GGXX: my top 10 characters

this is my top ten guilty gear XX characters, the best of the best in all catagories, feel free to post your top ten

  1. Eddie
  2. Slayer
  3. Axl-Low
  4. Faust
  5. Baiken
  6. Venom
  7. Sol
  8. Ky-Kiske
  9. May
  10. Testament

PEACE —Kiba—


no this is the tier i think

6axl low

10.Potemkin :smiley:

Honorable mention to Ky…but he just doesnt do enough damage to my liking.
BTW, you can DIE if you disagree with my puttin Axl on 1. I mean c’mon…one of you had May as 9 :stuck_out_tongue:
I use her too, but I wouldnt try arguing against her bein tiered right above Zappa.

Fire is Wet, looks like we agree on top 9…

heavenlyking, a top 10 list w/o baiken?!?!

  1. Zappa
  2. Potemkin
  3. Venom
  4. Kliff
  5. Ky
  6. Baiken
  7. Slayer
  8. Bridgette
  9. Anji
  10. Johnny
  1. Venom
  2. Axl
  3. ZAPPA!
  4. Eddie
  5. Potemkin
  6. Faust
  7. Slayer
  8. Testament
  9. Dizzy
  10. Justice :evil:
  1. Johnny
  2. Millia
  3. Eddie
  4. Bridget
  5. Axl
  6. Slayer
  7. Faust
  8. Baiken
  9. Sol
  10. Venom

Dizzy is strong also, I just think these chars are a lil stronger.

I don’t think this is supposed to be tiers… more like your personal top 10 :slight_smile:

  1. Sol
  2. Eddie
  3. Zappa
  4. Bridget
  5. Johnny
  6. Jam
  7. Axl
  8. Faust
  9. Dizzy
  10. Millia

Once I get my FRC timing and Dust Loops to perfection with Sol, I’m going to be doing some heavy work on Eddie and Zappa. As soon as I finish them, I want to do some work with Millia, Dizzy, and Bridget. After that, it’ll be just a matter of what I feel. Most likely Jam, Axl, and Johnny after :slight_smile:

yay @ seeing some high placed zappas. Go and post about him in the zappa thread which has travelled pretty far from recent lack of use. Go Zappa!

who i like to use. in no specific order


ok so i’m reading this and JAM is underrated once again ?

one and only characther i play is JAM :S

My top 10 GGXX characters -

Too many unblockable setups 'nuff said. Vs a good Eddie player, 1 knockdown is almost guaranteed death.

Range, axl bomber loops, counters, great midscreen & throw juggles.

Range, great items, great zoning game and good ground priority.

Incredible speed, good high-low mixups, great air priority, excellent normal and throw juggles.

Counters. She can counter anything and respond with a move or even an overdrive that restricts her opponents. Easy and safe ground setup leads to very high damaging combos.

Great priority on ground and air normals. Midscreen/corner juggles. Unblockable setups.

Excellent attack priority and good range. Mist cancelling. Has ways to make his attacks untechable and in some cases unblockable. Can cause major damage really fast if the right opportunity presents itself. Has weird physics so certain combos don’t work on him while others do.

Good attack priority. Roger (partner) can create unblockable setups or really good high-low mixups if used right. Damaging overdrives which can be setup to be unblockable.

Excellent keep-away game. Incredible damage per combo. Great attack priority. It is not unlikely to get torn to shreds and not catch up to a good Dizzy player even once.

Sol has his infamous Dust loops which can cause massive damage and have countless ways which they can be setup. Ky has quick projectiles, better overdrives, better attack priority, better zoning game and can take damage better than Sol. I rank them roughly even. Ky usually is more annoying because he can zone better or can even play runaway (very annoying). Sol on the other hand has to rushdown which may be good or bad depending on your opponent. E.g Vs characters with better range like Faust, or a grappler like Potemkin, Ky is usually the better character to fight with if your opponent doesn’t make give openings. Bottom line, Sol can make the most out of one opening while Ky can work even with no major openings.

As for SLAYER, I’d say his just cheap not top tier. A player who has seen all his setups can evade them successfully and beat him down without him ever getting a grab off.

Oh… I didn’t include the bosses (Robo-Ky, Justice and Kliff) but if I did they would definitely have made the list. I didn’t include Venom either even though I am certain he is a top 10 character because he requires so much skill to learn/master and his setups are hard to perform flawlessly every time. Compare any one venom setup to Baiken’s 2D -> 236K (FRC) setup. Even without the FRC, Baiken’s can still be comboed after. Venom on the other hand, you need to have everything perfected or an escape route from his ball formations presents itself. Anyone who can play a good Venom deserves props because that guy is not easy.

