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GGXX - Slayer Thread

I haven’t seen any threads on ggxx in the strats section, so i’m making this one for everyone’s favorite Vampire: mr. Slayer. let me start off by asking, what are some good air tactics? I’m still a n00b at the game, but i’m really digging slayer’s ground game.

well, post away.


(in corner) air dash in - j.s(2 hits), d to b.k (2 hits)(land), F.p, S.s x 2, (jump) j.p, j.k, (lvl 2 jump) j.p, j.k, Air Dust, d to b X2.S, RC (after hit)(land)(jump) j.p, j.k (lvl 2 jump) j.p, j.k, Air Dust, d to b.K

That’s all I can really say about Slayer’s air raving. I’m kinda nubby at ggxx too, but this was one of the first combos I did. Not all that difficult, either.


This is easy. I ate this stupid combo firsthand along with some other people and nobody knows how to deal with it other than ensure that Slayer never got within grabbing range. Just do his stupid command grab where he bites your neck and leaves you staggered. Sure, you supposedly can shake out of it, if you are superhuman!! :eek: The grab combos into itself if you dash in and perform the grab after the first initial command grab! It drains decent life, but it will damage scale a bit. Its a good tactic to run down the clock…that is for sure.


i need to learn to roman cancel consistently. by the way, the ex i-no for the home version’s a pain in the ass…

does slayer’s spinning cape attack (aerial) have any interesting properties (weird invincibility frames, able to snuff out projectiles, etc)? it’s his only (i think) air move yet it has a small range and does little more than set up/end combos. Also, i’ve found that his safest super is the ground one that shoots him up at a 45 degree angle, considering it does relatively decent damage, and sets up for more punishment as they land.

Slayers f + HS causes the opponent to stagger, but does it make them stagger just as much as if he had done the neck bite? if so, couldn’t it make a combo like “f + HS, neck bite, dash, neck bite, dash, neck bite, HCB, F + S”?


got any good combos into overdrives?


right now the biggy i use (works mainly on cpu, have to find a way to lure a human opponent into it)

QCB + K, K, j.p, j.p, j.F+S, QCBx2 + S, land, QCFx2 + HS.

ground: c.K, s.P, qcf + P, HCB,F + S (i think you can do, c.k, QCF+P afterward)

a half-assed ground one: F+P, s.Px2, HCB,F + S

it’s more of a waste of tension meter than anything, but, if you don’t try and get the hell away or attack on a falling opponent, you’re asking to get a beat down (this is more true with Slayer than anyone else, i think).


anyone know how to do his grab infinate?


Grifter knows for sure, but since there is a tourney…I don’t think he wants to tell people right away. It looked really easy to do. He would dash in and perform the command grab where Slayer bites into your neck. This command grab leaves you stunned for like 2 seconds. He would then dash in again really quickly and perform the grab again!! He did this like 10 times in a row and even though the joystick wiggling icon pops up, I cannot seem to be able to mash out of it fast enough! It starts to damage scale after like the 10th bite, but it does take off a good part of your life bar and it does run down the clock quite a bit. Its the most annoying thing I have seen in this game. The hard part is trying not to let Grifter in on me so he can do the stupid infinite! :bluu:


yeah. i’ve been experimenting with it for a while, is the combo meter supposed to increase each time, or will it not count? if the latter is true, i think i’ve got the timing down. it’s sort of a “dash cancel” i guess. right in the middle of his dash, you have to basically buffer the special. The timing i had down was as follows:

command throw, wait until slayer’s head immediately leaves the opponent’s body, input the dash at this point, and right when slayer disappears, start the motion for another command grab. The second timing is the hardest in my opinion. Basically, you start when he’s just disappeared, and end at the very frame that slayer begins to appear again. I don’t know how else to say that.


i smell noooobz

first of all addressing the semi inf grab:
u have to cancel the dash into the move ending the grab with UB, or else it is VERY escapable,
slayer can cancel all his special moves from his dash, ot give the invincibility,
further more the jump in combos mentioned, are well while great in themselves will never work since slayer has hard time jumping in…
the ‘cape’ is used to glide while building metter, uf,f,qcb+k and to end air combos.
a few quick facts:
the air super has a tail so in theory it crosses up and the tail end does more damage then the front,
the ground dash super dead on time has almost no start up, good punisher,
u cant air recover the qcfX2+hardslash so u can follow it up with a dash punch or dead on time.
u can blue roman cancel qcb+p/k
honestly go to gcc.ggxx cause the slayer section has actual info not this muck…


I don’t have much to add, but I will say this: Slayer is all about staggers and roman canceling and he has some crazy shit with them both. Here are two good examples of easy b&b combos that incorperates them both:

S -> 236+K (RC), H (staggers) -> 214P+P

2K -> 236+K (RC), H (staggers) -> 2142147+S (staggers), S -> 236+K
(remember, the super must be done in the air so use the tiger knee motion)

(NOTE: Most of the time you’re going to see combos for Guilty Gear using this number system for movement. It’s basically just the calculator part of the keyboard. 2 is down, 4 is back, 6 is forward, etc.)

And that’s about as basic as it gets for Slayer. He is very unusual to play as compared the other characters (which is pretty crazy considering the other oddball characters with their fitting oddball styles). He has no true gattling combos other than a simple P-K or P-P-P, but it is possible link S-S, S-S together with some good timing. As far as his air combos go, he has some nice setups (a countered 214P+P probably being the best and most abundant) and some equally nice air combos to follow. Although I’m still working on this particually aspect, here is what I’ve seen that is the best to begin with:

(after setup) JC (jump cancel) -> j.K-P-K -> JC -> dj.K-D (Dust)

The dust at the end can be replaced with 214+K, but it seems to do about the same damage so I’d just stick with the dust.

For more information on anything Guilty Gear, check


J.S is your friend, ESPECIALLY when fighting the likes of Chipp, Millia, Jam, and Potemkin. Great air-to-air.
Close s.s is good for stuffing people, much like Jam’s close s.s. Combo into another s, then do the special/super of your choice.
Don’t forget: he can cancel his backdash with a jump, and still retain invincibility for a few more frames. Up to 12 inv!


I just noticed that no one has pointed out this little trick yet. Using Slayer’s command grab you can get instant full tension simply by dashing forward and using burst after the grab. The effectiveness of this really depends on your style of play and how early in a match you can pull this off. Obviously you don’t want to do it when you have alot of tension and obviously you want to save your burst for when you’re getting set up for some big time damage.


the fact is that if u burst, u wont have to worry about doing the grab semi inf, but u have less time
also, id like to talk over what trag has said b4, DO NOT rely on staggers off hard slash, eventually if u get predictable ur "combos’ wont work since people will learn to shake out


I still like the idea of the stagger, although you can’t always count on it.
I’m more of a teleport whore, especially on people who try to second guess you. The teleport works as a wonderful crossup after a knockdown.


tele is great but not agenst jab whores im still annoyed at that ne tips on how to stop jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab jab

also ne tips on beating Bridgets…??



Can you burst out of the slayer semi-infinate?


no u can not
and to stop jabs i just crossup grab, normal grab that is
or knock down dwn+hardslash