GGXX - Orbit Xmas Tourney 27/12/03


Aah, the first tournament I’ve hosted.
It ran smoothly, but kinda boring because there were only 9 ppl who showed up and we were missing some of our good players - Alex, KC, Tidus…O well, here are the results.
1st: Dickson “FUCK” Yiu
2nd: Nazir “X-Sapphire” Noori
3rd: Roy Leung
4: K-Tru "-K2-"
5: Stephen “DarkDragon” Munro
6: Sinclair “Boa” Lee
7: Jon Jai
8: Sunny “iplaycvs2” Siu
9: Winson “Ho-ho” Ho
not much…lol
-Stephen played like a fucking monster against Roy/Dickson getting a perfect match on both, good stuff. Dickson just didn’t know how to counter Baiken’s counters…how do you counter a counter?
-Jon’s Faust threw a bomb from full screen away, and my Chipp just ran to the other side blocking the bomb and killing Faust with his own bomb due to chipp damage…hahah Chipp is so fast!
-K2’s May just keeps getting better with those wacky loops…and let’s not forget the whale…hate that whale so much!
-I BLOCKED ROY’S UNBLOCKABLE…haha j/k he just mis-timed it, but it looked like the hi-low hit exactly at the same time

Jon was so off play man, too much time with gf lol. Props to Sunny for coming down all the way from Pennsylvania. I see that most of us are getting better fast, especially Stephen, K2, Boa, that’s a good sign.

I guess it was better than nothing, although I really wanted to somehow make a team tourney, but there was a low turnout. Good games everyone.

Thanks for the ‘blinks’ Dickson lol, it wasn’t really necessary man, it’s a tournament and you won fair and square. Don’t worry about the fact that my Chipp has such weak health, that’s something I gotta deal with and overcome, not you.


Wow… K2 is #4
His May is getting better and better by day!!

…I guess its time to bust out my Slayer again…:cool:
My Anji is not getting anywhere lately… proboly cuz I’ve been playing Venom too much

Anyways, Seem like you guys have fun, too bad I cannot make it…
And once again thx for X-Sap for hosting cuz, trust me… its not easy to keep track of everything

And lastly, X-Sap, do not throw away the chart !
Can you give it to me next time so that I can put it on excal and post it up to record it


how come u didn’t mention my name on the good players missing list??

wow stephen came in 5th, not too bad :slight_smile:
i will join the next tourney for SURE


Stephen Mungo is my hero.


i don’t know about mungo, but munro is a fucking beast


hahaha, what a funny scrub. :stuck_out_tongue:

I asked Eric your last name when I was signing you up and he said “m u n g o”… lol sorry about that. BTW Stephen, do you remember if you beat Boa or he beat you? It seems like I made mistake on the chart, but it doesn’t jeapordize anything, Stephen just gets 1 point if he won and Boa just gets 5 points if he won. So the only difference is that Stephen places 4’th or Boa places 6’th. Doesn’t affect the finals or anything.

And yeah KC I have the chart and a copy of it scanned on my pc.


Re: Re: GGXX - Orbit Xmas Tourney 27/12/03

Didn’t tidus take his place? Cuz i don’t remember playing boa.
BTW tidus beat me 3-2 if thats what u need.


Its a tourney, how can Tidus just suddenly take over!?!?

Fucking ass, always trying to jump into the game, no fucking manner! He thinkg he is still living in HongKong or something!

I really dislike his personality!
I even tell him that right in his face, but he is too stupid to understand:bluu:


Re: Re: Re: GGXX - Orbit Xmas Tourney 27/12/03

Yea that’s it, now the chart’s fixed, kinda messy though, oh well one mistake on my first tourney…

Yea Tidus took over for him, but it was near the end of the tourney. I let it happen this time since it was too late into the tourney to affect the outcome, I don’t know the reason for why Boa just left, but If you’re gonna sign up, please show up for all your matches. It’s too hectic to disqualify Boa and eliminate all the points everyone got off of Boa and shit. This guy wants to get better when he doesn’t even take his shit seriously. :bluu:


if that fagg0t wanted to join…
and its late…
its late…

let him pay an extra 10$ or whatever
and get his 2 games in

that stupid fuck


i’m soooo sorry about that i suddenly left…the reason is girl= = i couldn’t not to leave…
so…again,sorry about that and i promise i will try my best not to do such a thing again


i’m so sorry…itz my fault…i asked him to take over my place…again…sorry:(


OH yeah…made the list…good stuff…damn though. Sure, tidus is gay like a fluffy pink rabbit being fucked in the ass by a black man, but i just don’t see a big top tier T.O. tourney without him…too bad…have that crazy x-saph vs. dickson vs. tidus vs. roy
but trying to join after late…yeah…like i said…mad gay.

congrats dickson. X represent FUUBARUD…yeah…KC, when u start with slayer again, its gonna be insane…that dude is broke (but its wicked broke…like…too good for top tier play cause all of T.O. improves…its not like he is worse than millia…fuck you X-sapph)


Can one of you people tell me who used who to win the tourney, and who is considered the most bad boy of this game, by what I remember it should be Sol right?


X-Sapphire: Wassup man??? Long time no see…we miss your prescence in the S-Groove thread…congrats on placing…keep it movin’…Peace…and Happy New Year.