GGXX#R Millia Rage

Doesn’t look like she changed much from GGXX. What exactly are her differences? What’s her place in the tier list?

Questions, questions, questions… Her B&B loops, super jumping, okizeme mixing, etc etc etc.

1) What’s the best way to do her launch loop/super jump?

Normally, I’ll do: 2K, ©5S (1 hit), 2H, (super jump), P, P, K, S, HS (2-3 hit), (land), whiff 236HS disc -> okizime/cross-up

And if I’m feeling lucky, I’ll do: 2K, ©5S (1 hit), 2H, (super jump), P, P, K, S, HS (3 hit), (land), ©5S (1 hit), 2HS, (super jump), P, P, K, S, HS (2 hit), air 214S hairpin, (air dash), HS (1 hit), (land), whiff 236HS disc -> okizeme/cross-up

Or: 2K, ©5S (1 hit), 2H, (super jump), P, P, K, S, HS (3 hit), (land), ©5S (1 hit), 2HS, (super jump), P, P, K, S, HS (2 hit), air 214S hairpin, (land), 6HS, 214HS secret garden -> okizeme

Now, the problems I’m having are: sometimes the super jump doesn’t come out, or sometimes the air 236P bad moon comes out instead of the first air P, or sometimes the 3rd hit of the j.HS whiffs. I’ve noticed an increase in succsess rate when doing 2HS, 1, 9, P, but it still seems flimsy.

1A): So, what’s the best way to super jump loop?

I’ve noticed that in some combo videos and match videos, the players will do: 2H, (super jump), S, P, S, HS (3 hit).

This seems a lot better to me, because it’s more damaging and the 3rd hit of the HS appears to always hit. But when testing it out, I can almost never get the first S to connect because it’s too slow and I jump too high.

What buttons/directions do you press to perform the super jump?

1B): Why do I keep whiffing the first S when I do: S, P, S, HS? Is it just a timing thing, or a character specific thing?

2): What is her normal Dust and Impossible Dust strings?

I rarely ever use her standing dust. So whenever I actually hit with it, I usually just spazz out.

3): Sometimes in her normal launch loop, the 3rd hit of the j.HS will whiff certain characters (like Slayer). Is it because I’m timing the hits wrong, or what?

What’s the best way to keep the loop going when you know the 3rd hit of the HS will whiff? Can you still connect a 5S without the hairpin if the 3rd hit whiffs?

The timing seems different, too. How can you tell in advance weather the 3rd hit is going to whiff or not? Is there some sort of option select timing to connect with the 5S?

Normally when I play vs Slayer I’ll do 214S hiarpin right after the second hit of the j.HS, then air dash and do another HS. But I can’t seem to connect a 5S after that… Is it possible?

4): Corner 236S disc resets?

Saw a few of them in a combo video. Essentially the player just hit with a [236S disc, (wall bounce), 5S (1 hit)]xN, untill the opponent got too high for another disc, and then they connected her 2HS, IAD, P, HS, (land), 5S (1 hit), 236S disc and then looped it from there.

Is that an infinite? I’m having trouble with the IAD, P, HS… Sometimes I can connect a 5H, and sometimes I can’t. Character specific, or do I just suck?

5): Throws.

God. Why do I suck?

I’m having a hell of a time connecting her: ground throw, dash, 5S, 2HS -> loop

Do I just suck, or is there some special way to do this? Or is it character specific?

Is there a damaging alternative to this that ends in a knockdown?

I seem to be able to do it on Baiken a bit better than anyone else… I think the problem I’m having is dashing after the throw. How do you time this?

6): Okizeme (okizime? SP?) and mix-up.

6A): High and Low.

Ok, the most insanely evil thing in the universe, and the reason I started experimenting with Millia: knockdown, 236HS disc, 214P sword, FRC, AIR K (before landing from the 214P)

My question here is, is there a frame where you can FRC the sword before it hits? That would just make it so unbelievably fucked up.

Normally I will time the sword early to whiff it, and FRC into the air K. If the opponent tries to block the sword low, the jumping K hits high (evil). And if I time it late, then the sword hits low, and the jumping K hits immediately after, or I will wait a split second and do a 2K to hit low.

Is it possible to air dash after the FRC? I’ve been trying for a while and can’t seem to pull it off. Too low to the ground? Are you able to air throw out of it?

Then of course the classic 2369P (tiger knee motion) bad moon, for instant overhead goodness.

