GGXX newb.

so, uh…any tips? i like potemkin…but i really dont know anything at all the game. can someone gimme the basics?

The entire cast of GGXX is playable, although it does have tiers. Potemkin’s great, but I’ll use Sol for a few examples.

Every character has a few ground and air normals that can be jump canceled (JC). For instance, Sol’s s.Kick and j.Dust can both be JCed. If you use a JCable normal as anti-air, you can jump and follow up with an air combo. Air combos can be extended by using air-JCable normals to double jump in the middle of the combo (with Sol: s.Kick as anti-air xxJCxx j.Kick -> j.Dust xxJCxx j.Kick -> j.Dust).

Ground normals cannot be airblocked without Faultless Defense (FD). To FD in midair, hold back and any two buttons besides Dust. Most specials can be airblocked without FD, but not all (ex: Sol’s Volcanic Viper).

Bursts (Dust and any other button) can only be used once, then you must wait for it to recharge. Your burst will be gold if your opponent is not currently hitting you, and you will gain a full tension bar if it hits. Your burst will be blue if your opponent has you in a combo, but you will gain nothing if it hits (you do stop the combo, of course).

Standing Dusts always hit high, crouching Dusts always hit low.

Some normals and specials (ex: Baiken’s Claw, HCF+HS) leave your opponent in a state called “stagger.” It’s like being dizzy, but it only lasts a couple of seconds, and can be mashed out of.

Edit: Every character’s forward+Punch has a certain amount of upper-body invincibility, which makes some useful as anti-air (ex: Johnny, Eddie, Bridget) or to pass through projectiles.

Roman Cancels (RCs, or “Red Cancels”) can be used with any normal or non-projectile special. Press any three buttons besides Dust as soon as an attack hits to cancel the recovery. They require half a tension bar to execute. False Roman Cancels (FRCs, or “Blue Cancels”) are done the same, but can only be used with specific normals and specials (Bridget’s c.Dust, Sol’s Gun Flame). They require one-fourth of a tension bar to execute. Go to Training mode and turn on the Input Display (the black bar at the bottom of the screen). If you do something that can be FRCed, the Input Display with flash blue at the moment it must be FRCed.

Instant-airdashes (IADs) are done by tapping up-forward or up-back on the joystick twice.

Let’s see…that’s just a bit, but I hope it helps. I’ll be glad to answer any other questions, but there are a ton of people here and at that know way more than me about GGXX.

dude dont listen to ppl trying to teach shit, jus go to

teaches u all u need to know to get started

thats nice, but they don’t have combos
use gamefaqs’s character faqs…but first pick a character that you like, i’m a sol or faust user myself…

I don’t know, I’d appreciate it if he at least listened to it, then went over to’s GGXX section. It took me about half an hour to write, and then it deleted the whole thing when I tried to post because I got automatically logged out. I’m just trying to help.

I’m a newb too, I just wanna know who are the top dawg in the game so I can find ways around the bullshit. I use Sol, Chip, Johnny, and Axl.

The top four according to Japanese rankings are Slayer, Millia, Eddie, and Faust. Pretty much every character has some sort of BS, and it’s all explained in this thread:

But if you want a quick summary of the BS:
Slayer - Command grab infinite (mashable, but very difficult).
Millia - Insane mixups after a knockdown with her QCF+HS (FRC).
Eddie - Unblockable setups after a knockdown.
Faust - Excellent range, priority, and mixups.

Of course there’s more than that, and it’s all in the thread above.