GGXX: Neo-Potemkin

Since Gamecombos has been down for…well, almost a week, I had to migrate here for GGXX talk.

Lets begin: Potemkin Strats

I hope we all know the standard Japanese notation here. Numbers am win.

Since I’m writing Potemkin Buster a lot, it’s just gonna be shortened to Potbuster.

Basic Shit:
-B&B Cheddar Pretzel flavor combo: K/2K - S - S - 2D
-Return of the Potbuster: 6K -> Potemkin Buster
-6HS loop: (In corner, get them into a Heat Knuckle) RC first hit - 6HS -> Heat RC first hit 6HS -> Heat, Heat Extend (Magnificent damage!)
-The rise and fall of the hammer: Go into 5HS -> Hammerfall FRC - 2HS -> Heat Extend (works off counterhit 6P yummy 25% damage off a small mistake by the opponent)

You down with FDB? -
Things you need/should know how to FDB perfectly:
Ky: stun edge attacks
I-No: full screen horizontal split attack, green fireball note
Anji: shitsu
Potemkin: Giganter -> FDB WAR (these are fun as hell)
Dizzy: homing spike and laser fish
Chipp: gamma blade
Sol: gunflame
Venom: balls (flick those balls!)
Johnny: Coin
Baiken: Mat
Faust: Big Bomb, Bag Bomb
Good luck with these haha -
Axl: Resengeki (You must have the reaction time of the gods for this shit)
Eddie: Invite Hell (you have to predict this, unless, again, you have god’s reaction, or you like, watch the other guys hands)
Venom: Dark Angel (uhhh, haha, good luck again, you can barely get over this shit, let alone survive it head on)

Potbuster setups = YUMMY
Crappy ones that will work on scrubs a total of twice
-Mega Fist
-Jump in
-Good ones
-Hammerfall break -> Potbuster
-When slayer does something (I made a funny hurr hurr)
-Tickthrow Potbusters
-j.HS - P - K - Hammerfall break Potemkin buster
-sj.delayed S to gain frame advantage

more crap latar

3 RC’s in “6hs loop”? :confused:

Heh, accidently posted that last Heat RC first hit by accident.

Thanks for pointing that out ^^

Add Baiken Tatami Gaeshi to the things you must FDB! =p

And Johnny’s coin, May’s whale, Faust’s bag head…

Millia’s Bubble?

FDB is the ONLY THING that can stop justice’s Bomb

You can also FDB Dizzy’s ice spike and Eddie’s Invite Hell drills. @_@

FDBing Invite Hells is only nice on paper. Any Eddie player worth his shadow will get them under Potemkin. He’s not that hard to miss.

Hmm, I coulda sworn seeing some Potemkins FDBing Eddie’s IH even when it hit deep, but I could be mistaken.

Other ones include Axl’s Rensengeki and Testament’s skull.

Also, I’m posting things that are generally WORTH trhing to FDB against a good opponent, not everything you can FDB. Some things I know you can FDB (Like wiffed Anji super) you’re probably never going to encounter, so there’s really no point in posting it.

I’m a no0b to Potemkin and I want to see some combo videos of him and stuff, but I can never find anything through google or any other searches I do, any help would be awesome.

check out this crazy glitch i found out!

player 1 picks potemkin; player 2 picks faust.

(This is in XX only btw)

now, half way through the match the potemkin player should have lost most of his life, and faust should have 100%. preceed to cry about life and walk away from the machine.

top strats!

I wish your mom said no that night…

:lol: For some reason that is extreamly funny to me…

it was funny, but I still would like to kno if anyone could PM me links or post some links up for good Potemkin vids, I could use some slayer vids also. pre-thanx to anyone who can help me out

Thought I might like to add a few notes here.

6P and 6K are infinitely important to Pote. Both attacks are anti-air, but have different uses.

A tad slow… however, best for big damage.
Use it as an anti-air any time you can see an attack coming, or see someone just falling towards you. It has upper body invunerability, and you will find yourself stuffing a lot of moves with it. There are a number of setups off it, most of them come from a counterhit though.

Low CH (example, Sol’s Riot Stomp): You can BARRELY set up S -> Heat Knuckle off this. You must have them in deep and moving foward typically. Works easier on other moves.
Because Pote doesn’t get many chances some matches, it’s important to use meter when you have it. If you’ve got a Gold meter (uhg) and you score a hit like this, RC it, move forward, and set up a S S 2HS -> Heavenly. It’s worth it when it’s one of two combos you get the whole match. :confused:

Far CH: Just HS. It’s best to get some damage in. You can be charging a Hammerfall, and then break it to keep close to the enemy.

