GGXX#R PC online

For Real. Keep in mind this only applies to the Japanese version of the game. (which you’ll have to find on you own)

Yeah. I was pretty mad when I went and got the english version and it didn’t work. Lol, I’m working on tracking down the Japanese version now. Should be fun, online.


wow, it really works… just tried it and got my ass kicked by someone and it seemed pretty good, didn’t lag.

guess it’s time to learn ggxx #r.

can you chat while in the game? if you can’t that sucks.

edit: wow nvm, i got lucky with the first person i played…seems kinda crappy… notice lots of people got high pings.

It’s surprisingly non-laggy and undelayed…there is slight slowdown but it isn’t that bad.

Time for me to learn some #R Slayer.

This works suprisingly well. Alot of people seem to be using Delay 2, I’d say for best connection against most of the US use delay 4 though, I use it and I don’t have any problems with most of my shizz. Though I am missing my f+p frc with slayer, but I think it’s cause the timing is different in slash. I miss my short airdash, but I love my awesome BDC!

There seems to be major problems with people connecting to each other apparently. And yes, the ports were forwarded.

yeah I don’t know, I’ve seen that too it seems to have something to do with lobby and the way it refreshes when you’re active and when you aren’t.

Me, my ports were forwarded yet still no go at all.

I can only seem to connect to some people…only got to play two. I notice some people trying to connect to me, but the game hangs, then gives a black screen and nothing.

YES that kept happening to me, hang, black screen, then goes back to the lobby list. Nothing else no error screen no nothing.

Oh well.

Alright, I followed the instructions from the forums, downloaded patch, have jap version yada yada, except when I was in the lobby, the description of pings were ----- Does this mean users are not online?

Holy crap the people are far worse than anyone on kaillera, personality wise. I’ve had like 20 droppers today and yesterday. It seems that, if you lose a game, your win record goes back to 0. Almost everyone that had like a 3+ win record would drop just at the end of the game.

I’ll start a good games/bad games thread later…

Good games to Can-SpicyJ. Nice potemkin.

Bad games to Peluking. The guy had a decent Anji but he was about to lose and just left the game. Then he rejoined, I nearly perfected him the first match and he dropped again. Avoid. He seems to be a rank whore, since when I came back into the server, he had like 11 straight wins.

Edit: I take back the good games against Spicy. I fought him again and he was just about to lose and he dropped…these people really want to keep their ranks.

Haha, ggs to T-K…stupid grandvipers, I don’t know why I kept getting hit by those.

Anybody know any sites that still have the Japanese version available for purchase (either via a digital copy that you can buy and download or an actual shipped copy)?

I bought the English language version last year, and put it up because of the lack of online play, but if they have the Japanese version for relatively inexpensive somwhere still for import I may be encouraged to play this game again.

game runs excellent if you can actually get a game started. 80% of the games I try to join or if someone else tries to join me fails. I have all the ports opened also

Seems to desync quite often also.

I tried with both my ports properly forwarded and with my PC directly to my cable, but whenever I enter netVS i get a blank lobby! Any help?

What server are you using? Use

That’s the one i’ve been using, but I still can’t seem to get it to work.

Nevermind! It’s working now. Thanks homies.

The lobby shows up now, but everyone’s ping is -----
Help me out, bruthas!

There’s many reasons why that would be. What does it say for their status?

Everyone has No Good