GGXX/#r: Zappa love


Greetings one and all. Since it appears that Gamecombos has taken a sabatical for the moment, I thought I’d try and help out with the lack of Zappa loving going on here at srk. It might be a little while, but I’m going to try and get as much of the info from my old guide up here. Any help is most welcome as it has been a couple months since I’ve gotten my hands on the game.

Ok, here are some important things when you’re naked.

PRIORITY ONE IS GET A SUMMON! Without a summon your normal moves are even slower (try 2p). The combos I have listed are the ones I use, but I am sure there is room for improvement and more damage, I almost always try to get the hit with Centipedes for the 3 souls.

The best tools for this are:
6P: Forward invincibility and a low hit, gattlings into other moves. One of your best leading pokes.
----6P,2k,5s,2s xx 236p

2K: Your second choice as it has better range and speed than most of his other pokes. He is also considered crouching (which is slightly taller than dashing) during this move allowing him to dodge some things.
----2k,2s,2D xx 236p

Depending on the situation, don’t forget to just summon on the other side of the screen if the 3 souls aren’t worth it.

5k: This is about as good as you will get for initial mixup. This move is invicible to low strikes, excellent for people who think Zappa is only low hits and try to sweep/2p him to shut him down. This will cleanly beat any low hit (including Hair Sled, Stun Dipper, and Grand Viper) and allow you to combo into Centipedes. This is also his best summonless anti-air.

5s: While not as good as the big 3 for getting your centipedes, this move is important none the less. The puke has amazing priority and will usually clash more than get beat. You can use this clash to try and sneak in a 2HS (risky), but mostly use to stuff rushins when you have the time, I still prefer 5k myself.

6HS: Your best overhead and decent antiair if you have the time. This move packs a lot of priority and damage, and can be chained off a 6P for a bit of a mixup. The downside is that you can’t do anything after it (working on that) and the recovery afterwards. The recovery is badm but he also has that weird “on the groun” property like Dizzy has on her sweep that will make some things whiff. While not perfect, I have found this move to be a lot more useful as of late. If for nothing other than the fact that people don’t expect overheads from Zappa.

2HS: The infamous head. The double stun damage is great, as is stagger. In XX, stay away because it is nearly imposible to land (although safe on block) and isn’t that useful. # on the other hand has made this move evil. It can be gattling out of into any other normal, allowing for continuation of pressure, mixup, and extra damage. IT also seems to actually be able to combo off of 6P,2s,2HS sometimes, anyways it is still safe on block (+2 I believe) and can lead to a dead character if you land it. The startup can get you killed though, still use it with caution.
----some ground chains to come

Remember, you aren’t going to win anything without a summon, so getting it is more important than damage until you get it. At the same time don’t forget the tools you have, Zappa has a lot of really weird properties on his moves, you must learn to use them to the best of their abilities.

Zappa owns your soul for free!


reserved for Ghosts


reserved for Dog


Take my sword advice with a grain of salt, it is still my worst summon (although I have heard it is worlds better in #r, need to get that game…). Basically what you get with the sword is some range, good priority, some decent specials, and good Soul gathering. Unfourtunatly what comes with this is piss poor damage (hard slashes doing only 30 or 40!?!) and nothing in the way of setups.

The moves:
c.S and S- You finally get some range and priority with this, but it is still only average really. Standalone it is only good for stopping rush-ins. Mostly just used in your newfound ability to gattling.

HS- Only use in combos, to slow otherwise. Cancel on the first hit, the second hit pushes you to far back to combo anything after it.

2S- Hits low, nothing else.

2HS- This is more like it. Fast, damaging, 623HS will combo after. This makes an outstanding anti-air because of the HUGE range and speed. Downside is that is sometimes goes over grounded characters, but considering its main use this won’t be a problem.

j.S- A good zoning tool, especially IADed. As usual with all Zappa’s summons though, aircombos are near impossible because it lags behind you. So you get one dinky hit, but you’ll get it often. For the mostpart though, Zappa belongs on the ground.

j.HS- Huge priority and great attack angle make this a better choice as a standalone than j.s. Again, problem is it ususally doesn’t go anywhere beyond that… can be used as an OK jumpin, but not recommended.

