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I didnt find a thread for him, so this can stand as one. Depends on how much feed back I get. The reason I have posted this was to ask for your opinions and share some info with you on some of the things I use with Slayer. Anyways… on with it. I have been playing Slayer for a while now, at the expense of all my other characters, trying to master him. I think I have everything down, I just need more tourny play before I can say I am consistant enough to have mastered him. So dont by any means consider me an authority. I am just a player sharing some insight.

Question, have any of you (masaka, BoF, Tragic, etc…) ever seen this combo used consistantly in-game.

  • (corner only, or close to it is fine) Vampire Combo?


The part in bold, the timing is extreamly critical and varies on different characters. This version is virtualy impossible on Jonny.

If you are trying this and cant get the timing, the end may be replaced with. [J.S>J.HS>J.D>214+K] at the end, when you land, air throw when they recover.

…explanation of how it works in case you dont understand the way I wrote it there… Its the ultimate rest and his bread and butter ground string combined but at the expense of only one rc. You can make it fancier by wasting more meter, but its pointless after the scaling. This alone does well over half life. When you roman cancle the moch punch and do hard slash, instead of dandy stepping as usual, you instant air dash (very low). Then you proceed to do hard slash, air dust, 214+k, which takes them off the ground and stuns them in the air long enough for you to land and hit them again. More hits than this are possible before the 214+k, but because of scaling, less, but harder hits as opposed to more light hits is more damaging. When you land, do standing slash and go into ultimate rest from there. Second version works the same way, except instead of ultimate rest after the standing slash, you go into the variation.

  • Show stopper

Not sure wheather to call this a combo, or just a trick that looks awsome. Its humiliating to be hit with this. Takes the life right out of whoever you are playing, especially when they have never seen it before. Unlike the other combos I am pretty certain I am the only one who does this. this works from bite inf when they have no burst (obviously).

[bite inf to corner>HS>63214+HS>F+taunt(untill he claps the first time)>C.K>236+K~RC>HS]

from here I usually do one of 4 things.

  1. [>214+P~P] Dandy Step to Pile Bunker, short and simple.

  2. [>IAD~S>HS>J.D~(land)>63214+HS>inf] only person I know of that can escape this is potemkin, and he would have to see it coming. Even if he did, the timing is extreamly tight.

  3. [>IAD~S>HS>J.D~(land)>S>S>S>S>236+K~RC>HS>214+P~P] use this if you have enough level. I recomend doing a crouching kick after the pile bunker knocks them down to get them to recover instead of being grounded. It gives them no time to think and you can still play the same wake up games. Against people like Sol, Potemkin, and other Slayers this is very important because they can punish your rush down as they rise from being grounded.

  4. [>214+K~K>S*>ultimate rest] (*only need to do this for heavy characters. Most of the time you can just jump to them and do the rest) this is not quite as simple and just dandy stepping and pile bunker, but its more damaging and still only takes half meter.

Of course after you do any of this, they are ganna look at you stupid and go “wtf… :eek: did he just combo a taunt on me!?” Then I just cackle evily. :evil:

I use these often in matches, but I never see people use this or things similar. I tend to be very proficient with IAD’s from playing with Jam, so I use them alot when I am comboing with Slayer. And its become a distinguishable difference in my style of play then from everyone locally. The people I usually play against(friends and such) have even coined the full version of that first one I posted as vampire combo, but I am not naive enough to believe I am the first to do this… If even the first to use it regularly in matches. But still, I never see anyone use this.

On the Vampire combo… Is there something wrong with this string that I am missing or something? I cant find any real flaw in using it. Its only 1 rc, its well over half life. Its intimidating/discouraging as hell to get hit with and likewise, the match is pretty much over once you do anyway. Give me some feed back. I would like to know what you guys think even if you just flame me for daring to think I created something original in my lack of exposure. But Seriously…

first off why do u still use the p version air combo? s is the key 2nd what lvl shake are u tryn this combo on…?

With the slash version you cannot do ultimate rest or they flip out on the double jump.

Shake lvl 3, yes they are all possible. If you read, you will note the fact that I use these combos IN game often. This is not something I just conjured in training mode and posted up here. I consistantly do these to people.

