GGXX/#R: Testament Thread!


Post your Testament strats here! I expect JC to post immediately.


I used to play Testament, scary dude with a scythe

Heres a basic mix up strat:

After throw, you can do:
-s. S -> FRC Exe beast into mix up
-Grave Digger, land, FRC exe beast into mix up
-P skull, dash into mix up
-FRC Exe beast, OTG pushing them back to you and air throw or wait for them to land and do another throw

good mix up games after exe beast or with skull out:
-6P into combo
-s.D into combo
-basic ground combo into another exe beast to reset the mix up
-c.D, then out out web after they fall so wake up on it

Thats about everything I know, I got a nice Testament video with combos I would be willing to send if anyone wants it :slight_smile:


hey kugz i dont post…i just beast


Testament needs to play wakeup games to be effective.

Any time you knock your opponent to the ground, place a blood web over his head. MOST of the time, he will be forced to block the web on wakeup (exceptions: Slayer, any character with an invincible wakeup move). Since they will most likely be blocking the web you can start a mix up of either 6P(overhead) or 2K(low) followed by S -> HS -> Gravedigger. If they block your hit do EXE beast instead of Gravedigger, FRC then dash in and start the mix up all over again. Great for working up the guard meter and getting HUGE damage combos.

Place trees a lot to keep your opponent on his toes.

6K now gatlings into 6P and 6HS.

6HS is FRCable now, making it much more safe. Use 6HS from a distance, it will stop instant air dash.

Poison damage STACKS. Poisoning your oppenent twice will cause them to take 200% poison damage.

j.D is still great but j.HS is better than it was in XX, especially for air-to-ground.

You can FRC the counter now, so it’s not completely worthless. Use counter on projectiles (esp. Venom’s pool balls/super) to keep your oppenent on his toes.

If you are at a distance from your oppenent, try this: throw a skull high and attack from the ground, or throw a skull low and attack from the air. This keeps them from being able to dash away from your attack.

If they are turtling, place a blood web 1 character height in the air and another above that, and place a tree on the ground. This is called “setting up a wall.” then dash behind your “wall” and start hitting them with EXE beasts. :smiley:

That’s about all I can think of right now. The most important tool he has is definately his wakeup/mixup loop, you need to know this to be good with Testament. Everything else basically amounts to personal style. Good luck!


Well i’m still pretty newbish…But My newbish mashing still suprises even the best of em :smiley:

66-h-214h-214h-s-2s-214p-s-214h-214s…works 50% of the time, has quite a few recovery points tho…but thats what i want :smiley:

Can’t do the corner juggle all that well, Guess my timing is off…so i improvised:

214p-s-214s-214s-214p-s-214s…use the second net as requiered.

a General preasure strat i use(think every testement player does this :D) is once they are corner KD- double Zeinest-s-2s-double hitomi-barney(FRC)-s-2s-gravedigger…repeat or do gravedigger loop

Anyhow…My Test is pretty self explanitory…any advice on how i can change him up a bit? An unblockables? Good ways for dealing with Ax, bridget, and other strong range charicters? ect… Many thanks :smiley:


I’ve played testament the whole time this game has been out. He has gotten me 5th place at N3, so I’d say I know him pretty well…here’s a little guide to start with, then I’ll post some personal tricks and okizeme’s I use in XX, not reloaded(havent gotten to play it that often yet).

Special moves:


EX Beast-hcf.s



Phantom Soul(skull)-qcf.p or k


The EX beast can be Blue roman cancelled. The Gravedigger and Web can both be done in the air.


Nightmare Circular-hcb,f. hs

Key to the City-qcfx2.hs

Nightmare Circular causes poison. Key to the City gives you 3 Hitomi’s which are more powerful then the normal Hitomi’s. These new trees cause poison, hit twice, and your opponent can not tech when hit.

Good normal moves:

s.k-Fast, easy to combo off of, and is semi-anti air. Jump Cancellable.

s.s(far)-Awesome reach. Fast poke, abusable.

c.s-good range, pretty fast, comboable.

c.hs-temporarily invincible, tough to time though. Easily combo’s to c.d.

s.d-anti-air if timed correctly. Not to quick, but one of the better surprise dusts.

j.d-Testament’s best air to air move. Insanely long reach, easily combo’s to gravedigger.

f.p-Testament’s mix-up centerpiece. QUICK overhead, and comboable.

Gatling combos:

s.k, s.s, s.s, s.hs, Gravedigger.

opponent crouching-f.p, s.s, s.hs, EX beast.

