GGXX#R very newb question

  • what is a dust loop and how is it performed?

i think i’ve read through the 3-4 Sol threads on this forum at least twice each, and none of them give the commands for performing a dust loop. most of them just talk about the differences between xx and #r dusting.

i’ve learned the terminology and can do D jD jD jS jK jS jD jD jc jS jD Viper and have an idea of what his lockdown is like… it’s just the loop that’s the major component missing from my game. so… if anybody can help, i would be really really really overflowing with gratuity…

Go to the Sol thread that’s lower down on this page and read the posts more carefully, you really should be able to piece out the commands from there. It’s not rocket science, hell, JoshtheFunkDOC describes how to do it in his very first post in that thread.

i kinda caught this, but never really figured how it fits into the dust loop. so in #r it involves dash jumping instead of superjumping, but which part of that is the dust loop?

okay, the only reliable source i have suggested to me that a dust loop is something like 623K > 5K > 2H > jD > jD, then just keep juggling with jDs. or instead of the command grab > 5K > 2H, just bandit bringer > 2H into jump dusts.

i can’t get this to work; the second jD won’t come out unless i jc, in which case the opponent can flip. this afternoon i thought about dash-jumping after the 2H, after the repeated recommendations to reread Josh’s post, but found that they can flip before the jD.

mmm… i guess i could play hot and cold. tell me if i’m getting warmer:

6P, S, 2H, 9D, D, 669D, D, 669D, 9D

(f+P, S, d+H, jump forward D, D in air, dash jump D, D in air, dash jump D, D in air)

the jumps are single jumps… no jump cancels.

is that headed towards what a dust loop might look like?

okay, i can see that 6P S 2H jD jD jD jD jD… can go for 13 hits at least… probably more without screwing up.
call me Sally, but is this the dust loop?