6B): Crossing up

  • 214K roll
  • air 236K dive
  • IAD
  • IAD -> air back dash
  • IAD -> air 236K dive
  • IAD -> air back dash -> air 236K dive
  • Throw

What’s best/hardest to anticipate/block? I see a lot of players doing the 214K roll. But it doesn’t seem safe at all. It looks like she can get hit low (which kills the disc), or even thrown out of it. What makes the roll so good? Why not use the dive of the IAD or the double dash?

Or should they all be used in variation?

What’s the best way to tick into a throw?

7): Is there any variations or alternatives to her normal midscreen/corner launch -> superjump loops -> okizeme? Or is that like the epitome of Millia strategy?

Is it possible to loop after a launch using an IAD instead of a SJ (like you can in the corner)?

8): Is her jumping dust useful?

If so, for what?

9): Bad moon resets.

Do you have to FRC the air 236P bad moon during the loop in order to connect something after it, or can you re-set the loop without FRC’ing it?



[Edit]: Oh, and don’t tell me to go to GCC, you bastards.

I was cheaping people up pretty bad at Evo with this thing, so yes - it’s very very good. The only way to get the j.K instead the low hit is to force 214P to whiff, so you’ve got all of that down. There is no point in the FRC window for 214P (6 frame window) where it’s not hitting, so you have to force a whiff.

As far as the air dash question goes, you have to jump-install 214P in order to get an airdash afterwards.

Try this madness.

5K (deep), JI, 5S©, 214P FRC (now, buffer the command for hairpin into your FRC, and use PKS as your FRC buttons. As you release PKS during the FRC, it negative edges the command for hairpin), hairpin connects, then try to get an airdash in afterwards. You have to be doing the airdash command at practically the same time the hairpin should be coming out. The rest is connect-the-dots.

It’s tough, but mostly for show. Yes, it keps them pinned, and no one would ever see it coming, so they’d most certainly guess wrong…but really, she has only a few more options than normal from that setup. Just goes to show you that she has a ton of different flowcharts from just one setup, but they all lead into the same eventuality.

Knockdown, force the hit, win!

Air dust is a great move, I’ve hit CH with it many many times and ended the match because of what came afterward (just ask around). This move and hairpin are her primary tools. Her normals reek of ass, so she needs these two really good moves to start something, but once she does, just be consistant.

If you’re serious about using her, know that all the combos and theory in the world won’t save you unless she feels right. Good luck with her, because she’s the damn cheapest.

Learn these:

In the corner:

236H, [[whiff 214P FRC, j.K,]]* 6H, 236S, 5S, 2H, (SJC, j.S, j.P, j.H), or (IAD j.S, j.H, land and do 2P, 5S, 2H, IAD j.H. Works on a lot of characters).

  • = Replace the part in brackets with 214P FRC actually hitting, then continue with 6H, etc.

Save the hairpin and learn how to relaunch without it, and use IAD combos to push someone towards the corner.

Don’t ever settle for their landing spot as the spot to force them to guess, unless you did a corner-combo. Always do a running 236H to push them as far into the corner as possible.

If you have your hairpin and you’re doing a corner-combo on them - Make sure the height is correct and suspend them with the hairpin, land and do 6H, cancel into bubble (63214H), input the directions 2H, 8H, 2H, 8H or 2H, 4H, 6H, 8H. While they’re in blockstun, PICK UP YOUR HAIRPIN, then force them to guess. If they guess wrong, reset into the same exact setup.

Always call out bubble after an air-throw, or if you’re close enough to them when you land, run up and plant a disc (bubble is 95% of the time better).

If you want technical information, yes, Gamecombos is a great place to read up on info. However, I don’t think her mentality is discussed very well on that forum. As I said before, if she’s not your playstyle, she never will be. I’ve seen way too many people drop her because she “didn’t feel right”. Good luck!

EDIT: Damn you AKA and your fast posting :lol:

deep breath (might not get this in one post)

1)The millia sj aircombo is character specific (like most things). You probably have to buffer the js right after the sj motion, and yeah 1->9 is the way to go.

Launcher series:

some aircombos/relaunches:
2s->2h->sj->jk->jp->js->jhs(2 hits)->214s(land)->2h->sj->js->jp->jh
(almost everyone, add another jp or jk in the middle of first jump if needed on heavy)

2s->2h->sj->js->jp->js->jh(2/3 hits)->(land)5s©->2h(relaunch)->sj->js->jp->jhs
(may, millia, baiken, jam, briget)

etc etc…too many to list right now
(big listing at -not sure if all work in #R)

2)Her standing dust is way slow. Usually a mistake if you ever land one. In that case it’d prolly be some kind of impossible dust string into a relaunch.

3)Characters in GGXX/#R fall at different speeds, and there’s various gravity effects goin on. combos differ between characters.

