GGXX#R Best Strategy

A lot of GG matches that i’ve been seeing play a whole lot different then what i thought they would play. It seems like the supers in the game r basically useless in a real match it seems. They dont even throw out supers as a desperation to avoid death. So im assuming that’s a complete waste of a bar when it comes to money matches/tourney matches. But i believe even that supers are useful. Ill use them as a scapegoat during the match to keep myself alive a lil while longer than after i get into a jam that will probably lead up to me losing like say i got caught in the dust loop/faust’s offensive corner attacks. I’ll use the Burst to get out of that near death situation, and retaliate with my own rushdown. Since i already worked on beating down his health bar during the match. But then again it might be harder than im making it sound to be. Desperation or the Bar to use for Burst/faultless defense? Wat Do You Think? I’m jus tryin to get Better. BTW, I’ve been playing with Johnny since he came out, and ive seen so many characters on the game has something abusable. But what does Johnny have that he could abuse? I just dont see anything besides the coins.

Desperation super or burst=BLATANT!!!

Works sometimes if you catch someone off guard, but better they expect it and maybe give you a breather than lose after getting punished.

roman cancels.

it’s all about roman cancels, and their sexy cousins, FRC’s.


GGXX#R Best Strategy?
Don’t die.

Agreed to the MAX.

I’d have to say that usage of Overdrives depend on the character being played…

Does the Robot

if your fighting someone that knows the burst might be coming just having it can be enough, something shift does a lot is when he’s got a burst and is in a possible death combo he’ll just hit 2 buttons really hard so you hear it and think it’s a burst…

it’s hard to say “oh this is the way to play” because the games engine allows for so many options.

Pick Potemkin and hit them three times.

Or if your fighting a chipp player while using pot… well… sucks for chipp…

3 Pot Busters for the win!!!

Gotta get that fucker to stand still though. Damn Ninjas.

It really depends on which character you’re using. And also personal preference.

I have a match vid of Yukinose (Bridget) vs. Sigihara (May) in which Yukinose uses the “Me And My Killing Machine” super eight times.

It really depends upon the characters and how the match itself unfolds. Some characters have Overdrives that you’ll see used a decent amount. For other characters, though, rarely will you see a situation present itself in which you can effectively use an Overdrive. With those characters, you’ll spend more of your meter on RCs and FRCs.

I want to see this vid.


best intermediate strategy is mastering the air throw, and having the guts to tick throw off any projectile. CSE, testament web, bridget call back yo yo, venom’s balls, may’s dolphin, anji’s butterfly, dizzy’s anything, ino’s note, e.t.c…

I agree with Zig’s point, especially when you play causuals with the same friends repeatedly. Burst and Desperation Overdrives are Obvious. (Unless their designed to whiff, then that’s a defensive technique. Like May in the corner, Jam, I-no’s instant, bleh.) Anywho you learn to predict bursts and earn Uber style points by air holding them out of it.

That’s a good point. If you play against the same people repeatedly, they’ll start to know when you’re going to do something like Burst or pull an Overdrive. Good players will pick up on these things as well, and you definitely don’t want to get read on something like that. Bursts are a great way to get you out of a nasty situation, but if someone can read when you’re going to do it, that only opens you up to further punishment. Bursting at the wrong time or becoming predictable with it is usually a good way to eat a big combo.

so basically switch it up everynow and then so it wont be so easy to pick up on. that maybe true but i feel a lot more comfortable when using an overdrive. Ive been like that since playing the first guilty gear. BTW, SOL, KY, ZATO Owned the 1st game no problem. O yeah forgot bout Chipp

If your talking about GG1, it was actually Justice who owned the game.

Mainly because of the fact that she can do a mid-screen block stun inf that chipped off 50% of your health each time she dead it.

Ky still sucked, but he had the longest range IK.

The game was overall broken tho.
Anyone with an uppercut = inf, which is just stupid.

No problem. When I see you and/or G.O.T. online I’ll hit you up :slight_smile:

I’d like to also add that MAMKM is in my opinion one of the best supers in the game. Why? Because even if you know it is coming you are still screwed. Works especially well if opponent is in the corner so they can’t run away. 1) Buri releases the super. 2) Opponent cowers in fear from giant flaming death ball. 3) Bridget runs up, mixes up lows and 6K (overhead) randomly until something connects and the opponent gets hit by the biking teddy o’ death (I would like to add that it is IMPOSSIBLE to see what mixups Bridget is doing because both sprites are covered by the fireball). Fortunately it doesn’t do so much damage as to be overpowered.

Have you tried jumping and blocking? Just look out for air throws.