GGXX/#R: Dizzy Thread


I got the idea from kugler’s slayer thread to put ggxx/#r so you guys can talk about either version.

I play XX, so some stuff I like to do… 2HS, FRC Ice Spike, dash, k, s, j. k, j.s, double jump, j.k, j.s, j.hs. if I have more tension…after the dash I just do 2HS, FRC Ice Spike again.

her 6k is pretty quick… good to stop someone from dashing in sometimes…2HS has also helped me out when I’m getting rushed down…just throw it in there when I see an opening.

I’m not a pro or anything, and that is why some of the stuff I wrote might be confusing because i’m leaving out something…I got some more stuff but I wanna see what you guys have to say.


The Emotion and Phantom Ensemble videos have great Dizzy combos on there, but most of you probably know that already. Haven’t taken the time to learn those combos yet, but there was one thing I tried.

After a knockdown in the corner, quickly summon an ice fish (I usually use the kick one) and 236 S right after, dash in, throw, repeat. I have done it on a real opponent before and I was able to do it like 5 times in a row…but I know you can get out because the computer hits me sometimes…which means it’s possible to get out if you time it right. Though, in the Phantom Ensemble video, the Dizzy player mixes it up throwing in stuff like 6S. This would start a guessing game making it even harder to get out of. It may be easier to escape than I think, anyone know?

Haha… I just didn’t want to let the thread die, but after this if no one posts that’s cool…


ya you got the idea,but when you either ice spike or throw them in the corner just put out the fish that hits three times dash in and either hit them or throw them inbetween bites.It is escapable with invinciblke moves,but to try and attack or jump out is too risky,you can either get comboed or Counter hit comboed.
Wake-up games.–
Combo into sweep and cancell the sweep into the low flying laser fish…dash a little then IAD over them then IAD agian back torwards them and do j.p,j.HS…or when you fly back torwards them do j.p then j.S which whiffs then you land quick and throw.
-Off throw…set out a low laser fish rite after the throw then IAD once,when you land you should land on the other side of them all the while thge laser fish is hitting them.

–I mean use your imagination…what you go for really is knockdown,low laser then airdash over them for the first time at the perfect timing so the fish beam could hit either side,while it hits air dash the second time back(her 2nd IAD, not jump and IAD again)and attack thier dome.

-umm play keep away is good throwing out the homing spear,then a fish,use that for shields and then go in and attack…if you can’t connect while the fish n stuff are out there double airdash out of therre and do it again.Don’t let them get close to you,she has no antiairs or good defense tactics,jus run away alot

I don’t play dizzy but I know how to so if you got q’s go ahead.


ahh I see how the wake up game you described would help me out in my game, and yeah I see what you mean by the whole running away thing lol…

Oh yeah, are there any good things you can follow up with if someone blocks a 6HS? I can IAD really low off of it sometimes, but haven’t been able to use it effectively.


Do you have http links to these Emotion and Phantom Ensemble videos?


Yo can someone post some combos and strats for dizzy? I’m gonna stop playing my half assed venom and try out dizzy. Since i don’t have a ps2 i can’t mess around with her stuff in training, so post what u know. Oh and i’m looking mostly for stuff from #R, but if u only know XX then that’s fine also, just state which it applies to in your post. Thanks


6HS is pretty worthless to my knowledge,there might be som use,but otherwise it usually jus comes out after a whiffed throw…hehe.

after you throw a spear it’s sometimes a good idea to do the flame pillar super then a fish,this way they can’t jump out of the trap and giving you time to dash in with the fish(don’t over do this)
Antiair-sadly c.S is her best,it beats out some attacks but dont rely on it.

Basics-counter hit on c.K(look out for these)when you get one combo into sweep(in#R it comboes anyways I think)and then low laser fish…ect
-s.k,s.S,s.HSXXinto Ice spike frc into a whole bunch,dont air combo unless it will kill them,it’s better to set fish
-of a HS jump in, just do s.K s.HSXXice spike
Dust-Hs,HS,S,P,S,p,S,DJ.S,P,S,HS(I think this is it?)
-Her unblockable super is pretty good,not alot of damage but it works for wakeup.
-J.S is good air to air,Jumping HS is gold if it counter hits,You can combo after her air throw into alot of resets or big combos and traps…Like air throw land s.S wait they tech then super jump airthrow again…yadayadayada


Nope, but you can hit me up on AIM, my sn is Akuma4Real. I can upload them to you if you want. Or maybe check this website to see if the link will be back up fore those two videos


Playing in the arcade this weekend, I went up against a Dizzy player who did the following:

The opponent would start by throwing out a fish. He would then IAD in and execute a combo which I think was j.P, j.P, j.HS, c.K, c.D. While I was on the ground, he would throw out another fish and IAD around, sometimes coming at me from behind, sometimes from the front. Since I was always blocking fish, I couldn’t get any offense going. Sooner or later I’d end up in the corner, where he’d throw out the spinning scythes (236S, I think) to keep me grounded while throwing out pokes, looking to chain into c.D. Since I suck, sooner or later this would work. If I was far away, he would use the homing javelin and fish to keep me on the other side of the screen. Whenever possible, he’d catch me with an ice spike FRC combo. Basically, he put me into a kind of permanent blockstun as soon as he got the momentum, and I could never find a way to turn it around on him.