4)Not really any infinites in this game (besides Zappa dog stuff). The S-disc isn’t really a reset, you can just bounce some heavier characters off the wall for a bit after they’ve been hit by a s/HS-disc (usually on okiseme). Timing on 2h->IAD->jp/js is also very tight, and possibly character specific depending on the situation.

5)throw->dash combos are char specific

throw->dash->2p->5p->5p->sj aircombo (almost everyone, cept maybe sol and jam)

throw->2h->IAD->js->jhs->whatever (faust, pot, anji, eddie)

throw->dash->5s->2h->sj aircombo (everyone but ky, johnny, eddie, i-no, bridget, jam)

throw->dash->2p->5s©->2h->sj aircombo (ky, johnny)

throw->dash->5p->5p->5p->sj aircombo (sol, -1 5p jam)

Getting the dash to come out after the throw is tricky. I usually start to buffer the dash after the throw sound ends.

6-7) skipped for now

8)jD is wicked. Wall bounce on counter hit (which leads to dash 5s->2h->aircombo). Used during IADs from a distance. You don’t wanna be near other characters with millia unless you’re in control (block string, knockdown okizeme, throw setup, etc).

9)relaunch with bad moon in the middle of an air combo without FRC is really tricky. I haven’t ever seen it used in a match.

maybe i add more later.

Ok, progress report time.

Jam and Millia… Jam “feels” right to me, in a sense that I feel like I can move around with her easily (she “flows”), but I don’t think I can really progress with her because I play her “wrong”, in a sense that I do retarded combos and don’t take her seriously (that fucking voice of hers… :bluu:). If that makes any sense… Anyway, I won’t know if Millia feels right or not untill I actually learn her, but I understand exactly what you mean. At the moment, she is fun as all hell though. Evil bitch. :badboy:

Also, I discovered the problem I was having with whiffing the sj.S was directly related to the speed at which I execute it after the super-jump (needed to do it faster). Now that I have that down, I’m able to do S, P, S, HS consistantly. And because of that, I also figured out the reason the 3rd hit of the j.HS was whiffing during the P, P, K, S, HS chain was because I wasn’t doing the first P low/fast enough either.

I’ve also got my super-jump effeciency way up, since I discovered they are easier for me to buffer if I let the 5S hit twice on the ground, and I think I just need a little more practice hitting the 1, 9 directions for the super jump and I should be able to buffer into it without needing the second hit of the 5S.

But, now that I’m using the S, P, S string, I completely avoid the risk of accidently doing the bad moon. So… yay.

Right now I’m working on my 5S timing to relaunch after the super jump HS. I’m still a little flakey on that. I keep trying to do it early, or something.

Seems easier to do a relaunch after the P, P, K, S, HS chain, though… I’m trying to decide which air chain to focus more on. I think I should learn the S, P, S one since it seems more reliable and damaging. What do you think?

Ah, ha. So that’s the trick. Interesting.

That’s another thing I think I need to work on. I’m still having trouble buffering dashes out of moves. Like her ground throw for example. I still can’t seem to buffer a dash properly. It’s like I have to input the command after the throw ends. I don’t seem to have trouble buffering a dash out of a hairpin though, so I don’t understand why I can’t buffer out of a throw.

See, that’s really good information. I was wondering how to get the first knockdown to lead into her mind games, or what to do out in the open.

Good stuff.

OMG. <3

Awesome. Gunna take me a bit to absorb all this (play, play, play).

So, in matches, do most Millia players go for 1 or 2 relaunches?

I figure, if you’re able to do it 100% of the time, then ideally you would launch, relaunch, and then hairpin assisted relaunch into okizeme. But based on what AKA said, I think the hairpin might be too valueble to use on the second relaunch unless it’s near the corner where you can grab it while setting the disk.

Right now I’m concentrating on learning to relaunch without the hairpin into okizeme. I figure that is the basics, then I need to move into the core of Millia play/dynamics.

Thanks for the link. That’s… inetense. :o

More Millia!

Hehe. I was just practicing this on Slayer mid-screen:

5K, 5S (1hit), 2HS, (super jump), P, P, K, S, HS (3 hit), (land), 5S (1 hit), 2HS, (jump), D, 214S hairpin, (air dash), HS (3 hit), (land), grab pin + 236HS disk

You land exactly on top of the pin after the air dash so you can grab it as you land. Hehe, wacky shit.

More more more

Now I have to practice superjumping during the relaunch.

Anti-airs… 6P and j.D all the way?

Pokes… 5S, 2S, and j.D?

2S seems rather nice. Good range and jump cancellable.