Perfect CH (example: Sol’s Bandit Bringer): Weird setups, but you know them when they happen. They leave the enemy right in front of you and falling. Many times these arise when a forward traveling move gets CH and the enemy flies over your head and falls behind you. From here, you can S S -> Heat Knuckle… OR, S S 2HS -> Heavenly for ~230 damage. Worth the meter!

The downside to 6P is it’s startup. You have something like 6 frames of startup before the upper body becomes invunerable. However, it’s a superior choice than the 6K because it does not scale damage on you.

Also very important, so learn it. The upside to this move is that it has 0 frames startup before the upper body invunerability kicks in! That’s as good as you can hope for. You can use 6K to break any pressure string there is even a single frame opening in (check those instant blocks). Downside is that Pote seems to become very small while doing this. Most pressure strings will instead go OVER his head and hit you from behind. However, it CAN get you out of a corner. Sometimes you have to take damage to keep yourself alive. :confused:
Also, 6K gives you a dreadful 70% damage correction, which means even a Pote Buster after one will seem to have less kick than normal.

Oddly, hitting with a 6K seems to frequently put the enemy on the ground, staggered, even if they were in the air slightly above you. It leaves you open for plenty of Busters or short ground combos… but don’t waste too much meter on it.

Just remember, any place you’ve got a frame open, you can hit it. For example, if you block the first hit of the Bandit Revolver, you can 6K before the second hit arives, staggering Sol out of the move.

I also just noticed the Slide head has the same kinda invunerability as 6K. I’ll play with that later…

Poking with 2K 2D is a very nice tactic. It pushes the other person away (assuming that’s what you wanted to do). A lot of people don’t worry about the High/Low game when fighting Potemkin that much, so make sure they learn to.
A lot of players will also try to punish you after the 2D, because it looks slow. If you find they are IADed at you after a 2D, throw a 6P or 6K as soon as they do! You’ll give them a nasty surprize and show them how fast Pote really is.

Pote’s backdash is quite frankly, jawsome. It’s a 20F backdash and 19F of those are invinsible. You can use it as a wakeup, to avoid attacks, to break pressure strings, and so on. You shouldn’t use his backdash to get away from shit (like the gunflame), but instead to make a jumping attack wiff and leave the enemy directly in front of you… and things like that.
Also, don’t try and use it to get out of being Butterflied by Anji. It doesn’t work. :confused:

Flick anything that’s convinient to you. Keep in mind that you are INVINCIBLE during part of the flick. You can use it to easily flick Faust’s Bombs and look very professional. Same goes for Dizzy’s fish laser, although that never seems to help much (bah).
When fighting against Venom, flick EVERYTHING. You can hit a lot more than you think… you can hit balls that are all the way on the bottom of the screen (somehow). One flick can really shut down Venom’s game… just watch out for charged stingers (they go through the reflect).

There’s a lot of flim-flammin about what are the best combos here there and so on and so forth. I’ve got a few personal favorites I like to work with.

Henaki: There’s a better way with that 6HS loop!
Start out with anything that puts them into a Heat in the corner (like a Buster or whatever).

Heat Knuckle -> RC (1st hit) -> Walk Fw -> 6HS -> Giganter Shield -> Walk Fw -> 6HS -> Heat Knuckle

The Giganter has something like 300% stun value. Yeah. You’ll be stunning bitches in no time.

Alternatively, you can sometimes set up wall bounces with:

Heat Knuckle -> RC (1st hit) -> Walk Fw -> 6HS -> Giganter Shield + Bullet -> Wall Bounce (behind you?) -> S S -> Heat

Mid screen Heat Knuckle setup…
Depends on how lucky you feel.
Good combo:
Heat Knuckle -> RC (1st) -> Walk Fw -> S S 2HS -> Heavenly
Better combo (harder setup):
Heat Knuckle -> RC (1st) -> Walk Fw -> HS -> Giganter Shield + Bullet -> Wall Bounce -> [K] S S -> Heat Knuckle
Fucking Retarded:
HS -> Giganter Shield + Bullet -> Wall Bounce -> [K] S S 2HS -> Heavenly
W-Hat (retarded hard setup):
HS -> Giganter Shield + Bullet -> Wall Bounce -> HS -> Giganter Shield + Bullet

Getting a setup like this is rare as it is. You need to pay attention to your possition on the game field to know where you can get the wall bounces.
Do keep in mind his Giganter is a wakeup, so USE IT.

