GGXX Slash rules?

Now that Evo West has been announced, people will be planning their trip. I’m sure many players have found teams to for the Slash tournament, but details have not been covered yet, so some teams may not be 100% just yet for the 3v3 Slash tournament. Will same characters be allowed? Will switching characters be allowed? Are they all single game matches (meaning a max of 5 match ups)?

What will the rules be for the Slash tournament? Details are not covered on the rules page (for any game, for that matter). Is it possible to get detailed rules regarding the Slash tournament? Any information is appreciated.


id like to see sbo format except have double elim

Only rule that ive seen that isnt obvious is probably reset the game if the chipp glitch is done just to be fair I guess. Seems like going out of the way but… you shouldnt punish another player just beacuse someone played chipp the match before shrug.

I already talked to j1n about the Chipp Glitch, and it’s so stupid. It has such a minor, pointless effect on the game. Yes, the next knockdown for either player is longer if the last throw in the round is OTG’ed and no throw follows it up, it’s not that big of a deal. You stay on the ground for 2 seconds instead of 1. Just don’t get this thread offtopic with completely trivial glitches.

id ten T

that glich will be too common on the console version, i mean if you ban it your asking kevin to not otg after a throw, although i wish it was an arcade tournament. but you wont be able to avoid a chipp player activating this glich, otg is apart of chipps game.

dont ban the glitch, but DO reset the game after a chipp plays

this is common courtesy and makes 100000% sense

i control the GG world and therefore I say all teams must have distinct different characters except for my team which will consist of 3 sols nyah nyah

I never said to ban it jackass, how fair is it that say im ky and if someone played chipp before me instead of wakeing up into my big fireball after a sweep, now THEY get the advantage instead thats pretty fucking retarded. And its not completely trivial as its acctualy usefull.

way to add 3 hours to the tourney nub.

You don’t need to Reset the game to Unset the glitch you just need to do a dummy match just start a game, trip the character and let them get back up, go to character select. Most people will start a dummy match anyway to set buttons up.

Sorry, I didn’t read your post 100%. I thought you were saying to ban the glitch. However, why can’t someone just load up a dummy match and knock the opponent down and let them back up instead of resetting the game? That would add time to a (possibly) already tight scheduled tournament.

Has time ever been an issue with Guilty Gear at an Evo tournament?

I don’t think so. Guilty Gear is the only tournament at Evo that appears to run on time.

Resetting the game fully? Would soft reset “reset” the glitch? It takes pretty much no time at all, and people can go to the option menu to change their buttons instead of going into the menu after starting a dummy match, which is about the same amount of time anyway.

no soft reset doesnt reset it.

Can someone link me to the specific details of this glitch, also would playing in arcade mode help at all?

It’s on this page, with a demonstration video.

This was being discussed in the glitch thread on, here’s a link to that.

FMJaguar, I will give you the exact details of this glitch.

Chipp on the console version of GG Slash has a glitch which causes the opponent to lay on the ground approximately 2 seconds, instead of the usual wake-up period. This glitch is caused by Chipp preforming his normal throw, and hitting the opponent off the ground. The next knockdown will result in the longer knockdown state.

Now, in order for this to even matter:

Chipp has to be played
Chipp has to throw the opponent, OTG them, and NOT PREFORM ANOTHER KNOCKDOWN THE REST OF THE ROUND.
The next round, even if you go through character select, the glitch will STILL be active until the opponent is knocked down.

How to fix it: Simply pick 2 random characters after that game, config your buttons, preform a knockdown. Go back to character select.

ah… you can keep knocking down the guy and get it to work… Not like you cant knock the guy down again. Also you dont need to OTG after the throw in some cases. The glitch is more complicated then I guess you guys realize shrug…

What are the options? I am not sure it’s a good idea to even base it on the glitch because in the heat of battle it might be hard to remember if it’s in effect or not. It would almost have to be “If someone plays chipp, then X after the match”, but is X to power off and on the console? Even if it comes to that don’t think it’ll have a huge impact since it’ll be team format so you could only have one chipp per team.