Anti-Airs = 5p from the ground, air to air would be jD, jp or air throw.

Not much poking going on in GGXX, really. It’s much more about spacing and movement. BUT 2S and jD are good for controlling space, along with the HS disc.

Generally, relaunches without pin are somewhat inconsistent, and you may notice japanese players don’t do it very often. Relaunches with pin are much better, but you need to make sure you land on it somewhere in the combo without losing momentum. The only time I’ve seen a multiple relaunch scenario put to use was in a IAD relaunch combo on robo ky. Outside of that, relaunch damage is usually ass, so you just want to get better position, and one relaunch is usually enough.

AKA is way good. Listen to what he says.

edit: One more thing- Millia vs. Human is waaaaaay different from Millia vs. CPU. Play against real people.

One MORE thing- to me, jam is more about consitency and fundamentals, while millia is more about traps and mind games. Lots of people get frustrated by millia and end up playing jam. You just gotta decide for yourself.

Thanks for the tips.

Isn’t the point of relaunching mostly for meter and pushing toward the corner, though? I didn’t really think it was for damage, anyway.

I know the differences and importance between human/cpu. I’m just trying to get the basics down in training mode for now, before I go deeper into how to actually play her. I won’t learn anything by playing her if I can’t even play her in the first place, you know?

I already do play vs humans, I just haven’t had a chance with Millia yet because all I knew how to do (untill today) was tick throw and connect random supers. :expressionless:

I’d say I’ve learned quite a bit in one day.

And, as I already said, Jam isn’t much of an interest for me. I only used her as an example because I like the way she moves. Venom has actually been my main for a while. But, I’m losing interest in Venom for various reasons.

I’m gonna take the time to thank Seerd for the props (=D) and to point out that how Millia is played outside of guessing games is very simple, and very deadly.

It’s not brain surgery for you, but it is for your opponent when they’re forced to guess in this situation.

Traditional AA’s get snuffed by hairpin, but own j.D. Sol’s DP is the only thing I can think of that punishes you for trying either, but you can easily bait that out and punish him for it. DP is a guess too, afterall.

j.D on normal hit knocks down, so they don’t wanna get hit with that. j.D CH pushes to corner, so they NEVER wanna get hit with that. Hairpin on CH has the potential to lead into a corner knockdown. Mix up j.D’s at diffeent distances to force whiffs, force a failed AA attempt (then punish), score CH’s…and then when they know how to AA the j.D, throw a hairpin at them. j.D/Hairpin is probably the lowest risk/high reward mixup in the game outside of Sol’s RC’d DP, Robo-Ky (the whole character, SHIT!), and Eddie’s Damned Fang mixups.

If they block either hairpin or j.D, you’re in their grill. If they get hit with either one, it’s potentially game over for them.

Millia’s airdash patterns are also extremely important because you can turtle while looking active. An example is IAD back, then AD forwards…where does that put you? In the air, slightly ahead of your original position on the ground…right at the best height to mix up j.D and hairpin. The aridashing makes the opponent think you’re vulnerable, so they attempt to AA or hit you out of what they might see as an opening. Well…then you have to let’em know, hahaha.

236S is really good to score CH’s and beats out any limb that they stick out if you time it right. It’s the combination of a DP (speed-wise) and j.D on the ground! Use when it feels just right.

She’s a shenannigan factory as well. Roll into throw really shouldn’t ever work on anyone at all. Oh, and I know some people from other parts of the country that claim her guessing games aren’t as good eventually after you see them a million times. While true to an extent, it’s also a big pile of BS. Lemme show you why.

You throw a disc on top of someone, and you have 5 options for high/low that you usually do. 2S, 214P, 214P whiffed FRC j.K (from now on I’m just gonna call this one The Juice©), 2369P, or 6K. Each one of those hits at slightly different speeds, so people who fuzzy guard can almost always be broken if you notice how they react. Say someone can block 2369P on reaction? Well, they’re probably waiting for her to go up into the air to start blocking high, so just hit them with 6K instead. They won’t see her leave the ground, so they might block high at first, but second guess themselves and block low because she’s standing. You’d be surprised how often that works. Millia’s not about just guessing games, but forcing hits. She’s so good at forcing hits that if you knock someone down in the corner, if you know your shit, it’s almost as bad as Eddie (nearly guaranteed death).

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that her guessing games eventually become useless (granted, she has so many options that half of them can be viewed as shenannigans, hahah) because people learn to see them, because that’s a big flaming pile of bullshit. If you can maintain a flow with her, you will eventually break them. It’s not a maybe, it’s as constant as the sun setting in the west. It’s almost as bad, if not worse, than Yun with GJ on top of you…he’s 9/10 gonna get his damage, whether you like it or not.