The Specials:

236S (HS followup)-
NEVER NEVER NEVER do the HS followup unless you hit them in the air or counterhit staggered. You will be punished. Use in combos, or to cover ground and try for a counterhit, the 236S part is mostly safe.

Invinceble uppercut. You know how to use these. Excellent verticle range, poor range horizontally in XX. A shame you can’t use it for wakeup… I stick to a 2HS xx 623HS as my anitair.

Big range, damage, 2 souls, just a little slow on startup. Pot in particular has no real way around it. An excellent zoning tool. If you hit it at point blank (good luck with that one) you can RC it to tack on a k-s-s-hs-236s with the stagger. For the most part though, I know of no way to take advantage of the staggering.

Basically rush or run away with the sword. You can only pick at the lifebar, but you do get souls for Raoh quickly. Feedback appreciated as I suck with the sword.


reserved for Raoh, Destryoer of souls!


zappa has bullshit infinites now that they’ve found out against potemkin…


[iad p -> k -> s -> 5d -> land] x N. i’ve seen videos up to 229, but the guy messes up.


That infinite against Pote works in both XX and #r?


I’m a Zappa newb… but I want to show my support for 'em!!.. I don’t know much, but does anyone know if he has any setups for an air combo other than dust?


the dog infinite works on every one, and all u need to do is corrner the guy and do (2D, S, Repeat)

the S or Puke after the 2D locks them down in block stun while the bite is getting ready, only way out of it is to MASH SUPPER, or counter the S before the dog bites. SOOOOOO FUCKING ANNOYING, i know, i’ve played the best Zappa on the west coast. This guys was soo good he even made a mid screen infinite with the dog, but i dont know how its done, he also has this mean ass guard cush with the ghosts in the cornner into air combo that does like 25% life on Potemkin


who’s this best zappa on the west coast? i’ve never heard of him


I’ve heard of the midscreen infinte (it’s in the fuku video), but I’d be interested in seeing this guard crush, I’ve never heard of such a thing in XX besides the unblockables, and the only one I know Zappa to have of that is with the Dog (the overhead flip w/2k).


I’m guessing the “best Zappa on the West Coast” is this Makaze/Tearbane guy on GCC… I dunno, though.

Whatever, where’s Fubarduck when you need him?

As to the corner guard crush, I’m guessing it’s just the ghost 2H in the corner and the guy tried to jump out or something and got nailed with a CH 2H into 2H x as many as you feel like thanks to CH?


i’ll ask him how he does the mid screen dog combo, and the ghost thing, the ghost thing is worth learning because if they try to get out they will get hit,


Again, what is his name? Mid-screen dog bite infinites are simple, and ghost traps are old.


If you’re refering to the k-s- JC j.HS lockdown in the corner, that is pretty old stuff. From the training video when the game first came out.

And there is an infite without the bite. It involves crossover j.HS into a ground chain with the Dog’s D to continue it while you’re in the air. I just don’t remember the grond chain.


Could anyone post vids of his infinite combos.


Would like to see a “general” strat section for zappa too…Sometimes you just don’t have a ghost out :smiley:

Could also be usefull to get your “ghosts” out…I know the Key to my Zappa game is Using zappa periodicaly without any ghosts out, and this is the weakest part of Zappa :smiley:

I’m Also very interested in the 3ghost Guard Crush, That could be Very usefull :smiley:


There are two different vids I found that show infinites on potemkin…
Click on fourth link from top, then scroll all the way to bottom, you should see two links…


This is a combo I use with Zappa in XX.


ps. after the rc I have to 66 very slightly.

I like using his ghosts after jump dashing behind which sets up a combo.

I’m not sure if these are his bread and butter combos, since I just started using him.

Can anyone tell me what are some good combos and strategies?


This Forum Sucks…Just typed a Whole 2+ page breakdown of my ghetto Zappa…and the Forum ate it cause i had one too many smilies…BAH!!

I’ll Type a condenced version again later…
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