GGXX#R for XBox Live

I’m debating whether I should get Xbox live or not, because the main reason I’d get it would be for Guilty Gear, so I was just wondering how many of you fellow GG players would be on this service and willing to play total strangers from SRK.

me! I’d play ya

theres a lot of srkers on xbox live, just fill up your friendlist with their names and you should be alright.

the lag is a big drag though, usually 1-2 second delays but its worth it if you dont have any comp nearby.

How good of a connection do you need to play this game well on Live? I’ve got a pretty crappy generic broadband connection, and I’m not sure whether I’d be playable or not with it. I mean, I’m pretty sure I’ve got better than 56k, but I’m not sure how much. It’s no cable connection though, that’s for damn sure.

I’d like to know how broadband fares in #R as well; broadband’s the only thing I’ve got back home. =(

1-2 second delays? like…during battles? how would you even be able to cope with that? ggxx is such a fast paced fighter too…in 1-2 seconds you can completly change the entire flow of a fight…well maybe not…but you can at least get about half-way through a killer combo. hehe, even still i want to get an xbox for that. ps2 is seriously lacking in its online gaming capabilities.

I just played #R on live this weekend, and IMO, the lag was HORRIBLE. I played a guy that had a pretty good Axl, probably b/c his connection was excellent and he could actually DO STUFF.
The lag was so terrible, that I’d jump in the air to do a move, but the move wouldn’t come out till I hit the ground, then the ground version of the move would come out.
I lost to a millia player mashing out 214S ALOT.
RCing and FRCing is IMPOSSIBLE.
To do standard B&B combos you have to have some type of predictable freak like execution.
Sorry, I LOVE #R, but the xbox live thing just isn’t for me. :sad:

That’s funny… Because I played for a few hours today, and every single match of mine had such little lag that it wasn’t even noticable.

The key problem, is X-Box Live’s netcode. In order for you to be able to play successfully on X-Box Live, you really need a decent, powerhouse BroadBand connection.

Does that mean you need a T1 line? No. An ISP like Comcast Cable is good enough[Optimally, you want an upload of around 300 kbps, though I wouldn’t worry unless it’s below 200]. This is the difference between a Good connection, and an Excellent connection, on GGXX #R X-Box Live.

Now, what Guardian doesn’t know, is that GGXX #R X-Box Live uses Peer to Peer connections, meaning, that if Guardian’s input is delayed, so is that good Axl player’s. Your opponent has the exact same relay time as you.

Is it X-Box’s fault? Yes. But, with a good connection, it isn’t a problem, With a low end broadband connection, it ‘is’ a problem.

Yeh, the Live isn’t perfect, and all too often the lag is unbearable.

But that isn’t to say it isn’t fun when the connections are good; i have had a the pleasant experience of playing numerous games with VERY good connections, with the lag nigh unnoticable, and let me say: it was glorious.

Now if only the pad didn’t give me blisters, and the Analog stick did what I wanted it to. =)

the lag sux, which makes high and low games better for me. But I hate the xbox controller so much. it’s booshi!


Thanx for the info Prozac, I’ll look into that the next time I play it at my friend’s house.

If you don’t like the xbox controller, just get a converter. That’s what I did. Got one from Wal-Mart for 13 bucks. :slight_smile:

Whaa??? an xbox to ps2 converter??? that tight ass…thnx for the info!

I think hes talking about a PS2 > XBOX converter, where you use a PS2 controller for a XBOX. I dont think XBOX > PS2 converters exist.

pretty much most of the fights will be 1-2 second delay. that doesnt mean i never have fights with very little lag, but thats rare.

it sucks too cause ill load cvs2 after reload and first game i get into has an awesome connection whereas awesome connections in reload are kinda rare regardless of your service.

yea, yea…of course. why would anyone substitute a ps2 controller for an xbox controller?

why would anyone want to play on either, controllers for both systems suck