how do you play her?
B&B combos?
deep tactics ect…

i want to learn her well since she’s my fave char:D

thanx in advance :smiley:

Her hair thing is alot better than in reg GGX…I was playign soem guy on casual in evo and when I used that, it was so damn funny how many hits it got in.
The one other thing I know aobut using millia is that when your opponent is down, you should use the HS qcf…

There’s an older thread, you should try searching for it and posting your questions there. But I will post some stuff here as well: My basic bread and butter combo is different from alot of other Millia players, run in with kick, or crouching punch, combo into standing slash, standing hardslash, then trip (down + dust), after that either use her bubble, or roll and put a disc over them. Bubble is very good, you just have to use it when your opponent can’t capitalize on its lag time.

:lol: i’ve drained almost1/2 of life with thatshit in the corner i do
p , s,s, qcf+s to hair thingy and man it hurts but alli do is random shit with her so i wana learn tactics n i guess the qcf+ hs thing is to keep the opponent in block stun so you can build tension by rushing down right? also dr.stormlocke mentioned the bubble stuff what can you do with this if it has a huge start up n some lag at the end?:confused: oh an can you follow anyting up after the bubble hits?

thanx in advance

WTF Neo, yo te puedo ensear a Millia cuando llegue a Puerto Rico. Espera hasta el sabado :smiley:


ok gracias!!! pero tendra q ser otro sabado ya q este tengo compromiso… oh y q no se me olvide felicidades por llegar en los top 32 n GGXX!!!

IAD a lot… her cross up/mix up game is crazy.if you can instant air dash like not even a mm above the ground it’s all about guessing from the other person

what attacks should i use with her when IAD for crossing up
and does the qcb+p has any uses at all?

thanx in advance:D