Let’s not forget about FGB (fuzzy guard break), which destroys anyone who tries to fuzzy guard your mixups, but ends up getting hit instead. However, that’s a story for another day.

Her best guessing game is mixing up between The Juice©, or 214P actually connecting low. You can bait DP’s very easily with this mixup, and there are so many people who never see it, that a lot of the good players I played at Evo and MWC thought that The Juice© hit low at the same time when, of course, it doesn’!! :wow:

More on this story as it develops…


Woshige = best Japanese Millia player? :wow:

Haha, no kidding. Tonight, I was watching some of those new a-cho vids. This Millia player was up against Omito (Johnny). The Johnny player was just outside the corner, on his feet, walking forward, and the Millia player does a roll out of no where and throws.

This doesn’t happen just once. Not even twice. Nope, not even three times… over four freaking times. The Johnny player is far from being a scrub, and had plenty of time to react, and was not caught in the middle of a move. It was absolutely hilarious. And the Japanese players are like on crack. Theoretically, that should never happen, especially to a Japanese player. But apparently, it does.

I also see what you’re talking about with the j.D and hairpin. The Japanese players seem to overly spazz on the hairpin stuff a lot, though. They seem to randomly whiff it out of no where. But when it does connect, they go strait into air dash S -> launch -> juggle madness -> okizeme, every time. Crazyness.

And I totally see what you mean about the corner madness. Bubble in the corner = rape. Hahahaha.

I really wish I could get a hold of some Korean and American Millia match vids. Seems to me like the way the Japanese play Millia is like playing Russian Roulette – all or nothing, them or you. I also noticed the Japanese use 6P, 2H -> juggle as anti-air.

OMFG Millia is really fun to play. She’s even more fun than Zappa.

Few more questions:

A) 214P sword at max range. Safe if blocked? Who can punish it?

B) 214S stabby thing. Does it have any use?

C) How does Millia fair against Robo-Ky?

D) Do you go for ground throws often, or do you always try to force a hit? Is option select ground throwing valid wake up strategy when mixed with her high/low/cross-up stuff?

Either Kaqn or Matsu would have to be the best millia player. Woshige is just a guy who plays at a-cho and is a total spaz with the hairpin.

OMG I love you. O_O

Umm… In that combo video “No.2 stray”, do you happen to know what music that is? I’ve had that on my hard drive for a while now.

Those matches were awesome.

Got any more niffty links like that?

Those were the only millia specific video links i have.

video site listing:

Name of the song in Stray is “Lythrum”. I can’t read the kanji for the artist.(it tells the names/artists in the middle of the third video, “innocence”). That combo video series rocks.

Artist is Mami Kawada.

I think I’ve seen another good millia vid, lemme check…
There were some Woshige matches here
I’ll add more later I think…

And afaik Kaqn stopped playing Millia a while ago. He was playing Jam for like half a year already, and last vid I saw he was playing Anji.

You guys rock. I’ve been trying to find that song for the past few months.

And yeah, I think Kaqn is mostly Jam… All the vids I have of Kaqn are Jam – and one Anji and one Millia.

Oh, I saw some Korean vids too… the Millia players didn’t seem to get into the air a lot. And they got owned, too. Boo! :frowning:

What do you guys think about setting a 214HS bubble after a ground throw in the corner, when you don’t have the pin (or, even if you do have pin)?

I’m still flakey on the juggles after ground throws. And, 214HS bubble set-ups are too good to pass up. Rather than risking screwing up a launch, I’ve been setting a 214HS bubble immediately after ground/air throwing when I’m anywhere near the corner (I set a bubble if I air throw at all – anywhere).

If I’m just outside the corner, I use 2, 6, 8, 2, directions with the bubble.

I think the opponent would be too close after a ground throw for a bubble trap. The launch after a throw just takes time.

without pin: ground throw -> aircombo -> disc trap/Savior Mix up

See, this is the IAD > j.P loops I was talking about.

The first IAD goes into j.S > HS

Then, the rest of them are 2HS > IAD > j.P > j.HS

Fun Fun. Works a little different on other characters though.

I forgot to set up the training dummy to block the bubble, though. Silly me. :expressionless:

That link to the Millia combo videos only has one and six available. Is there any way to find the other four? Thanks in advance, and thanks for all the good Millia information in this thread.

I think I got the other ones that I have off the GoForBroke hub, or something.

I think it’d be nice if the rest of them were hosted somewhere, they’re damn pretty good. So far, “Innocence” is my favorite.