GGXX#R Slash Preview Vids

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This shit looks crazy already!! Anji seems to have at least 2 new moves? Correct me if I’m wrong… If so (considering that they gave him new moves to make him more playable/more balancing to #R), I wonder what they did with Chipp. As long as they don’t touch May, I’m alright :tup:

what the hell kind of format is 3gp?

EDIT: after some googling, i have learned that it is a cell phone video format and can be watched with quicktime player.

One we can’t use.

They say to open it with Quicktime

Arc Systems has now copied Capcom’s tradition of releasing 3 of
the same game. (Alpha, SF III, SFII…)

Thanks for the uploads, I should browse more often. :nunchuck:

Anyone know what Ky was cancelling after landing? He fired the charged s.e., land cancel.

I like how they gave Anji, EX’s foward+p.

Bridget’s ground running yo-yo looked hot.

I’m sure Ky was canceling his landing delay after he shoots off his CSE.

ha the evo2004 daigo video is on that site too, that shit is everywhere

But Guilty Gear is actually fun to play (then again, this is my opinion).

Red Exodus:

Isn’t this the 3rd version of GGX, so 4 versions (GGX/GGXX/GGXX#R/GGXX#R Slash) overall?

One more version and they’ll tie SF2! (unless you count HSF as an additional SF2 upgrade) >:\

Holy flarking shnit!

Bridget has at least one new move (he rolls the yo-yo across the ground).

Didn’t see anything new for May, did anyone else? sigh Guess May will remain on the lower-half of the cast (Not that I’m going to stop playing her!).

Um… he FRC the landing to Air CSE :rolleyes:


GGXX and GGX are very different from each other, while #r and slash are just tweaked versions of the GGXX engine.

hey that was back in the 90’s and the 90’s was a different time compare to the time right now.

Im starting to definitely get irratated by Sammy doing this kind of crap with their fighting games. Besides this Guilty Gear XX2#Reload version 2 Slash, sammy is coming out with 2 guilty gear titles for the PSP and DS. Just like the dynasty warriors upgrade version, I dont know which version of guilty gear to play anymore just like virtual fighter upgrade.:sad:

speaking tottally bias, i hope this shit not catch on -_-

I guess I can relate to the “wanting a new game” thing, but … in all honesty, I’d rather take another tweak that plays perfectly for 2 years then a NEW game that needs to be tweaked because they gave a character bite infinites or 100% dizzy unblockables…

That’s just me, though. :frowning:

It’d be awesome if I could sign up for I never get my confirmation email.

Yeah apparently a lot of people have been having problems like that. He says email him and he’ll manually do it or something… There’s a news item about it somewhere.