A couple questions:

First, is this how Dizzy generally works? Throw out specials that are on the screen for a long time in order to pin the opponent down? I’m curious, since I’m thinking about picking up Dizzy as a second character.

Second, what should I have been doing to escape? I was playing Ky in #reload. I have the sense that Dizzy doesn’t have a lot of good anti-air options, and I seemed to be pretty successful as long as I could keep moving toward him in the air with something high priority. Unfortunately, sooner or later I’d make a mistake and the trap would be on.

Thanks for any assistance!


hi, i am a n00b with dizzy and was wondering what move you do after releasing her bubble move. i know you’resupposed to realease a fish using HS and then do IAD into the bubble but i was wondering a) is it the punch or the kick bubble? and b) what move is used to burst it while still in the air? does a cancel have to be used or something?

hope you understand what i am talkin about.


Dizzy has maybe two anti-airs. Crouching slash (good for if they’re completely above you) and the 421+slash (flying spike).

The thing with Dizzy is that she’s good to keep the opponent from attacking, but if she’s getting locked down, she has very few options to get the opponent off. Getting locked down, she has three options, burst, dead angle attack (alpha counter if you don’t know the term), and her grab super, which has very few frames of invincibility, and she can be hit pretty easily. And two of those options require tension, and the other one needs burst, so yeah.

With Ky, I think it’ll revolve around knocking Dizzy down, pinning her with the 236+HS projectile, and go with the wakeup game. She’ll have a lot of trouble fighting back.


hi, just wonderin what are the best tactics are against a bulldogging chipp and millia?

also just wondering if there is a site other then where you get a lot of ggxx players gathering?


The message boards at are a treasure trove of information…when they’re up, which isn’t very often anymore. :frowning:


I haven’t played a good Chipp or Millia in a long while. For Millia, you gotta know how to block well! If you are getting rushed down, FD during the middle of it and throw out 2HS…most of the times I get them it’s a counter hit so you know what that means…! Fighting her is more than that and I’m sorry I don’t remember everything I did, but it took me awhile to get used to her mix-ups. As for Chipp, my Dizzy get’s owned…almost as hard as playing against Faust…but hey, you only need to get him a few times since he’s the worst at taking damage. The problem is, can you catch him? hehehhe…


thanks akuma4real.

another question… :smiley: what is dizzy’s highest priority air move? i know she isn’t that great in the air but i was just wondering 'cos it gets annoying being stuck to the ground for most of the round.

also does dizzy have a dust loop or at least a dust combo that causes a LOT of damage? i’ve seen a couple of dust combos on vids but they start with max guard bar so don’t truely represent the damage.


High priority air move: HS. Very rewarding on a counterhit, too.

Dust combo: Dust -> (homing jump), HS, HS, 214P, HS, (land, then jump) S, P, S, (double jump) S, D. The abundance of HS’s and S’s should give you an idea on the damage.


could you guys tell me how to do an frc since im still new at this.


Only particular moves can do it, and then only in a VERY specific frame section of the move. The easiest way to tell is going into practice mode and turning on Input Display. Any time you do a move that is FRC’able, the input display bar will flash blue at the moment you’re supposed to cancel.

Don’t worry if it takes a while, it’s kind of a pain in the ass for everyone. When I started playing Dizzy, I couldn’t do it at all. Now I can do it every time without thinking about it. Then I moved to Testament, and FRC Barney is kicking my ass. It just takes time.



press three attack buttons to do a false roman cancel, you need 25% tension.

in x2 she has 2 frc’s:

236+HS - i press the buttons just before you hear the sound of the icicle but officially i think it’s a 2 frame gap 18 frames after it first appears.

632146+S - do it as soon as the fist flame appears.

you’ll know when you’ve pulled it off 'cos a blue ring will appear and you can move straight away. the first one is more useful for carrying combos on and you only need 25% tension. a good combo to combine it with is:

S(close), S(far), d+HS, 236+HS, FRC, dash, d+HS, 236+HS. it’s a really basic combo but will take half the energy bar from most characters and only requires 25% tension and can be done anywhere on the ground.


thanx alot guys i am going to practice it now and ill post again if i need any help

one more question can you pull a frc doing a sweep