GGXX #Reload Sol Thread

Sup guys, i just had a few questions about Sol in this game… i havnt played for awhile, so bare with me…

1)When i get the guy in a command grab in the middle of the screen, what combo should i do? i usually jump up, do a dust - jc - kick - dust combo… does an alright bit of damage, but is there a better thing i can do?

  1. I play GGXX on console, and i can do 3 sets of 2 dusts on the GGXX console…(Set up, SJ, dust, dust, SJ, dust, dust, J, dust, jc, kick, dust, viper volcano)… how many sets are possible in Reload?

3)The timings have changed for Sol’s FRC gun flame in this version right?, well what is a good way to FRC it? In XX it was as soon as he touches his sword to the ground… what is it in #reload?

  1. List any other tricks/ nice combos you can.


Alright, bear with me because I’m not a Sol player:

  1. Question I can’t answer…don’t know his most efficient combo off of it.

  2. The Dust loops in #R are different. They involve dash jumping, doing j.D as soon as you jump, and j.D as you land on a regular jump. They’re harder to do, but much more reps are possible on most characters. I think I’ve seen as many as 6-7 reps of that in match play max. 6 I think.

  3. The FRC gunflame has a slight pause after the sword hits the ground. It’s not the immediate version like XX. It’s hmm…If I could guess it’s about 5 or so frames later, give or take 2 frames. It’s hard to explain a good way to FRC it, just get the timing down.

  4. Dunno, I don’t play Sol.

could anyone explain the full method of dust looping in #R please?

1.) The best followup for a midscreen command grab without meter is standing HS (link to crouch HS if possible) and then aircombo with j.S, JC dj.S -> Volcanic Viper. With a quarter meter, you can do Gun Flame -> FRC, Bandit Bringer, dash j.D, D (JC and do dj.D if you aren’t at the corner yet), then Dloop.

2.) You can get 5 or 6 sets of j.D, D in #R. You can interchange this with sets of j.D, JC dj.S-D, or dash j.D, JC dj.D, D. The only real way to determine what’s allowed is to experiment.

3.) The FRC is 3 frames later. I usually hit the cancel a split-second later, just as I see the projectile start (instead of the instant the sword hits the ground). Best way to learn is to go into training mode and practice with the input display on until you get it down.

Dlooping in #R is pretty much the same, it’s just that you can’t use hj.D, D sets very much (you can usually only get one of these in at the start, then you have to use other sets). You have to concentrate on using j.D, D sets. They’re actually fairly easy and with a little practice, you’ll be Dlooping again in no time. There’s really no “new” method.

4.) Some dirty tricks:

You can do the combo I listed above with the command grab (the Gun Flame combo) from a counterhit sweep. Not only is CH sweep quite easy to set up, but you can get them cornered and do Dloops on them from up to 3/4 screen away with this combo. Very nasty.

Gun Flame Feint is WAY faster now. You can use it as a string ender for interesting options.

There’s not much else to it. Sol’s not that different, it’s just a matter of learning the few differences and improvising.

What does JC stand for? I forgot.

JC = Jump Cancle