GGXX: Slayer


Hey everyone, I’ve been playing GGXX for a while, and to sum it all up I really suck. No matter who I use, I’m garbage, and well I could pretty much destroy all of my “competition” (even bigger garbage), I have a hard time with even survival mode. Anyways, right now I want to try to learn Slayer, anybody have some tips for me? Combos would be nice, I can’t seem to link anything damaging with him… Tips, attack formations, anything…


ok Basic combo for Slayer are:
S S S S 236P RC HS 214PP
214PK jK-P-K jK-P-K-D


How would S S S S work? That doesn’t combo…


You have to be really close for S,S, S,S to combo. If you’re unsure, leave off the last two. In fact, if you’re close enough, you can RC 236P, S,S. :slight_smile:


any other tips? strategies? combos? ANYTHING to get me started lol…


Refer to that thread for Slayer info…you gotta get the BDC down pat man, you’ll see the potential greatness of it once you can perform one. Being able to mappa punch through May’s whale super made me splooge my pants. :smiley:

I wouldn’t depend on Survival mode, much less the AI, for practice. You can do some really cheesy stuff off of the AI, like repeat Slayer’s throw 3497x until the enemy dies…and you don’t want to use trash like that when fighting a real opponent.


It doesnt have anything to do with how close you are. You can’t mash it out, it must be timed properly.

And the air combo is j.k, j.p, j.k jc j.k, j.p, j.k, d to ground or cape at the end for a little extra damage. There is also a slash version that does more, but for all practical purposes, this is the easier bread and butter.

Use p version mappas unless you have level. They arent punishable. The block stun is deceptive. Try mixing up high and low pokes after a succesful mappa.


s, s, s, s, mappa(they block), ~c.k, mappa This is a very basic poke string, there is very little they can do to beat the kick.

Once they are trained to block low after mappas, do…

s, s, mappa(block), ~c.p, f+k The kick will most likely counter hit if they try to move and at this range it leaves you safe on block. If it counter hits s,mappa them again. If they manage to block it and jump back, Imediately do f+hs,dandy. If they jump forward, bdc air throw if you know how. If you dont, then jump in place holding back and press hs ass soon as you see them within throw range. Simultaneously slide your fingers over s a split second after this. If you wiff the throw you fd and be safe, but if timed properly it should throw them ouot of just about anything. If they stay put then max range hs,dandy; if they get hit by the hs just finish the dandy step with pile bunker. If they block it, press s,s at the closest range before the dandy step ends unless you feel they will try to sweep you before you get to them. In which case the cross kick from dandy will beat it if done early.

If at any time you feel they are blocking too much dash to them and command throw them to keep em honest.

If they are on top of you on wake up, since you cant bdc~bite yet, fd throw them using the same method as before except on the ground.

Any time you score a close knock down, dash to the other side of them as they wake up and start strings whenever possible. Switch between starting it with c.k and f+k. Again, when you feel they are blocking too much, f+[k]~command throw.

Play patiently and consistantly even if you feel you are loosing. Keep in mind that one successful combo = game over. You may not have the ability to play slayer rush down yet, but you can definately play him turtle provided that the person you are playnig is fairly new too.

Combos like…

s, s, mappa.rc, hs, dandy-p

hs, dandy-k,(insert a standing or crouching slash after launch here for lights)j.k, j.s, j.k, jc j.k, j.s, j.k, j.d

Should be mastered. Practice your execution, these are the ones you do NOT want to be messing up.

If you want to seriously play with slayer for any extended amount of time begin practicing in training mode with the dummy on shake lvl 2 doing this command over and over…

(facing left) 6632147+hs you should not jump during this, and the dash should be cancled into his command throw. Resulting in an infinate. You will know if you are doing it fast enough because if its not, the computer will shake free.

Anyways… that is slayer scrub 101. Yes it gets more advanced but that should start you out. I tried not to explain anything too complicated. But there are a few basics you should know. If you have any questions ask me or some one else.



Alright, I’m aware that the notation is indeed accurate, but I’m a little confused. Providing I am facing left, why would I want to backdash cancel that bite over and over…wouldn’t it be logical to forward dash cancel it? I must be missing out on a point.