Magnet Buster:
You know how much range the Buster has right? You should if you played Potemkin. Well, you may NOT know that it can go longer than normal in some cases…

"Stoppy Buster"
When you Break the hammerfall and imediately do a Buster, you will gain range on his throw. It has something to do with his forward movement from the hammerfall, but you can certainly grab some people with it.

"Magnet Buster"
Ever thrown someone from REAAAALLY far away by accient? When the enemy attacks, some times their hit box extends along their limbs, and you can grab that! This works for regular throws as well (and is a lot easier to time with them). But needless to say, sometimes you can throw characters from pretty massive distances.

Anyway, I notice that a big problem a lot of Potemkin players have is playing a little TOO defencive. Now, I’ve always been a little too defencive, and playing Pote has definately not helped that at all. But you have to remember that playing on the defence will only get you pressured more. Instead of waiting for the enemy to mess up, go out and make them mess up.
You will frighten other players when you start pressuring and poking them with Pote. If you get someone’s guard meter up… well… that’s about all there is.

You have made me a happy man Gwyrgyn.

Gonna try some of that shit out (that I didn’t already know) today.

I love you.

More stuff today.

Tick Throws:
It’s a very nasty throw setup that can be difficult to avoid. Basically, you hit the enemy with a short attack that they recover from quickly, and then throw them as soon as they recover.
The downside to it is that most of the time, if the enemy knows it’s coming, they can throw you first. However, with the Pote Buster, you FAR outrange their throw, meaning you can Tick Throw someone without fear of being thrown in return! The easiest setups for it on the ground are P P (or just P from not so far, just watch your distance and it’s easy) or 6K S. From the air, j.S or j.P set it up as well.
So is it unavoidable? Heck no. Any move with ~ 0-4 frame startup into throw invunerability can get away from it. The easiest one of note is a Backdash, but a Volcanic Viper will also get around it, and moves similar to it.

Taunt Buster:
Feel up for trying something stupid? Playing against someone who angers easily? Use a taunt buster!
In the middle of a blocked attack string (or a successful one if you feel really stupid), Do a respect! Take exactly long as you think it will take the other person to react to this, and then Pote Buster them (only a few microseconds, believe me). It works somewhat like a Tick Throw in reality.
Okay, it sounds retarded, yes, but most people will think you have fucked up if you taunt in the middle of a combo, and will try and hit you for it. Think of it as a Jet-Li stratagy.
Likewise, if they usually try to punish with an IAD, use 6P instead.

Counter Hit Flick:
The FDB (what does that mean anyway)'s Counter hit is useful. VERY useful. Off it you can score Pote’s strongest combos. The setup for the combos works anywhere except when the enemy is very close to the corner.

0% Tension:
CH FDB -> Heat Knuckle
(Someone tell me if there’s something better than this please, I don’t know… I usualy don’t try for CH FDB’s unless I’ve got 50% Tension)

50% Tension:
CH FDB -> Giganter Shield + Bullet -> HS -> Heat Knuckle
For fast falling characters (like Jam), you must omit the HS and go directly to the Heat Knuckle

100% Tension:
CH FDB -> Giganter Shield + Bullet -> 2HS -> Heavenly
Fast falling characters you again must omit 2HS. Slow fallers you can actually score S 2HS instead. This combo does some insane damage.

CH -> FDB -> Giganter Shield + Bullet -> Giganter Shield + Bullet -> HS -> Heat Knuckle
Wow this is retarded. It does less damage than the one above, but will very likely stun the other person. VERY likely. It also looks hilarious.

Keep in mind that some slow fallers (Anji in particular) bounce in a way that lets you juggle them even if you are close to a corner. If you Giganter Anji close to the corner, he will bounce behind you and you can K S S -> Heat Knuckle. I think Dizzy also might work, but I haven’t played around with her much.

You need to make sure you do the Giganter very fast after the FDB, or they will fall past the shield and recover (or be too low to juggle). You should do the motion for it any time you do an FDB with Tension, so just incase it hits you can hit the button and let it rip. There is a bit of a distance issue (horizontally) that can cause it to miss, so also make sure you judge your distance properly. If you suspect you are too far when throwing an FDB, do the motion for a Heavenly instead, as it will definately score a hit on them.

A little note… if you are wondering WHY CH FDB combos do so much damage, just watch the guard meter. There’s almost no scaling on the hits, and they all do a ton of damage.

i hate when i try to FDB any ky’s projectile and hi use the slide to go under the other projectile and RC tem slide, combo with DP
HS …