Throw Combos:

These are all for when your throwing your opponent against the wall in the corner.

throw, s.k, s.s, jump cancel, j.k, j.p, j.s, double jump, j.p, j.k, j.d, gravedigger.

throw, s.s, s.hs, gravedigger, wallbounce to other side, s.hs, gravedigger, RC, j.d, gravedigger.

throw, s.s, s.hs, gravedigger, wallbounce to other side, s.k, s.s, jump cancel, j.k, j.p, j.s, double jump, j.p, j.k, j.d, gravedigger.

throw, s.s, s.hs, nightmare circular.

throw, s.s, s.hs, nightmare circular, SJ, opponent techs, instant air throw.

throw, s.s, s.hs, nightmare circular, opponent doesn’t tech, gravedigger, wallbounce to other side, s.k, s.s, jump cancel, j.k, j.p, j.s, double jump, j.p, j.k, j.d, gravedigger.

Gravedigger loop:

The placement is sort of tough. You can’t be in the corner, but close enough to where they will wall bounce after the first gravedigger.

s.k, s.s, s.s, s.hs, gravedigger, low wallbounce, dash in, c.p, s.hs, gravedigger, wallbounce to other side, s.hs, gravedigger.

EX beast loop:

Opponent must be crouching for beast to combo.

f.p, s.s, s.hs, EX Beast, FRC, dash in, c.k, s.s, s.hs, Ex Beast, FRC, dash in, c.k, s.s, s.hs, Nightmare Circular.

You can do the EX beast FRC dash in combo up to 4 times, but the damage scales horribly after two times. So do what you want after two or three times. Nightmare circular puts a nice end to it…here’s another ending I like to do.

f.p, s.s, s.hs, EX beast, FRC, dash in, c.k, s.s, s.hs, Ex beast, FRC, dash in, f.k, Web, s.k, s.hs, Gravedigger, wall bounce, s.k, s.s, jump cancel, j.k, j.p, j.s, double jump, j.p, j.k, j.d, gravedigger.

Web and Hitomi Strategy:

Every single time you knock someone down, you should be planting a web ontop of them. This stops all chances for a wake-up move from them, allowing you to continue your rushdown without fear. If the web is laid early enough, you can stop Sol’s upper on wake-up as well. On Wake-up, depending on if your opponent blocks the web, or just takes the hit, you have many different options.

Opponent get’s hit by web on wake-up and is trapped:

s.k, s.s, jump cancel, j.k, j.p, j.s, double jump, j.p, j.k, j.d, gravedigger.

s.k, s.hs, gravedigger. If your near the corner, you can do the wallbounce combo.

Opponent get’s up but blocks the web:

You can either go for the EX beast loop here, depending if your opponent is blocking low, or you can go for the gravedigger gatling combo by starting it with c.k which is very fast.

Warrant combo:

If you hit with the counter move:

After testament appears on the other side and hits the opponent with the poison, RC immediately, s.k, s.s, jump cancel, j.k, j.s, double jump, j.k, j.d, gravedigger.

Testament’s a REALLY fun character. Great mix-up, good damage, and flashy ass combo’s. My favorite character.

oh, almost forgot.

on knockdown.

Run up, web, c.k, s.s, s.hs, EXE Beast(FRC), if blocked, dash in, c.k, Tick grab. Really Tricky. Most opponent’s will not catch it until the third or 4th time you do it…then just go back to the regular combo and they will try to get out lol…fun stuff.


when is GCC coming back up?


Actually if timed right, Sol can Volcanic Viper through the web every time without fail. If your opponent inputs the command at the right time, Sol will be instantly invulnerable and the VV will trip the web (it doesn’t matter how early you place the web over him). Additionally, these characters have ways of defeating the web on wakeup: Bridget’s DP beats it, Slayer can backdash or invincibite, Baiken can counter it, Zappa is too low to the ground to get hit by it and can use his summon, Millia has some moves that keep her low enough to escape the hit, and Axel’s DP beats it (really rough timing though). Also, any character with an invicible overdrive will defeat it (too many to list) however if blocked, they may end up eating the web after the move whiffs (ex.: Johnny’s J super).

To deal with this you have to start mixing up your pressure with blocks (or counters! :smiley: ) with the hopes of catching them off-guard and getting a free hit. This applies for characters with specials that will defeat the web; for invincible overdrive characters you just need to watch their tension :stuck_out_tongue:



really? i placed 5th at absolution 2004… got knocked out by ino in QF’s…

my point is, ino used sol vs my testament. okizeme traps using webs are not guaranteed in the slightest. sol’s VV can kill it all the time without the need for exact true timing. this shows a lot in my match vs ino


First I want to say thanks to everyone that plays Testament becasue I think he is pretty cool hell who wouldnt love to play the grim reaper. But I think he is the best character for my still 0f play.


what he didn’t tell you was that there was only like 15 of us @ n3. :lame:


My friend plays Faust and I just saw the ElvenShadow vid and if anyone can post any vid to help that whould help because i know most test combos but i need new ones thanks