Hurrrrrr, reverse commands on other side.

Slayer’s primary game relies on safe poking, baiting, and wake-up confusion, BDC and great damage are just icing on the cake.

Slayer has a great 6P.

To counter jump-ins, I recommend 2S and then go into The Rest (Air combo). Counter hit Pile Punkers go into rest from timing a 2P - 2S -> The Rest. A counter hit Air Dust goes into rest from counter hit -> s.S -> The Rest (Time carefully). On some characters, if you do Crosswise Heel (214P/K - K) you can throw in a s.S or 2S as well.

On wakeup, basic game
Dash behind them into slash combo
Undertow (632146P) if you have them blocking like mad
6K feint Bite Loop
Dash behind Bite Loop

Mix these up well and your opponent will go insane or start jumping away, which you can counter with an air grab or you’ve got them scared.

‘Mobility’ techniques
D Step Wiff
Bait attack to counter wiff D Step FRC punish
Mappa Hunch P version
Mappa Hunch K version if they can’t attack
Air Dash in S HS D or wiff into ground attack

again, this is basic shit.


Umm, yeah, you are right, I meant facing right… not left. Thats what happens when you try to watch naruto and post strats at the same time. I swear I am dyslexic, sorry about that…


Oh yeah, and if you’re playing against a human who’s using a slow character and/or has bad reflexes, you should try stuffing them with a dust once in a while.

Once or twice a match I land Slayer’s 2D, and do his S on wakeup…if you catch them constantly blocking low on wakeup do another slash and hit 5D, if they think a 5D is coming you just sweep them again. Sometimes this scrubby tactic of stuffing a 5D actually works and it’s FREE 50% COMBO DAMAGE right there. Although if your 5D/2D gets blocked you’ll get punished. :frowning:

J.D as a counter against an air-borne opponent is your friend…in XX it bounces your opponent if it counter hits. You can go for The Rest if you’ve got the execution down, or just use a pilebunker.


Great job repeating shit I already mentioned. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, happy happy fun time now.

Best ways into bite loop (IMO)

Deliberatly wiff a 2D, RC dash in Bite Loop.
Wiffed j.HS into bite loop if they’re expecting a block string.
B&B RC -> HS -> DStep (Don’t Pilebunker) bite loop.

Also: ‘The Rest if you’ve got the execution down’ heh, if you plan on playing Slayer well, you should have this down by now :frowning:


allright its time we should all talk about crazy ass advanced slayer

this is my version of the rest combo

towards corner : 214 P or K, k , 2S, j.k j.p j.k j.c j.p j.k j.D

                       214214S (bounces off corner) S, j.k j.p j.k j.c  
                       j.p j.k j.d 214k

is it possible to perform the rest combo away from the corner in the middle of the screen ? i try relaunching them up after the 214214S with 2p 2p but they recover right before i jump, any suggestions ?

also i heard slayers 214214S has alot more range in reloaded
which means more air juggles such as

214 P or K, K, j.p,j.k,j.s 214214S (land) j.p j.k 214214S (land) j.k j.p j.k j.c j.p j.k j.D carpet

can this really work on GGXX ? i tried it several times and it onlyworked every so often. is it because it only works with certain charecters like axl or sol ? slayer friends speak !!!1


i’m kinda new to Slayer and GGXX#R in general. this thread and the other one’s been pretty useful so far, learned quite a bit just reading through everything. i had some questions though :slight_smile:

what’s Slayer’s optimum range? i’m guessing it’s just outside 5K range (ala Balrog).

i’m still trying to get his gameplan down.
from what i’ve read and the matches i’ve played, it seems he should be throwing repeated mappas jsut so the tip hits for most of the round; then he mixes this up by dashing in, out, going for command throws and overheading, and with the dandy step mixups (214p/k, p/s,s/s,2K xx mappa/etc). and of course the obscene bread and butter into air combo when you have meter…

about right…?


here is my first video of Slayer, I hope you’ll enjoy it :slight_smile: