GGXX#R Best Strategy

Yeah actually I should have mentioned that knockdown is a good time to start it up that way they are pinned down.

This is the most annoying thing in the world. The true best strategy in GGXX#R is to hammer on kick and slash while you’re getting ground comboed, scream “Where the fuck is my burst, game?” and then start mashing on Potemkin Buster.

Tritone: While I agree that Killing Machine is one of the best overdrives in the game (to me, Venom’s Dark Angel is better because it has more jump-proof setups), it is at least theoretically possible to see what Bridget is doing and block accordingly – the mini Bridget sprite up by his lifebar is not obscured by the super’s sprite, so watch that. I personally don’t see 6K being blocked on reaction with any sort of consistency in the first place, though.

Hey dude! :smiley: That’s a really good idea that would never have occurred to me. Too bad it won’t work when Slash comes out, I heard they are replacing the mini-sprites with a static picture.

All of you are WRONG the best strategy in gg is:

  1. Go to Training Mode

  2. Pick Eddie

  3. Learn his Bullshit

Voila!! Now you too can get top 8 at evo.

the best strategy is MAD rush down…most people that play #r are shitty blockers… and if your doing all the swinging…theyre most likely blocking…and they cant hit you when theyre blocking

the best advice is to know that at least 90% of the people on this board dont know what there talking about.

Pull out their controller then RTSD.

juicy g has all the answers.

sigh ;D