GGXX #R Robo-Ky

I need some help with #R Robo, I’m not really sure how to use him. All I’ve got right now is getting knockdown to bazooka okizeme, but that’s about it other than the random command grab, air missile and whatnot. Any help would be appreciated

sorry i paly on xx but according to my memory you can load you super meter by holding 2d?(not sure) and the special moves become stronger if your meter is full.the dp uses some meter so don’t abuse of it.that’s all i can say…

Robo-Ky’s 2D lays out an electric panel that he can stand on and get meter. If he moves and presses 2D again, the first one dissapears and he gets a new one at his feet. And since most of his normal chains can chain into 2D, put 2 and 2 together.

4 equals Robo-Ky having stupid amounts of meter whenever he wants it. Combine that with the fact that meter powers up his moves (homing missiles with meter is sick) and the fact that he has good overdrives plus what meter usually does for a character, and just imagine the amount of cheese this character is capable off. I’d imagine he has a “Made in Wisconsin” label on him somewhere.

Yeah IMO he is probably the most broken char in #R the fact he takes less damage the any other char in the game (other then pot) he as easy FRCs(not that you need them) his dragon punch is insane with tension considering it goes through everying in the game including gold bursts. He is heavy BUT he is also agile pff.

As far as basics down k and slash (slide kick and laser) is good for atille pressure, if you get a knockdown use down D for tension. If the P and k are blocked use you standing dust for some mixups. If you have above half tension ( 5 bars) your ground missile after a knockdown is good for some pressure.
Some basic Dust combos are D jc D, missile launcher, missile launcher.

you don’t play #r enough if you think he’s the most broken.

he’s not that big of a deal… oh wow he gets tons of meter, so what? he uses meter for every good move he has. While the ratio for losing meter/dealing damage is in the second’s favor, he isn’t like “OH EM GEE D00D SO GOOD” tier…

Unless Arcadia’s changed its mind since I last heard, Robo is indeed among the best. Last I heard about their rankings, Eddie was #1 then Slayer/Jam/Robo were right behind.


Does anyone know how to stay down on the ground longer? He only seems to do it when he is red-lineing. My friend and I are trying to figure this out to no avail, although his mashing randomness is getting it a few times :stuck_out_tongue:

Hold Punch and Kick.

Robo-Ky is pure cheese. When #R is released in the US, he’s likely going to be a very popular character since he isn’t that complicated and is very powerful.

I’m suprised no one’s mentioned Faust as a top tier in R?

Or is he that much toned down from XX.

He is that toned down.

Thanks! Faust is toned down…and this isn’t a Faust thread :smiley:

Basically everyone got toned down from XX to #r except for the lower-tier characters (May/Zappa/Anji/Testament/Ky/Jam). Maybe Pot and Chipp too, I really don’t know.

But usually they were toned down in a good way, made deeper by removing their most obvious BS. Unfortunately they didn’t do enough with Eddie, actually IMPROVED Slayer aside from the removal of the instant-kill combo, and gave Jam too much crap, but such is life…


Robo-Ky is good…really good. He may not be unbeatable, but saying something like “he’s not that big of a deal” is really not doing the character justice. He’s ultra-strong, mobile, takes damage very well, loads of awesome pokes and projectiles, plenty of beefy moves that can outprioritize almost anything, easy combos…I could go on forever. He’s the only character in the game who can change how long it takes for him to get up, thus totally fucking wakeup games (which most playes are very reliant on). Just a great character.

Some good pokes include far Slash, 6Punch and 2Kick. The ability to cancel almost all of his normals to his electric mat gives him tons of attack and defense pattern options, so you can mess around and come up with your own good stuff. Mixing in Dusts and his command grab are always good (his basic Dust combo is stupidly easy and does tons of damage and his command grab is insane). You can zone pretty easily or go for rush with some of his close pokes and mixes. If you want to play more defensively, use lots of mats to build meter and then zone with air missiles. I’ll post other stuff later.

I’m looking forward to it. You mentioned him being able to control how long it takes to wake up - how is this done. I did it on accident while playing against a friend today but since I’ve never actually touched Robo before I had no idea what the hell I was doing.

Robo-Ky seems very solid though so I am thinking of adding him to the arsenal since he doesn’t seem too hard to learn to a decent degree. (I’d be glad to be proven wrong on that point though.)

Erh, I posted it just a few posts up. Hold Punch and Kick.

I think as soon as I finish my #R Johnny guide I’ll do a Robo-Ky one. It’ll only take like 2 hours to make anyhow heh…

Crap sorry, and I even read through the thread first at that. Sorry for wasting your time. I’m looking forward to the guide though.

Thanks for the info Beast, since most of the other ppl posted stuff I already know :lol:


Never again…

I need some pressure strings with robo-ky, because I suck at making my own up.