GGXX #R PC Bad Games Thread

Well, this game has no built in chat, and sometimes games can desync…it’s really hard to tell if someone really intended to stop playing or if it desynced, unless it happened in very convenient places…

Bad games to Peluking, who dropped right before he was going to lose, then rejoined my game and left the first round of getting beaten badly. This guy had a lot of wins though, maybe he’s a rank whore.

I might also say bad games for ninja, but just because he played so incredibly bad and repeated the same mistakes like hundreds of times.

Man I’m getting lots of desync, it’s sometimes hard to tell if they just gave up or not.


can i quote dis

So you (or some idiot that bad repped me) is Peluking?

no i just find you amusing


lol, bgs to me cause my shit is laggy :annoy:

hmm somehow i knew this thread would be coming.

ggxx r has internet play?

For pc it does. And xboX live

Good job dropping on Apoytwiu after getting raped by unconfirmed DP’s Emil. What a class act you are.

guys i dont know about you but dps are impossible to predict coming also they are impossible to punish on block also i dont waste my time with scrubs that apparently beat me with nothing but volcanic viper

Umm, the match lost connection when I wasn’t even near the opponent. And what do you mean raped, I beat that guy the first time (and only time) I played him, this was the second time. Besides, I can say that someone who plays the way he does couldn’t possibly have gotten B rank with 16+ wins without dropping when he was about to lose.

Edit: I think that other guy was him anyway…both had B rank Sols with high win counts that just spammed volcanic vipers.

Edit: IT seems after the select screen, some of my games automaticaly drop. Anyone else having this problem?

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apoy probably just spammed VV against you because that’s what he does against players that constantly bitch about retarded things like UNCONFIRMED DP!

I think it’s a valid thing to bitch about…but that isn’t even relevant to the thread. If the guy was trying to purposely do things that he knows would piss me off, then technically he would deserve a bad game for more reason than I would (and for the record I didn’t even drop).

Don’t try to play it off like you didn’t drop.

Don’t try to assume that I did drop just because the game stopped. I’ve obviously had many games where people just “dropped”, but I didn’t call them out obviously unless it was at a very convenient place (like when he was about to lose the match with the last combo), and even then it is questionable.

In any case, it is understandable why someone would drop against such gameplay. What’s the point of playing someone who’s purposely going to screw around like that? Obviously the guy himself wasn’t playing with the purpose of really playing.

He was playing to win, you couldn’t deal with it so you dropped. Real talk.

You’d make a good fortune teller/mind reader…oh wait, those don’t really exist. Stop making assumptions.

And no, he most likely wasn’t playing to win, no one with B rank and 16+ wins would play like that to try and win. So yeah, if anything I’d call bad games on him, not the other way around. He seemed to be purposely screwing around.

And as I said, I can use your style of assumptions to claim that he only got all those wins because he dropped against people when he was about to lose…

If his random dp’s were good enough to school you, what does that say about your gameplay?

Also, why don’t you play him again? First to 5 if you have the balls for it.