GGXX or #R?

Alright i know this probly wont change shit. But here it is anyways
so far from what i seen in the threads everyone seems to want #R.

Iv only played #R once and i know its alot different but its just a better game and i think alot of people agree. Top players like ID/CB/Kenji/Finalshowdown/RenoRob =]
and scrubs of all walks of life Me/Kugler/Deuce/Justus

all agree #R would be a better choice. Give it a chance guys please :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

thx you


I agree. #R. I’ve told the staff… but I think the worry is that it’s not available “officially” in USA. My argument is that the majority of the community would prefer it… hopefully that’s true, lets see how this thread goes.

I used to think switching to #R before the US release would be bad, but then I played my first good Eddie and realized how gay XX was.


I vote for #R this year since it’s a better game overall. I think it’s a better choice also because by next year #R will be outdated. It wont matter to me which version we play, but #RELOAD gets my vote all the way.



Because you know it’s best.

Yea reload totaly. I guess its honestly pretty selfish, but I dun care. I mean ive played XX maybe 5 times since last year. There just isnt really a point i guess.(though i guess then again maybe if i wanted to practice for a tourny or something… But again i dont want to practice that game, when i hardly even practice reload. Again with teh selfishness i suppose shrug…)

But yea reload for sure. And what kenji said, by next year whos to even say if we will be playing reload ya know?

I know it sucks for other people, but thats how the cookie crumbles… At least hopefully crumbles…

anyway so yea umm im not gonna practice xx so i dont want it there lol

I say #Reload

Its the newest version and it should played this year at EVO. :).

Rocked the vote!!

I would actually perfer #R too. However it really sucks because I don’t have acess to it on a constant basis, and there is a good deal of players that don’t either. It’s really not fair to those of us who can’t practice with #R but once or twice a month, or even not at all. #R is the better game, nobody should argue that, but for those of us that have already bought tickets expecting the regular version of XX that we can actually practice, #R is not a viable option.

#R is out 1 month after Evo, just let the switch happen then. Don’t put players who don’t have access to #R at an unfair advantage. Everyone already has access to XX, until that changes it needs to be the main game.

go with #r…its popular demand=more competitors

ive hardly played #r but from what ive played i can tell its a much better game… so im voting #r

I also can bring my copy of #R/PS2 and swap disc.

Anyone who has access to XX has access to #r.

The game has been out for a hella long time and there are a lot of sites that sell it. I got mine off ebay for like $25. A fliptop is $30. It’s not like this game popped out of nowhere. Japanese videos have been #r since forever, and any self-respecting fanboy would have become interested back then and bought it.

I’ve always been of the mind that if a new improved version comes out, we play that. Unless its so horribly unplayable. It would be pretty funny if evo was won by a roboky cuz no one knew how to fight him or something heh.

Not all of us have Japanese PS2’s nor do some of us want to mod them just for one game. Especially not a game that is coming out on an American system for 20 bucks one month after Evo. Why would I spend 55$ (if i can pull it that cheap) for a fliptop and a game when I can wait and get it for 20. I’ve already spent enough money on Evo as it is.

you should of had a modded ps2 from 3 years ago, theres a TON good of games you could have gotten earlyer and cheaper.

Theres no reason not to have a modded PS2.


Miu said it best, Playing XX is the like play CvS1.

Reloaded, by far. And I speak for every Davis GGXX player I know of.

The only question is, would switching to Reloaded lower the entry numbers? Basically I’d like to know if there’s anyone out there who would play if it’s XX, but not if it’s reloaded.