GGXX#Reload Tier List?

Hey, I put together what i thought were the tiers for #reload, and i was just wondering if this is correct:

(in no particular order)

Top Tier:

High Tier:

Mid High Tier:

Mid Low Tier:

Low Tier:


Thats the Arcadia XX tier list with Robo-Ky slapped between Baiken and Potemkin. lol

Last I’d heard, in Japan the top 3 were Eddie, Bridget, and Ino. Slayer and Robo-Ky were right behind them.

Faust and Millia still seem very good. They’re probably 2nd tier with Venom, Sol, Axl. Ky and Jam have both gotten a lot better but I’m not so sure they belong here.

Johnny and Baiken got raped the most of anyone IMHO, they’re probably low tier now. May still sucks, Anji and Zappa have improved but by how much I’m not sure. Potemkin, Testament, and Chipp seem to be about the same in overall ranking.

Oh, and Dizzy did NOT get raped. She is probably still a decent character like before…the stuff she gained (particularly the improvements to the bubble move) pretty much equals out the weakening of the icespike FRC.


Johnny and Baiken?

Low Tier?

I don’t think so - they may be a bit more harder to use this time round (and obviously weakened), but they are certainly not low tier.

Last I saw was:

I know May has moved up; is now the 6th worst character instead of the 2nd. Anji is worst character, w/ Testament right above him.

What does I-no have in Reload that makes her so good? She seemed a bit weaker from what I had heard.

I-no’s dash is mad faster…making her pressure games much better and her note mixups way more effective.

jam is high mid tier now. faust is down to high mid tier. sol got WAY better, just less scrub-friendly…so everyone thinks he sucks. buri got better. zappa got better. johnny and baiken got raped.

its like slayer, millia, eddie, sol, axl, robo-ky, venom, bridget, faust, poti, jam, chipp, zappa, ky, test, baiken, may, anji

thats a rough sketch…i dunno…cause no one knows…Arcadia hasnt released a tier ranking yet. but that seems to be the gist.

right now…in america…the game seems to be about character matchups…i think an era of counter-characters is coming in…and itll be interesting to see what happens

Johnny SUCKS now. K’ thnx. Oh, and ryucross, you sure Testament is worse than Baiken :stuck_out_tongue: she’s pretty bad now.

What is this. I’m guessing neither of you are serious Baiken players…

Baiken was improved in #R (but is still mid-tier), I don’t know what you’re talking about. Sure the 2D may have gotten raped, but S, HS, Tatami is now the way to set up dust loop. The only major setback is that you must FRC the Tatami for an air combo now since you have to be point blank for it to be untechable (which you won’t be unless you use 2D, which scales damage pretty bad now). She got some improvements as well, such as a faster 41236HS (chain) and a faster recovery on her air dust, allowing for better pressure / new (though slightly unpractical) combos, respectively. J.HS -> Tatami now comes out much faster (air Tatami in general comes out faster), which is essential to her offensive game. Low air dash (followed by j.S, j.D) after Tatami FRC, j.S, j.D (in corner) is also much easier to do in #R. Baiken also gained 2 new FRCs, Sakura (214S counter) and Mawarikomi (412K counter). The new 412S FRC is a huge improvement, you can now do something like 412S, 2D, j.S, j.D FRC, j.S, j.D for a good 35-40% damage just off of block stance, for only 50% tension.

Out of everyone, I’d say Testament was one of the most improved. In #R was given more priority on many ground moves, an extra frame to FRC the Beast, faster skull tossing, more time before opponent can tech on his Blood Web, and a 236P skull that now combos off his 2D.

I found an updated tier listing, but seeing as I don’t want this thread to burn to a cinder, I’ll refrain from posting it.

(hint: Jam is 6th, Baiken tied for 16th, Johnny is tied for 18th)

I’m a MAD serious Baiken player myself - I can’t leave her alone (well, I can for Anji sometimes - hehe)!

-Baiken got improvements in a few areas where you may seem that she got raped. She’s got IAD rushdown thats l33t now (thanks to lower air dash speed) and combos from Youzansen (Aerial 623S) are more damaging now than in XX.

