GGXX Reload - Baiken

Newbie question:

How do you a simple air combo in the corner with Baiden like this one:

It looks like S, qcf.K, jump forward, S, HS, and then… that’s where I am stuck. What should I press?

5S, 236K, sj KD, ad KD, 5S, jc D

EDIT: not sure if she has that loop in reload, although i bet she does.

hmm… what is superjumpcancel already?

Is that like FRC followed right away by jump?
or is it jump forward+forward?
or maybe is it FRC followed by superjump (like in MvC2) followed by 6K?

just superjump like in mvc2

Looks like S, qcf+K, sj(K,D), airdash (K,D), land S, sjc(S,D), as rogueyoshi said except the first superjump is not a cancel. The qcf+K is not FRC’d. The second superjump is a cancel because well…it’s a jump cancel. Not much else to it I don’t think.

i think there’s jump install in there somewhere

oops, made an error when using the copypasta.

nope, no jump install. only time (s)jc is needed is for the 5S after landing.

5hs 236k superjump forward (so 1->9) sd wait for d to recover 66 (airdash) sd land 5s(far) 9 (jump forward) sd