GGXX / #R: Slayer Thread

Post your analysis/strats/combos for me to break apart and laugh at. Actually, I’m just kidding. :smiley: I’ll post some shit after this thread goes crazy and explodes like LB eating hotsauce!

i figured to help beginners who don’t wanna look through 12102912 posts can look here for ultra basics;


[]Great vitality
]Has potential 1-hit kill (bite infinite)
[]Has backdash cancel, allowing him basically rollcancel property; except he can also add invincibility to supers/jumps.
]Has the sickest footsie game in GGXX, IMO.
[*] Can totally avoid pressure with backdashe/forwarddash.

[]Uphill battle against Axl, Faust, Potemkin.
]No easy chain combos (can’t do c.k -> s.s -> s.hs, for example)
[]s.Sx4 is tricky timing when you first start
]LB plays him. ;D~ just kidding lb.

Slayer has those teleport like dashes, right? Well, they’re invincible to attacks. You can cancel them with a JUMP at anytime, allowing you to retain your invincibility until it would normally be over (so if you jump towards the end of the dash, you won’t have anything in terms of invincibility.

So, you put an upward motion into your special moves and you make then invincibile! So, basic motions!

[]MAPPA PUNCH; 442367p/k
[]UNDERTOW; 63214467p
]BITE; 6321447HS


calm down hungry newbie!

[]s.S x4 -> 236k (RC) -> s.HS -> 214p p
]c.K -> mappa
[]s.K -> mappa
]632146p (RC) -> s.HS -> j.D
[] COUNTERHIT 214p p -> c.P -> c.S -> j.K -> j.P -> j.K -> dj.K -> dj.D
] s.D -> j.HS -> j.D -> s k s k s k s -> dj. s k d

I’ll post more when I get a chance. ^^

D-step throw owns Reno.

BDC Air throws own Tampa :frowning:

Omg the Kugz, I come to you regarding a hypothetical situation. Imagine this setup happened to you:

You’re Slayer, and you’re cornered by Bridget’s zoning. Bridget’s a little farther than your k mappa punch range. If you try to jump dash in, Bridget says “fuck with that shit” and does his anti-air hit on you, resetting your position. If you teleport in range, you get hit by his S-S, and resets your position. Uh, last condition…he’s smart enough to not get baited into coming in, and you can’t backdash-cancel your mappa punch to get out of this situation.

WHAT WOULD THE KUGZ DO. :smiley: Thanks a lot, I’d like to read what you have to say on this…even if it involves me getting verbally harassed for theory fighting.

wtf, #r.

i don’t know shit.

except you can’t do infinite. ^^

i personally think #r slayer is a lot more fun to play then xx slayer, but i also think he got less dangerous.

oh wells.

All that concerns #R is 6HS AM GOD.

just refer to my sig =/

okay; first of all you need to figure out these things;

Does bridget have meter?
Does slayer have meter?
Does this bridget whore any specific move?

my basic strategy would involve pushing bridget away with c.hs; he can’t trip you out of it, and on counterhit is a knockdown; enough to turn the match around. since it has almost half screen range, it’s the perfect solution to your situation. I also recommend you look into doing hcb, f+s super if you see him throw HS outward; you will get out of the corner quickly and without having to worry about much. Also BDC double-jump is pretty safe against bridget; just green orb on the way down to prevent any damage you could get from 6P or Starship anti-airs.

feel free to ask me any more questions, as i feel like i understand slayer enough to help any question, XX or #R!

eh i still want to whore all my slaya knowledge but i think that since this thread is up it would be important to established just how quickly the daed on time super comes out… at first when i picked up slayer about a year and some ago i thought the super had one frame startup but over the months of using it seems that 3 frames is a more aqurate statement and that u cant wakup to everything with it for free, but still can punsh almost all normals.


what is dead on time super?..

If you’re talking about ground super, it’s instant after freeze-frame from mid-screen and closer. slayer extends his body after freeze instantly, so if they flinch they eat fat shit. try it! it’s fun.

This is totally unrelated to GG, but I’m gonna watch this film called Sunshine in my modern jewish history class, and the main character is kinda uh…familiar.

