GGXX Reloaded Sync error

Everytime I hit someone ONCE or get hit it just pops up.
Whats the cause of this?

has the client always worked for you before?

I got through a whole round before it first happened.
Connecting to people fine and it says the ports are open.

i mean has it worked perfectly fine before this. also, what version are you using.

The constant sync error is a relatively new development. I’ve been noticing it a lot over the last week. I would suspect they’re tinkering with the server or something because the patches haven’t changed.

I swear my patch is messed. It shows that I connect to the servers but it shows no one on. I know that can’t be right.

Why do syncerrors happen?
And I’ve noticed something, when I open my 10000 port on and check it, it says the 61 error thing when I’m not running GGXX reload. However, even when I run it, I still get the error.

Whats up with that? It lets me connect to people just fine and play for a few secs but then kicks me because of desync.