If you read again, i also posted an alternate that uses slash but its only one loop instead of twice like ultimate rest. They can flip out on the double jump, and on top of this because of the number of hits its even easier for them to flip out than it normally is. Which is why the timing is so critical, because the computer is already trying to pull them down by the time you finish the first [k>p>k], so it is fairly harder than it usually is off a regular launcher.

the reason i ask about the shake is iv yet to see a s.hs connect after a bite anywhere on the screen outside of shake2, and even so buffering the bite from that in itsown u have to be point blank with the initial s.hs to not wiff.
odd that the j.s slash variation doesnt work, but then again it doesnt matter too much at that stage of scaling and since the aire conbo is char sensative. have u tried dwn+p,dwn+s to launch after carpet instead of s.slash?

s.slash and c.slash both work, but why would you do c.punch>c.slash if you just got finished explaining about the scaling yourself? Standing moves have less scaling my friend, not only this, but to get two hits you have to wait for them to fall deeply, and they will recover. This combo doesnt work like a regular launcher into the rest. Because you have done so many hits before they even become air born, if you let them fall too long they will recover.

The standing hs is at point blanks range, you buffer into throw. It works because they are cornered and because you have already started the bite loop. You bite loop the the corner, then dash in for a close hs which you buffer into another bite.

lvl 3 shake is the highest a human player is capable of. But on this level, theoretically they would even get out of his b&b combo. But since they cant block while shaking the joy stick that rapidly what is your point? Yes you can try to shake out of the bite inf, but becuase it is a throw its little use. Even if you can shake and manage to block or get off a normal, the bite itself out prioritizes it. People know this, which is why they usually dont bother to shake unless they are extreamly desperate.

My usuall set up for this is, bite loop to the corner>pile bunker, once they are dizzy I do this to showboat. Noting the name, I dont do this much unless I am very far ahead because the throw scaled damage, the taunt is only to crowd please, and its more trouble than it is worth to get off. But it is very realistic in terms of putting it on some one who has already been cornered and is getting inf’ed or is dizzy.

To my knowledge there is no shake button pattern to get out of bite loop like in MvC2 magneto air chains. You are extreamly unlikely escape this once you have been bitten unless you damn near break the joystick trying to get out and are lucky enough to press up and jump in time.

The actually combo in question here is the first one though. While the 2nd one is cool, that is all it is. Its only practical for showing off/combo vids etc… But the first one fuckin hurts.

Not using the slash version has nothing to do with the scaling, it would actually be better for it, but that is not the point here. What I said was, that the slash version will wiff because by the time you go into the second half of ultimate rest you have done so many hits that the computer begins to pull them down and make them recover faster. If you go for the slash version they will just recover every time unless you do the regular rest with one loop.

*Originally posted by Prowess *

the reason i suggested that setup is because it works better on some instances, and what i explained about scalling maybe u didnt understand fully what i ment by it, so i will break it down for u right now, since there are som any hits b4 the actual air string it doesnt really matter what u use. thats all. u also were talking about no set way to mash out of the bite loop, yes thats fine as in the fact of doing the bite loop, but shaking out when a move slower then the fwd dash cacled grab is set in is a diagnal motion, i belive at the first tourney japan came for xx here Ino said that thus if any for of error was made u would automaticly jump out of the variation.

I understand what you are saying, but the point here is “error” they will jump out of the variation. Tipically I will only do the variation 2 times at the most cause I would rather not be too slow or wiff and have them jump out of a prefectly good combo set up.

  1. They are either dizzy when I do it.
  2. They are in the corner and being inf’d, I will do variation 1 or 2 times, and then go into it.

There are other options after bite loop, I just throw this one in there when I am winning by alot. Honestly, the screwed up advantage US has over japan is that we can read opponents actions by hearing the buttons, sensing the tention, and seeing them partialy. So realistically, if I see them mashing like mad, I am not ganna go for the taunt combo or the variation, I will just combo them as usual untill I train them not to mash because they feel its pointless. Then I will sneak in one or two hs’s into cammand bite, then they get hit with the taunt combo.

Also, on the other combo, you are missing my point. Yes scaling is a factor, but it DOES matter what you hit them with. I am not sure on the exact calculations but crouchin punches and kicks scale significantly more than any other move. So to launch them with this would mean anything you do afterwards would take even less then it would from the initial scaling in the first place, likely, making any follow up pointless. Also, the more times you hit them, the faster the computer makes them recover and fall, so its counter productive to hit them 2 times unless its spicifically for a reason.

Finally, on the slash version verses the punch/kick version of the rest. Yes, the slash version is better, scaling or not, it will always take more because slashes dont scale as much as punches and kicks do. The problem herin lies with the fact that slash’s hit boxes cause it to wiff when used in this combo so you must use the punch/kick version unless you are only doing the regular rest. But this combo calls for the ultimate rest, which they would easily recover from and punish you if you used slash.