GGXX: Sol help

Hey, I use Sol and do ok. I do lots of uppercuts. any Sol tips for me?

dust loop. nuff’ said.

your question isn’t really clear…
what do you want exactly?
do you know how to do the dust loop combo?

mmmm try gun flame,frc,bandit bringer,gun flame,frc,bandit bringer,g f,frc,,g.fl,frc,,duck hs,jump,s,d,jc,d,v.viper
doesn’t work against dizzy and some others but generally works if you start from the middle of the screen

What do you play, XX or #reload? This is important because the dust loop is different in the two games.

In XX, you generally superjump and do two air dusts each time. If you see them start to fall low, do a normal jump combo and finish with uppercut. If you want to get REALLY fancy, you can do low HS into a jump-installed superjump at some point in there; in order to do this, cancel the HS with a u,d,u motion. This will allow you to double-jump during the superjump and get 3 or 4 dusts in a single rep.

In #reload, it is harder. You can’t really superjump anymore (you might be able to do it for the first rep, but that’s it); instead, you need to dash forward (for forward momentum) and immediately normal jump dust to start each rep. You can get anywhere from 2-4 dusts in each rep this way, depending on character weight and number of hits in the combo.

Other basic and advanced Sol stuff:

His standing dust is one of the best, mixup between that and sweep in your chains. I’m not sure what the best dust combo is…there are some damaging ones, as well as ways to go into dust loop from it, but I really don’t know any of them. =/

Sweep in general is your friend. It makes you crouch extremely low, allowing you to beat horizontal air attacks (notably Testament’s and Millia’s air dusts). As a matter of fact, you can actually crouch UNDER Ky’s DP with it; the ONLY thing he can do about meaty sweep is super, which gets him killed if you anticipate and block it. One more thing…gun flame combos off a counterhit sweep on everybody ('cept maybe Pot/Johnny/Robo-Ky, I am not sure), which allows you to get dust loop if they’re anywhere near the corner.

Your best anti-air is almost always standing K. The first hit comes out in 3 frames, making it the fastest normal in the game, and it beats virtually everything. Usually, after this, you want to cancel the first hit into low HS and go into an aircombo or dust loop.

Try not to abuse qcb+K too much. Everybody has a reliable counter for it of some sort, and these usually result in big damage. It’s good if you’re right in the corner and the enemy is close, in which case it’s kind of a safe DP.

His crouching S gives him frame advantage on block, even though it doesn’t really look like it. If the opponent doesn’t know this, do standing K after it and you’ll beat almost anything they’ll try. If they do know this and block, run up and command grab.

Speaking of which, do NOT forget about that command grab. Sol has great lockdown with FRC gunflames, and after doing this for a while, just run up and grab them. They’ll have been so heavily conditioned to block that they usually won’t see it coming. BTW, if you have them in the corner and land it, run underneath them and you can do stand K (1 hit) into low HS into dust loop; this is especially easy in #reload because the grab is untechable.

If your uppercut connects for only one hit, and that one is a counterhit, the enemy cannot tech. Take advantage of this to go into an aircombo or dust loop.

The enemy also cannot tech after a midair S uppercut. Learn to do this instantly from the ground (f,tiger knee+S), as it’s another aircombo/dust loop setup.

You can also combo off a wakeup DP; just roman cancel on the first hit. If that gets blocked, run up and command grab or begin pressure string.

Another common dust loop setup is to combo into qcf+K (usually off a short chain into sweep), roman cancel on the first hit, and do S-D as you land.

If you ever land a f+HS, the only thing guaranteed afterward is qcb+S. Everything else (most notably qcf+hold K) is mashable.

And finally, here’s a useful chain that sets up dust loop in the corner: K->S->f+P->gunflame.

I don’t actually play Sol myself, but this is what I’ve learned from fighting against a lot of them. Hope it helps. =)



Great post, btw.
I’m total newbie to GGXX and I’d like to learn about sol from the basics.

