GGXX -> Reload Character Differences


I cant find a thread on this anywhere, so Ill make one :slight_smile:

this is everything I have found thus far for the characters

New Custome Colors!

More Combo links
Increased FRC frames for 456S

Increased start up speed of skulls
Increased frames for canceling exe beast
Added FRC to 6HS

Dust (the overhead dolphin thing) with little Eddie takes away 80% or so on the Little Eddie meter
Removed FRC on close range Drill spike

Added FRC to c. HS
Added FRC to 6HS

Removed bounce on j. D on a counter hit
Added bounce to j. HS on a counter hit
Added bounce to c. HS on a counter hit
Decreased frames of invisibility durring a dash cancel
6HS to a airborne character cannot be teched out of
Added combo counter to bite infinite

Reduced maximum amount of flames on the screen to one
Added a slight stall to 214K when he hits the wall
Weakened the dreaded “SOL DUST LOOP” (or so they say :bluu:)

moved FRC on 236K from right before blade trips to right as the blade trips
623S and 623HS cannot be teched out of
Lowered priority on 6P
s. HS has better start up/comes out faster

Throw adds 9 hits to combo counter

added FRC to 623HS with broadsword ghost
opponents now fall further away when bitten by unblockable c. D from Puppy ghost, and may tech out of it

j. D now knocks opponent slightly higher than before
added FRC to 412S counter
moved FRC on 236K from before board comes out, to after board comes out
Increased damage on 236236S Overdrive

Added FRC to 6HS
Added FRC to c. D
Moved FRC on 236HS from as Ice Spike comes out to a second after Ice Spike is out

Mist travels less distance
Opponents can tech out of 6K knock up before Johnny can connect with j. K or j.P, but not before he can connect with j. D
Added ability to teleport while in Mist Finer position

Removed FRC from 236S (!!)
41236HS now travels further accross the screen and less higher, same with HS while in 236S position
added FRC to 236236S overdrive

Anji Mito-
Better/faster start up with butterflys
Butterflys travel further accross the screen
added FRC to 236K
increased priority on air grab
all around speed increase

All around speed increase
All around strenth increase

Decreased distance from hairpin to pick it up


I have not found any new things in Chipp, I-no, May, or Bridget yet.

If anything about any character is wrong, please tell me! this is all I have found after playing for 12 hours

If there are things you would like to add about any character, post up! :):slight_smile:

hope this helps me and anyone else who was looking for a GGXX -> Reload Character differences analysis


There’s a 3-page thread with a list of changes on the second page of Fighting Game Discussion. Go there, that list fills in the what you’ve left off.


Or you could check GCC. :slight_smile:


You’ve actually been keeping track of your own list?


Look in Fighting game discussions. I made a like, 1020102102 word post with all offical changes from the mook, which I got from GCC.