does the dolphin upper. So you can combo string into [2]8S, land in front of them, and command throw, or you can throw out a fast move and try to counterhit them if you know you’ll have more priority. Try her 2P against fast characters, it’s 5 frames but has damage correction. Her 2D is 7 frames, without damage correction so use that against slower opponents to score better damage.

Defensive May:

Try not to throw out a dolphin everytime someone’s pressure ends, it gets too predictable and you will definitely get punished for it. Bait them to block the dolphin, and instead run up command throw. Once they catch on to that, throw out a sf.S while they stand and wait for you to run up and throw. Cancel that into dolphin and get back on the offensive.

41236H is alright to throw up in the corner, but don’t just stand under it and wait for them. Step somewhat in front of it and either wait for them to run up so that you can hit them with s.S or let them begin a combo pressure and release the dolphins to knock them out of it. If more than one dolphin is released you have time to recover and start mixup while the dolphin spam covers you. It’s nice to just have the hoops up when you can, it makes people think twice about running in.

Jumping H is a really great move. You’d be surprised how many times you can hit people just randomly throwing it out while jumping. When you’re trying to get someone off of you, jump-back j.H works pretty well.

623S is also a decent move in XX, but in #r it is even better. You can be hit out of it, so don’t abuse it on someone who knows how to punish you. At the start of the round I sometimes jump back and throw it out. It will catch people in the air and can be RC’d into j.H, land, jump-up air combo.

Jump install:

Jump install with May is really fun, and isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it. If you don’t know what jump install is, it’s basically buffering a jump so that moves that start on the ground, but end in the air, have IAD or double jump afterwards. You buffer the jump by tapping the up direction during a move that can be jump canceled. May’s s.P, s.K, sc.S, and sf.S can all be jump canceled.

The first type of jump install involves her [4]6H dolphin FRC. It’s really only useful near the corner because otherwise you’ll fly right over their head. Basically, during any one of the moves I mentioned above, tap up, and then right as you FRC the dolphin, at the same time and quickly, tap forward forward to IAD. Once you can successfully airdash afterwards, practice linking j.P, j.H, land, ground combo.

The second type of jump install involves her [2]8H dolphin FRC. This is where all of her high damage combos come from. Most of the time you will either be doing it from 2D, 2H, or from s.H. Practice running up with s.K, immediately tap up, 2D, [2]8H dolphin FRC. In XX you throw out a j.H just as you FRC, land, jump back up and air combo, in #r they can’t tech after you FRC so you have more options. The timing is hard in XX, and until you master it, most of the time the j.H will whiff.

Misc. stuff:

Her 3K is a really great, 8 frame, move. You can slide under a lot of stuff, like some of Dizzy’s fish/spike pressures, Potemkin’s hammerfall (slide, recover, throw). At the right range, it’s almost unpunishable and deep slide, RC, command throw is just plain cheesy.

63214H is her invincible super, so use it on wakeup if someone won’t get off of you. Use sparingly however, like all wakeup supers…

236236S GREAT YAMADA ATTACK!! Haha, this move is great. When people throw out and whiff a high recovery move, make them eat a whale for free.

6P is a good move, although it seems slower in #r. Use it for anti-air, 6P, sc.S, s.H, [2]8H dolphin FRC into air combo is great. 2x 6P counterhit on most characters = dizzy = IK = peace out.

Basic dust combo is probably j.H, j.H, j.D, j.c, j.H, j.D. Her impossible ones are cool looking and do more damage though. is your friend.

Overall May is probably not the best character out there. You have to work a lot harder to win than with Slayer, Eddie, Sol, etc., but it’s still really fun to play her. She’s a great character to learn with though, she’ll teach you a lot about the game, so start practicing champ.


3k is a good move BUT it is not safe i dont care what the other guy says its not safe doesnt matter from what distance, the negative frames that she is in is soooo big if its blocked potemkin has enough time to do a 6 HS which will land as a counter hit and that isnt fun… even if it is may.

generally how i play her is just madddddd rush down… she has a relatively easy lock down

after a knock down

k,hs 66 p,hs this works because of the frame advantage… if you time it right which i do now bwahaha they cant even jump out of it, unless they have a 4 frame jab youll win every time… and if they do try a 4 frame jab you can switch p, hs to kick slash.

k,hs,k,s is my favorite pressure tool for pay by far… if they try to do anything from jump jab or whatever the k,s will beat them out letting you smack them with a horizontal dolphin.

umm people tend to be VERY frightful over mays 6p… use that to your advantage almost no one will ever just single jump in on you chances are they will double jump, so instead of using a 6p just do a dolphin call its a win win mays dolphin call has like 30 frames of upper body invincibility so they jump in and the move whiffs and you can drop the dolphin on them and combo… they double jump when they fall down you drop the dolphin on them

oh yeah if they are acros from you and in the air restive roller will cross up… its just a process to block not safe at all though on block problem wtih may is that all her stuff isnt safe… :frowning:

oh last thing as for the guy that posted before me hits shits good if it connects but 95 percent of the time the person isnt going to get hit they are going to block and FD and may will be zoned thats why i recommend k-hs as a rush down shell stay in and you can close back in… the name of the game is pressure


I WILL 6p your damn drop in j2h, matt. Bastard. Whenever I do though, I have to wait a tick for you to be low enough for my bridget’s 6s -_-

anyway, may combos in reload…

IAD> js(connect)> jh> LAND> [2]d> 8h(dolphin vertical)> FRC> jh> LAND> IAD> jk/js> jh> LAND> jk/jh> jd> JC> jh> jd

s©(connect)> [4]h> 6h(dolphin across)> FRC> LAND> IAD> jk/js> jh> LAND> jk/jh> jd> JC> jh> jd

if you frc a solo jump installed dolphin across from far away (and was blocked), immediately airdashing after will usually result in a very clever crossup that can be comboed off of.

[4]7h> FRC> AIRDASH> 2h(connect)> LAND> combo

oh yeah, matt (pulsr) is pimp with may, so listen to him. :cool:


if your playing in reload depending on the character, sometimes finishing a combo with an upper dolphin is better, and sometimes finishing it off with the aircombo is better. playing the wake up game with sol is a bit annoying… so just keep him in the air where make can play the 6p game


Can You Tell Me?

Hey, me and a friend of mine, were playing XX today (neither one of us play may). And he did a move with her, that I’ve never seen before. It was some type of O.D. I guess, where May dashes up in the air a couple of inches, then she drops the anchor on you while she’s standing on it. I believe she hits you a couple more times, before it’s done but I’m not sure(can’t remember). This move looks really simular to her I.K. but it’s not the same. He did it twice, but he doesn’t know how he did it. So we’ve spent the last 45 mins. trying to figure out how to do this move with no success. Can anybody tell me how to do this move, if you know? Or atleast tell me if you’ve ever seen it, because right now, I feel like my eyes are playing tricks on me, and my friend feels about the same.:wtf:


We’re Both Idiots

Well, the title says it all. The reason we couldn’t figure it out was because it was EX May. This jackass, used her by mistake. That’s still no reason for me not to know, so disreguard last post. Excuse my stupidity.:lol: