GGXX #R PC Good Games Thread

Post them here, this online thing needs to spread in popularity:

Good games to something-pape, had a fairly good Ky. Naggr too, which had a decent Slayer.

Haha, ggs to Kicks.

had some really good matches with Naggr again. And GTX, who totally owns. And NOcturnal (too laggy though).

GG’s with Kicks. Way too many Baiken vs Sol matches. Your Ino is really frustrating when you put the pressure on.

GGs to all today! I really wish there was a chat, I’m not sure if someone might wanna play someone else or not!
Nagata… Sill don’t know what to do with those chip supers. I’m still such a n00b at this.
emil… Slayer=Big Damage. I needa learn what can punish what.

Well I just started learning Slayer but…never let Slayer’s f+H hit you while you are in the air, since you cannot tech and will receive pilebunkers or worse. It’s easy to try to jump out of the way after a stand K and get hit by it.

when it works and the connection isnt laggy shit is platinum
good 1 game emil
and ggs koh us mi

only person i could connect to everytime and have lag free games

the fact that it automatically records your matches is nice too
i have been putting off learning gg forever but now i have a reason to start
its just to bad its not slash or accent core

as soon as the client is a little more stable we need to have a tourney

If you’re throwing out any poke you’re screwed. But if you’re just jumping or standing you need to make sure you Force Block until the criss cross is above you, otherwise you can get caught having to block both ways on each criss cross and it gets messy.

GGs, although very laggy, to kicks. But he plays Baiken so he must be cool :stuck_out_tongue:

ggs to Kicks and everyone i played. made me remember why i bought GGR #R for xbox.

anyone know any good places for GGX #R strats or guides? for sure. also check out youtube for videos.

ggs juno even tho we aparently ds a few times

GGs to everyone. All my mains were HOS and A.B.A, imagine the surprise and fun I had while playing #R. WEEE!!

you can play HOS on pc #reload? 0_o

Nah he’s saying he got his ass kicked cause those were the only characters he knew well in GG.:rofl:

I got my ass kicked too, ggs to all I played last night.

I’m gonna start watching some more GG vids now.

Also BIG SHOUT OUTS to Tea’s tip he posted earlier in the GGpc thread, D’Nyc3 and everyone on GGXXonline who helped me out last night.

Each one of your tips helped bit by bit!!

hmm, i have a japanese version that i downloaded and play. How can i play online with it?

GGs to Magus. He almost always wins, but our matches are really fun.

gg nagatalock, nice chipp. i was the guy that played faust. getting used to playing it on a keyboard.

GG’s Mkenny

GG’s bud, I don’t know how you don’t get pissed off using keyboard for a game that fast paced.

GG’s with everyone I’ve played over the last few days. I keep adding new shit to my Chipp so every time people play me over the next few weeks should be a different experience.

lol Nagata kicked my ass wif hiz chipp