GGXX #R PC Online Play

I thought I’d show this to some SRK’ers, incase they were unaware of what’s been going on in DustLoop.

Basically, Japanese people release online/color edit support for GGXX #R for PC. Lag is usually nice and playable. Sure, it’s #R, but it’s something that gives you comp. It’s fun, and color edit is a blast.

Check out the above link for all the info you need to set it up. I’ll try to answer your questions, aswell.

this was supposed to be dustloops secret

i didnt know you were on srk

the only question i have is when are u down to play some lagoreloaded? =D

Oh my. I think I’m gonna flunk out of school now :confused:

its the beginning of the end! 0_O

Get that ass on there ASAP. Since you cant come see niggas to play I guess this is the best thing. Im like Let’s fight nigga.

Ok whenever I try to join a game, the screen blacks out then it takes me back to the Vs Net screen. My ports are properly forwarded, is there any reason why I cannot connect to anyone?

Nice. I guess I don’t need to do anymore work this week. First I get a new PS -> USB converter that’s lag free and now this.

What converter is that, if I may ask?

Also, to the thread creator: could you include the IRC channel for GGXX#R Online in your original post? It’s #GGXXOnline on For the lazy, that’s irc:/ (just paste this into your address bar and it should do the rest for you if you have mIRC).

There’s an active 20 or so people in there right now.


Fuck I cant find Jap version Of ggxx #R, sompone pm me

neither can i, but i’m not giving up

Is there even an American version? I thought GGXX#R for PC was only released in Japan. If you’ve just installed the English patch, just rename ggxx.exe.bak back to ggxx.exe .

if it is translated will it not work?
this must be why i havent been able to play

Looks like any cheap converter and basically it is. It’s supposed to work for Xbox, Gamecube, and USB. Out of the three hookups the USB one is the only one that works and out of all the converters I have used this one is best. Played Guilty Gear on the PC along with many Street Fighters, MvC, KoF, and countless shooters on MAME all lag free. Sold out on Play-Asia but I found it on eBay for about $10.

An English version, yes

holy shit NICE

Haha, that’s true.
I gotcha though man. Ill be on tomorrow and Ill be on AIM all night tonight so yeah get at me.

if anyone needs the addy for the jap. ver. hit me up

Quit spamming on here, #ggxxonline on