How is it that you do an air S uppercut from ground? I don’t understand your notation.
And you start with d-loop after you land from the uppercut?

One more question, when you are doing 214S, which buttons you are suppose to mash to get 10hits in total?

Here’s a tip: Don’t look at my Evo match. :frowning:

Getting 10 hits on the 214S is as easy as jamming the stick back and forth and mashing buttons.

Quick note: In #R, since the command grab is untechable, you can land whatever you want after it. If you do it in the corner, you can run under them and do a standing HS (add a crouching HS after this if they’re heavy enough) and immediately go into dust loops.

Just learn a couple of good pressure strings and some Dloop setups and you’ll be good to go. Make sure to mix in throws and command grabs as much as you can.

that sounds easy
but after i tried it, i can only get 7 hits max
and when i have tension, it sometimes gets RCed

not to mention when i’m trying to get maximum hits before sol leaves the ground and then trying to RC…

#r Dust loop isn’t that hard…you don’t always have to do 669 to get the ideal height and speed to continue looping.

Besides, afaik, you can get more reps in #r than XX.

You’re probably mashing wrong. Use a “ripple” method by flowing your fingers across the buttons rapidly (make sure each finger is moving independently). Don’t just slam your hand on the buttons repeatedly, since that doesn’t get you as many inputs and you can get accidental RCs.

Also, trying to get maximum hits on the ground and then RCing in the air to continue the combo is a waste. You scale your max damage horribly because of all the additional hits. Just do a normal Grand Viper and RC as soon as he leaves the ground. Trust me, your overall damage will be a lot higher.

#R loops: SOMETIMES you can get more reps. It’s generally easier to get more reps because of the lower floating properties (which facilitate normal loops, which have more reps due to their very nature). But you could get 5 or 6 rep loops in XX as well, and they did more damage thanks to the j.D doing less damage to the guard bar.

I dabble in ggxx a little and i was just wondering are there any characters that the dust loop does not work on i know characters have different sizes and what not it’s just that i find it hard to get alot of repeats on johhny, bridget, testament, christ there’s a couple of others i dont quite remember, or could it be my dust loop set up just is not suitable for them and i should be using a different set up ( the set up i use is down + dust,bandit revolver roman canceld on the first hit dust, and jump dust,dust and so on)
What tends to happen on the characters i said is that after the roman cancelled bandit revolver the dust complety misses, but i sort of found a substitute by using kick after the roman cancelled bandit revolver but the damage is not where near as high nor is the amount of times i can repeat the dust loop, so is it my set up or are those characters just not dust loop friendly, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

Johnny’s a weird variation. Just try to do noirmal jump loop against him. It’s usually what works best.

mmm i playED sol a lot and well johnny is an hard target for the dust loop.

some others combo you can do:

from the middlescreen:
gunflame,frc,bandit bringer,gun f,frc,b br,g f,frc,b br,gun f,frc,b br,duck hs,jump k,d,jc,d,v’s hard damaging(310 or 320 iirc)
anyway it doesn’t work with everyone but generally it works.

near the corner:
gun flame,frc,bandit bringer,gun flame,frc,DRAGON INSTALL,k,duck hs,v viper’s not hard damaging but soooooo cool(the timing is hard anyway damages:211)that’s the only way to link the dr install i know.i tried a lot…i love this one.i had really hard time to find it…

near the corner:
6hs or s,hs,tyrant wave,rc at the second hit,bandit bringer,fafnir,k,duck hs,jc,d,jc,s,d,land,jump k,d,jc,d,v viper.this second dust loop is optionnal cause pretty hard…

in the corner
s,6p,k,s,band revolver,k,s, bandit revolver,k,s,tyrant wave,rc the second hit,bandit bringer,fafnir,vv(s)

i’m having some trouble with the dust loop reps

here’s my situation… i use training mode with the dummy set to tech forward n i’m using this set up 2k , s, 6p -> k,2hs sj to dust loop n my prob is that sometimes the dust doesn’t land cuz the dummy bursts out practically when the sj.d is about to hit him , and when i land the hit (like 75% of the time) how long do i have to wait for the 2nd sj.d of the rep? and for last when i get lucky i manage to do 2 reps but at the 3rd one i sj. d and it misses cuz the opponent loses height , so in this case do i have to insert some sort of variation to keep the loop going ? if so which one?