Could it be that Slayer is actually a Hungarian Jew who marries and bangs his first cousin? Spooky, isn’t it…

I’ll find a picture where this guy wears those glasses…but then again you can just draw on glasses and you’ll see it.

oh man that was tops!

C’mon people, post more questions! Slayer’s the best in XX and top tier in #R; there must be questions! o.o

Question –

I don’t play Slayer, but I wanna know what exactly makes Slayer really scary. Aside from the bite infinite How does the invicibility work on his moves?

And Jacob… I actually played Slayer tonight. I tested out the C. HS, and it does have quite a bit of range, although Bridget’s 5S has a bit more range to it. But its close enough.

… Also, can I asked for anti-Slayer strats in this post? Gimme gimme. >=)

Anti slayer? blastfemer… there will be no such thing in this thread!

The reason slayer is scary? umm…

Imagine Sol… ok, you got that in your head?

Now give him an infinate and the ability to make his special moves/supers/air throws invincible. Scary huh?..

Now add to that list the ability to dash cancle forwards or backwards (with invencible frames) to get away from almost any and all pressure. Or apply it unreasonably.

And just when you think that is annoying, you remember you cant even turtle, cause one throw = death.
…wait, but you knew that already right?

That is why slayer is scary…

It could be more spicific, but honestly he doesnt need shit else. **Slayer is not a man of class… he cometh to own faceth. **

Edit: And Kugz, i regret ever checking my IMs, that shit is hallarious man. I wasn’t EVEN prepared to see that insanity. TOPZ!

omfg, get your scrubby hands off Slayer and stick to the girl characters…if I see you learn Slayer in a week and be able to outperform me I think I’ll cry.

Slayer’s scary cuz’ he can mess with your mind by going through all of your moves. I mean, imagine the ability to punch right through May’s whale, Zappa’s summoning overdrive, Testament’s pokes, etc. Then you can use the invincible bite on wakeup, if they don’t expect it…then when you use it and IK them, they are psychologically scarred from turtling.

And his BDC airthrow is pretty bomb too.

BDCing on joystick is haaaaard. :frowning: Personally, dashing left takes a lot of wrist effort, so the frames wear off by the time I cancel into a punch. So like…I gotta pay Kugler to teach me when he comes to a weeklie, or face being a low-tier scrub that can’t even do the infinite facing left omg :frowning:

You want anti-Slayer strats? If you’re given them, I’ll just ask a counter to those strats and yeah…we can keep looping with theory fights.

I’m quite new to ggxx and slayer…
I started with sol then switch to slayer
I was able to do a lot better using slayer after only practicing his bnbs
My question with slayer is that how do you get close to your opponent…
And how do you rush down with slayer…

Oh man I have a question too. Against chars like Potemkin and Sol who can’t really punish you at a far distance, is it worth trying to run down the timer/turtle the whole round? I tried BDC -> j.h/j.d in a corner against Potemkin and it seemed to annoy the hell out of him…and baited him into Eternal Wings when he used a 6HS. :slight_smile: While I didn’t get the timer down to 0, basically baiting Potemkin into stuff the whole round seemed to work like a charm. Is there a reason why people don’t try to run down the timer?

Granted, I got the idea from watching an acho video (hehe) but I honestly just wanted to experiment with it.

no no thats not what i was talking about at all but it doesnt matter lb cleared it up.
the super is 0 frames startup its just that it doesnt have invincbility on it so u can be hit out b4 the screen freeze occurs…i think thats what it is at least…
aggie, my rule of thumm is stay at s.punch full range or s.kick range from pot at all times, u should be fine.

no. it has 7 frames start-up; this can be hit out of. the super has invincibility from like 8-13 or some random shit like that; go check for exact frame data stuff…

then the super freezes the screen, and slayer extends his body out with some insane range; and that is INSTANT because his body changes during screen freeze so that if you are within about s.k or 6HS range, you will be hit out of anything you throw out will get beat. here’s some proof…

have sol do gunflame at close-ish distance… have slayer do 632146s super; you WILL hit sol and go THROUGH the fireball if you time it right; which means you MUST be invincible. however, time it wrong and eat shit