-Late tatami means less rushdown on the ground - but that doesn’t mean she can still rushdown. It’s just as mean as before, her lowered air dash means she can pressure more to a ground opponent. And it’s still fast enough to do killer dust loops - especially now that it’s safer. :wink:

-412S and 412K have both been improved upon - K counter being a much needed one, and the S being godly. GODLY I tell thee. If you don’t use it, then your Baiken SUCKS. :slight_smile:

I always RC the S counter in XX anyway - but in #r they just answered prayers. haha…

-Yeah, Chain is faster to add more pressure. Her standard dust is also faster. So you can add that more into your gameplay if need be.

I have more fun with #r Baiken than XX Baiken - where it was too easy to clock damage, now there’s a bit of work involved. It isn’t just about 2D ya know. _ It’s about S.

#r slayer for life!

#R in general just seems to give a more satisfying return on your effort. They took out most of the easy bullshit from XX (which makes alot of scrub Eddie players worthless in #R, amongst other characters).

can anyone actaully support these with tourney results in any form?

I don’t really support anyone saying Johnny is the 3rd/4th worst character in #r. haha…


lol, this made me laugh- hard.

Only time I will ever bluntly agree with Zakuta. That is madness…

This thread as a whole is hallarious, you have no idea what you have started… lmao.

I don’t see it. When I have to fight against #r Baiken (or any Baiken) the last thing I’m worried about is IAD offense. J. slash is good, but that’s about it for IADs.

I ask the question I ask everyone who defends a weaker character, “Who should go below them?”

Johnny does suck, so I can see him below Baiken :lol: Seriously, standing slash is poo now (unless you’re Potemkin), forward punch has recovery!, ensenga got toned down, and mist finer damage/combos. Oh, and mist cancel being worse. New Johnny makes me cry :frowning:

The characters that have been toned down are still very capable of beating opponents. Johnny was too good in various areas in XX, as was Baiken. They needed a tweak, they got it.

I actually prefer #r Baiken as there are more things she’s capable of doing - it ain’t just about sweep combos. Well, for me, it’s never been about sweep combos, so I don’t always bank on it all the time like some or most Baiken players do.

Fear the Youzansen. :slight_smile:

I never talk about characters who go under who - what would be the point of that, characters performance depends on the player, and i’m just gonna assume you haven’t played a single good Baiken player - or Johnny player for that matter… … .

Baiken and Johnny shit characters in #r?

That’s a whole bag of r00fles right there.

You assume too much :wink: Especially since I am a Johnny player.

Oh, and you never actually make an argument.

“Who should go below them?”

Well… quite a lot of people I’d guess. Then again I only really specialize in a few characters so I don’t know the main changes from XX to #R for about half the cast. I can’t really say much about this, besides saying that the low tier is still Low Tier. It’d be far too huge of a response to explain why each character goes where, which I don’t have the time for right now. =/

IADing with Baiken was (and still is in #R) quite useless. Sure you’ve got j.S, but the priority on that is not great (not bad, but not that good either), it gets beat by a lot of things. It does have its uses on taller characters though. A much better tactic if you’re going to go airborne is IAD forward/back Tatami, or running j.HS (make sure you end up above them). j.HS has insane priority and range as long as you are attacking from above, and gives massive blockstun. Follow that with air tatami and then ground mixup (if you’ve got half tension) with TK Youzansen, into dust loop if it connects. j.HS -> air tatami doesn’t work as well in XX as it does in #R, though it is still worthwhile in XX.

Speaking of which… Youzansen is really only useful if you have half tension. If it ends up being blocked, which it will be occasionally if you’re facing a decent opponent, you are going to eat B&B if you don’t RC/Burst.

Abusing the 412S counter without FRCing results in getting punished, badly. Most characters can just do short attack strings and JC out of them as soon as they see the counter coming, landing behind you while you are still stuck in recovery / just blew 25% tension.

2D has lost a lot of priority and now scales back damage heavily in #R. I don’t know what your comment has to do with the unchanged S besides the fact that S precedes 2D/Youzansen in ground strings, which is commonly known.