thanx in advance:D

bursts? i suppose you mean tech…

personnally i did the following repeat:
6p,s,2hs,jumpd,jc,wait a little,s,d,as soon as you land,jump,d,jc,wait,s,d,as soon as you land super jump,d when go up,d when go down,land,jumpk,d,jc,d,vv.

personnally i founded it was easier with the single jumps than with superjump.anyway it’s just me.

i first tried that version but most of the time i left them too high to follow up…
in the timing do i have to pause between the S, D while going down or fast since sometimes i wait then when i press S it whiffes n they tech ? also sometimes i get pushed back when i hit n can’t follow up… man this shit’s harder than i tough…
anyway thanx n do you know where i can find footage of the loop in the GGXX original i’ve seen strange loops like d jc d wait d but can’t get it well (it was on reload) n j d wait jd almost before landing n timing’s tight like doing frc’s (reload as well) but never seen well done the sj. one n the one you mentioned maybe some footage will help me hell i learned magnus’s Rom infinate by getting owned in the arcades by it:D thanx in advance

for the combo to s,d,do it like an usual combo.and yeah you will be more and more pushed back with the increasing of the number of hits so when you jc,push forward(9) the more possible.

as for dust loop with only single jump and dusts i saw some too but i don’t know how to perform it.sorry.i’m not a sol expert as i don’t play him since a while.

and yeah if you don’t succed the dust loop start quietly.first i learned with one loop then 2…

  • what is a dust loop and how is it performed in #r?
  • what’s Sol’s best air/dust combo (assuming it isn’t the dust loop)?

Sol dust loop is Sol’s most damaging combo in the game. It requires you to do multiple jumps (hyper jump in XX) while hitting them with jumping D. In #reload (with the exception of a few light charry’s) you can do a dust loop off normal jump. Timing is a lot easier in #reload for me than in XX. If you read Josh’s post, he explains how it’s done and set ups too.

Best air/dust combo? I do Volcanic viper (RC)/Wild throw (623+K), 5K (standing kick), 2HS (crouching HS), jump S, jc (jump cancel), S, Volcanic Viper + 214+k to knock em back down to the ground. Or 5K, 5S, 5HS (jumpinstall), Grand viper (RC),S, D, jc D, D into the loop. My dust combo (in the corner), well I got this off a combo video, it’s D launcher, D, D, air dash, D into the loop. Or, what I got from ID and it’s probably standard now, is dust launcher K, S, P, K, S, D, D, jc D, Volcanic Viper.


Off standing dust: (^ = up, btw)

  1. ^, D, D, S, K, S, D, (fall) D, jc. D, HS VV (does more than the “standard”);

  2. ^, D (wait before the screen turns red), S VV, (land and your opponent is unable to tech), air combo of choice or dust loop setup;

  3. ^, ^ (jump cancel), (fall) D (land and do dust loop setup…this is more favorable when you’re already in the corner)

  4. ^D, D, air dash D, air combo of choice or dust loop (like Shinomori said)

Sol’s main air combos (outside dust loop)

From (RC VV, 5K, 2HS) or (Wild Throw, 2HS);

  1. S, jc. S, HS, VV (although VV sometimes whiffs)
  2. j.K-D, jc.K-D (although no knockdown)
  3. hj. S-HS(let it hit twice), VV (my main BnB, does as much as j.K-D, jc.K-D PLUS it knocks down).
  4. run jump D, air dash K-D, air combo of choice or dust loop (works better on people with messed up hitboxes like Axl or Faust).