GGXX : Millia for the newb

hey guys im new to milia basic stratagy? bread and butter combos? how she is played? any suggestions+ tips please thanks

abuse of her speed.the dics seems to be good.the problem is she’s like cipp less stamania.anyway i think she’s easier to may learn to master the air ball too as wake up game to cover yourself and attack.that’s all i can say according to the vids i get.i never played her…

you can go here.sometimes there are some good millia vids.(the vids change with the time)but not actually.sorry.i registered here one great 2 or 3 weeks before.

ttp:// (add a h)

U wanna learn her relaunch combo, which is:

2H, high jump, s,p,s, h (2 hits), 214s (needle), land, 2H, air combo again.

u can only relaunch once cuz duh it involves using the needle which you have to pick up before you use it again. This works on pretty much all the normal weighted characters. Against others you ought to mess around and work on it. I heard you can relaunch twice by just pressing S when you land the first time but the timing is tough.

Basically with millia u wanna knock them down so you can do the H disc and have them get up into it. Then you mix up high low and right left. For example

H disc

jump 236 P (block hi)
low anything (block low)
dust (block hi)
214 k roll behind
jump 236 k go behind
jump air dash F, air dash B (fukin confusing!)

from there you just wanna confuse them so they can eat your launcher into aircombo

Another pretty vital part of Millias pressure on wake up is your knowledge of space and ranges. All the mind game in the world is null and void if you just get thrown. So do yourself a favor, and start off learning these just outside of throw range, where the tip of her foot hits them. If you are on top of them, you will be thrown. Against Sol, Slayer, Pot, and Bridget, you should implement different strats to achive the same goal. But realise they can wake up invencible and punish you for anything that leaves you open. Others have the ability to do similar (Ky, Chip, etc.) but the ones I mentioned earlier are your only real threats.

Just pointing this out, cause its a big mistake alot of newer millia players make.

i lastly get this link in an other’s a combo vid dedicated to millia:

add the h to get the link…

Um, Bridget? He can’t do anything on wakeup to stop Millia. Starship has like no horizontal range, and like you said she can do different stuff to rush him down.

Easily Buri’s worst matchup…


You CAN relaunch without Millia’s pin, although slightly harder. There’s two ways to do it:

  1. Delay the H in the combo so when it does the third hit, you’re already touching the ground, then do S2H and hjc into the same combo again.
  2. Use the 236P in the hair after H’s second hit.You then relaunch with P S(2 hits) hjc K-P-S-H. I’ve gotten this to work consistently on Sol, and it gets harder on other characters.

Keeping the pin lets you keep a great part of Millia’s already powerful pressure game.

Learn throwing into launch combo. There’s variations on each character though. Most chars you can just dash S2H and hjc into combo, while some you have to do dash 2PPP hjc K-P-S-H.

Tricking people into thinking that they can throw you is also good. Like for instance, after a knockdown, do disc and roll under, but pretty close to them, them jump straight up, and if they whiff a throw, you get the disc in, plus a j.D into S2H into a combo.

Millia can be confusing and at the same time be 100% safe with her bullshit. I mean, 2S can jump cancel, and it hits low, so you can do that into 2369P (tigerknee ball thing) and that’s a low hit into overhead, which you can RC and get a combo out of. She’s just so damn annoying.

only characters s,p,s,hs air combos doesnt work on are Testament,Anji and Potemp. I tend to use k,p,s,hs on testament and anji and iad,s,hs into realunch on potemp its super easy on him because he is so big.

I’ve had problems with getting it on Testament too. But for some odd reason, sometimes it works. =/ Problem with hjcing into K is that a lot of times you’ll get a TK air 236K which sucks. =/

  1. You wanna get down who is easily relaunched with what pattern. For instance, launch, sj, S, P, S, HS…will work most of the time, but if the guy is launched already too high, the a S, P,P, HS will do a better job.

  2. You wanna get down the resets. The majority of Millia players go for the pin after two HS, the relaunch. Sometimes, depending on the weight of the character, you can land, 2P, S, 2HS to relaunch. Some people go for the Bad Moon, but it is not really practical.

  3. You wanna know her pokes effectively. Stuff like S from a certain distance, 2D, j. D, and 6P are good snuffers. Learn to know when to dominate your opponent with the pokes.

  4. Millia comes with a plethora of JCable moves, so expect to be using them for her high-low games. Usually people will go for the TKed Bad Moon to knock 'em down, HS disc, then begin the beatdown. Sometimes, you would want to use the drop dash, which goes into her throw setups.

  5. Learn to throw effectively. From what I know, her throw is arguably one of the best throws in the whole damn game. Different characters can be launched from a throw. EX/ Against Sol: Dash in a little bit, S, 2HS, air combo. Against Faust: 2HS, air combo. Against Johnny, Dash in a lil, 2P,P,P, SJ to air combo. Learn to get down the dash in timings, because after the knockdown from the air combo, it’s time for the wake up games.

  6. Learn to make different combinations for wake-up games. Stuff to psych out the guy so that they will get knockdowned again. Ex. after the HS Disc has been thrown out for the wakeup game, you could do a TKed Bad Moon, a dash in 2K, 6K, a dash in 2K, TKed Bad moon, and so on and so forth.

  7. Learn to use the Secret Garden in the corner. Secret Garden is a lil’ harder to use than the disc because of the startup time. If you watched the innocence vid, you will notice that doing a 6HS after the air combo will setup the Secret Garden. This becomes a strong wake-up game because the Orb will stay out longer, and it does lots of damage, and it wont really do the guy much if he bursts.

  8. Learn to use the 214 P. This move is usually overlooked because of her other powerful tools, but this move does in fact give a nice addition to her arsenal. This move can be FRCed to deal massive damage in the corner. Because most players have to RC a 6K to use the properties effectively, the 6K, 214P FRC saves you some meter, and deals massive damage setups for the corner.