1.Eddie (unblockables, very strong offense, good at range because he can attack without risk).
2.Faust (very good at range, does good damage, counters Eddie, solid strategies).
3.Axl (well-rounded, but does his best at range. Easy high-damage combos, three different counters that recover very quickly, easy to use).
4.Millia (speedy and mobile, crossups galore on wakeup, does great damage w/combos, awesome mixup).
5.Baiken (kills most ground based offense or severely limits it b/c of counters, very strong in air-to-air, does large amounts of damage w/little effort, high priority, decent rush and keepaway, well-rounded).
6.Johnny (can rush or zone equally well, his Mist Cancel ensures he’s almost always at advantage on block, does huge damage w/nasty corner combos, nice okizeme w/Bacchus Sigh and unblockable Mist Finer, awesome priority).
7.Sol (very well rounded, he is only at a disadvantage when at far range or when his ground offense has been figured out (ie he is being predictable), does large amounts of damage w/combos, excellent pressure and okizeme, as well as good zoning offense, high priority on attacks).
8.Bridget (very good at range, excellent space control, can rush or play keepaway, nice pokes, powerful super on wakeup).
9.Venom (hard to use but pressures incredibly well, has good ranged setups for rush, incredibly good mixup if used properly, doesn’t do large amounts of damage normally).
10.Dizzy (does ludicrous amounts of damage, solid keepaway and pressure w/multiple projectiles, very mobile, good priority on her normals).

Ky is not as good as Sol. His attacks are better for zoning purposes, yes, but his defensive options are more limited (it’s harder for him to regain his offense once it’s been broken and he’s on defense). He doesn’t do damage anywhere near as quickly and his offense is several times simpler and more limited than Sol’s. And no, he doesn’t have better priority (Sol will generally beat him out in this category). His overdrives are slightly better, but they still sort of suck (only good for combos and reversals, which limits their use). He does take damage better over a longer period of time, but this generally matters little. And runaway Ky is not very effective because most characters in the game are so mobile that he can’t keep them away forever. They will eventually catch up and then he’s stuck on ground defense (which he isn’t very good at).

Other random comments:

Slayer is not that cheap. Yes, grab infinite is annoying, but it’s so easy to keep him out of range for it that it only becomes a factor if the Slayer player is a master of setting it up. He’s very easy to turtle against because his offense is incredibly predictable, making it hard for him to do damage. He basically has to play the bait and counter game, poking every once in a while and waiting for you to mess up so he can capitalize with one of his strong combos. Slayer is very hard to play as, IMO.

May and Zappa are generally considered to be bottom of the pack. Zappa is a pure gimmick character, and he has little to no solid strategy outside of his gimmicks. Once you figure out most of his tricks, he has little to nothing to go on and gets ravaged. May just doesn’t have that much going for her. Decent pokes and damage, good wakeup game and command throw, but very little that could be considered truly threatenting. Very basic and limited.

Pfft, Pfffffffffffffffttttt.

  1. Chipp
  2. Sol
  3. Jam
  4. Faust
  5. Bridget
  6. Baiken
  7. Zappa
  8. Eddie
  9. Ky
  10. Millia

i think this thread became a “my top10 favorite characters in ggxx”, since almost everybody disagrees on the tiers (except for a few chars like eddie and faust)… someone can put zappa on top and someone can put chipp on top so i guess…
here’s the list of char i use best:

  1. i-no
  2. baiken
  3. axl low
  4. testament
  5. everyone else, pretty much the same… havent really worked on anyone else

i do feel though baiken and axl low are on the easier side when i use them… i spent MUCH more time to work on i-no and i can play just barely better than my baiken and axl low… sometimes my baiken actually does better even… even though i spent much more effort on practising i-no


1.I-no(MAD RUSHDOWN,easy damaging combo)
2.Testament(Crazy cross up)
3.Faust(Good zoning)
4.Eddie(zone,rush down,runaway)
5.May(Damaging dust combo,their moves are too powerful)
6.Sol(JD loop)
7.Venom(Lock down game,Dark Angel)
8.Anji(Damn butterfly trap)
9.Baiken(JD loop)
10.Johnny(Good rush down)

What is a JD loop?