  9. Learn how to maneuver. The asphalt drop (236 K in air) can be good for getting in the guy’s face, but abusing it can be terrible. This is usually good for throw setups, or just plain getting out of a certain area. When trying to get at a guy from a distance, a good idea is to sj, pin, 236K. TKed, it will send you either back down quickly enough to continue pressure, or it will send you behind for some setups.

  10. The pin is an evil move do to it being a relatively fast projectile. It can shut out just about all of the good anti airs such as Sol’s K and Johnny’s 6P. A good method is to IAD, pin, continue to pressure. Make sure that you do not abuse it, because it will get snuffed out by DPs and such.

  11. Roll effectively, but not whore it. Although at first glance the roll looks like it could be the most overpowered move since Wave Dashing, it is not. When whored like crazy, prepare to be thrown, comboed, or whatever. Since Millia has the third worst defense, this cannot be an option to let the opponent have. The recovery after the roll is something that is small enough to let the opponent have an opportunity, but games like GGXX rely on psyching the guy out, so integrate the roll into your game.

  12. Depending on the opponent’s reaction ability, you could do the “blocking the wrong way method”. Just in case you don’t know what that is, it’s like this example: Sweep, FRCed Wake-up HS disc, roll. The opponent will probably be blocking the “wrong way” they say because the roll gets you on the other side, thereby making it so that they have to block the opposite direction then originally intended. Although this style of play is a lil’ old, and might no work in competetive play, just throwing this in so that you can have an idea as to how to mixup your game.

That’s all I can think on, I’ll see if there’s anything else I can throw in later.

EDIT: Hey, you’re from Danbury? What be your name and did you guys get a GGXX machine over there?

thanks for the help and danbury is getting GGXX soon for now just cvs2/mvc2 use to have a 3s but no one besides me played it x;

yo paco what was that shit combo you did to me with tha bubble thingy on the corner when i played with you at teacher’s house?

shit was sick n took out like 5/8 of health bar:eek: damn you’re too good on GGXX:lol:
by the way is there any effective combo to 2D with millia that doesn’t leave you too far away to be extra effective with the H disk wake-up game? i mean i use the P-H-2D combo but leaves too far away n can’t cross-up with the disk her AD wake up game is tha best if you get the disk right next to em way too many options i mean you can mess up and make a guess game with turbo fall and landing as a crossup then high/low way too sick also if i’m not mistaken you can FRC her H disk right? if so what’s the timing? extra time to move with her on wake-up really should take a lot of toll to the opponent’s mind:evil:

Cool, tell me when you guys get it.


Umm… Im kinda new to Gg so…

All I know is how to connect her disc super and 1 cheap air combo. =\

millia is a cheesey bitch.

c.k x2 -> s.k -> overhead (rc into run-up aircombo) is fucking gay. you hear me ruin!? eat a dick!

You really only need one air combo, and that is what I posted. Don’t waste your time on the disc super. FRCing the discs and the hair car thing open up more damaging opportunities. If you are in a situation where air comboing is not an option, just standard hitting to a sweep will open up her wake-ups.

Don’t shrug off the disc super entirely. 6k xx Disc Super is still damage.

Good millia videos on a-cho last I checked. One match vid vs May and she’s in the a-cho cup video for ggxx reload (acho_gekitou_ggxx_final.wmv). She loses both times, but you get to see the air combo and also some other nice stuff. The first 20 seconds of the second round between Millia and Faust in the a-cho cup video is good stuff. Textbook Millia.

Hey, post that a-cho site 'cuz they always keep changing their media links, and I’m tired of that. Anyways, yes, 6K to Disc super is damage, but it is much more reliable to either RC the 6K so that you can AC because there are those weird occaisional happenings that the disc super will miss the 2nd or third hit to let the opponent have enough space to stay away from you. I don’t use the super that much especially since the amount of damage and opportunities that come out of a FRCed 214P do:

  1. opens up for some sick AC damage
  2. Takes up less tension
  3. hits low so that there is at least SOME sense of high-low mixup
  4. If the 6K is blocked, the 214P FRCed will save you, and if you RC the 6K, you are able to continue pressure. If you do the disc super, the guy can take no chip by faultless defense and you do not recover before them, so they have a better chance of coming back at you.

With Millia, you really wanna keep pressure, because she can make up the damage easily with that rather than trying to use a combo that may do maybe 30-50 more damage, but will not let you have a high chance of consistently applying pressure.

Aye. 6k->Disc Super is not something you would normally use, but you want to have it in your mind in case you get an opportunity to use it and finish someone off. I’m still working on my 214p skills. <-- they moved the vids to the front page on the bottom of the right side.

edit: millia vs. may video is gone now (was acho_ggxx_20040401a.wmv). :bluu: The most important thing to take from that video was to use HS disc to keep from getting rushed down and control space. S disc if its more urgent. That guy also did the 6k->disc super in the corner after an HS disc that got blocked low (around 1:50), then caught may with a 5S->2HS off the wall bounce, which coulda led to a air combo, but May died. :stuck_out_tongue: Good stuff.

May also does a sweep->anchor super->other stuff combo (75% tension) in the last round. Took off like 2/3 of Millia’s life. :eek:

More millia vids. This time from Team Serious March Madness. Team Serious Website

Kono shows some stuff with Millia. Throw->dash ->2P, P, P->air combo. 6K->Disc Super->Air combo. Using the pin to take out eddie to get in on Zato.

Also, Kono tries to disc too close to eddie on wakeup and gets thrown. Dun do that. :lol: Kono is good, regardless.

edit: Crossing up with P and S is good too, but hard.