GGXX: sol


I think he is one of the best characters wit infinite sol loop setups and throws into crouching HS combos. POST your strats and combos. thank you ITS bout time sol had a thread! :slight_smile:


Uh, ok. Two easy B&B candidates;

K -> 2S -> 2D -> 236K

6P -> S -> 2HS -> jC -> j.S -> jC -> dj.S -> HS -> 6236HS -> 214K

. . . Hope I got the notation right.


my strategy is dust loop.

and your:
“K -> 2S -> 2D -> 236K”

is a really bad B+B combo for ground.

here: K-S-S-H-2H

or K-S-S-H-214 S if you want knock down and good damage


What the hell are you talking about? Sol sucks in this game!

VV, psh, like you’d ever use that .

Dust Loop infinite? Can’t you only pull off 3-4 loops? How infinite is that junk?

What are you talking about?

2P, K, S, H is his best b&b.

And let’s not forget about riot stomp. Stomp all day! Nobody uses 6P anymore.

K = Your friend by the way. That’s about the only bullshit I didn’t lie about :stuck_out_tongue:

Teasing Sol since GG!


…?: Actually it’s not. Even if yours does more damage, it’s more likely not to hit than his, since it’s a juggle. Plus from THAT bread and butter you can RC and go into a dust loop from midscreen. From the one that you’re offering, it’s much harder to do so.

Blackade: That 6P combo is alright, but I’d much rather start jumping with K then S so I won’t miss. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though.

IMO, Sol gets free dash-ins because of the fear of a counterhit HS Volcanic Viper. You get a free combo if they stick out something too early and you DP it with just one hit. When you get close, obviously you have a) command grab, b) Volcanic Viper, c) dust. I don’t think people use his ground dust much, but since his high-low mixup game isn’t that good I’ll put it as a useful tool (not to mention his high damage impossible dusts.) It’s a double option really, so what is there to lose?



how is Ground K-S-S-H a Juggle? its not.
you can rc from k-s-s-h-214S into dloop.
you can rc from k-s-s-h-2h into 6P-S-2H Dloop
You can actually get Dloop from 3/4 screen away with any launch.
bah. waste of time to explain.


Instead of jC -> j.S -> jC ->dj.S -> HS you could do jC -> j.K -> j.D -> jC -> dj.K -> dj.D ->…which deals more damage (learned this from a match vid)

On some Japanese Sol strat site that I came across, the general strategy for Sol that they mentioned is: Run in, if you opponent attempts to do anything, volcanic viper. Otherwise, grap.


Problem with j.K-D, dj.K-D is that you’re not guaranteed to get the VV afterwards unless you were a.)dash-jumping, or b.)in the corner (preferably both). So it has to do with whether or not you want damage or a knockdown (623H-214K is guaranteed knockdown if the K connects). Generally you want the knockdown. People are too concerned with damage instead of setup. You would much rather have a setup that will let you properly continue your offense instead of doing more damage and losing your momentum on offense.

Dashing VV is pretty decent (make sure you do the HS version). Outprioritizes a lot of attacks, and even on block, you can occasionally stop them from punishing you with yet another VV. So that’s a decent dashing strat. Not something you wanna base your whole game around, though. :wink:



Too funny.

It’s just like when I tried to talk about Slayer, people thought I was retarded.

No, just months ahead of you as far as strategy goes.

Anyways, he’s right. K, S, S, H is the best bread and butter, being that K hits twice, and is the faster normal in the game, making it uber safe. If they block, gunflame, FRC, dash back in. Mix up the K with 2K every now and again for mind games and what not, but always go into S, S, H.

Not, BoF is an amazing theory fighter with Sol. I listen to him.

He’s right though, most people will try and just go for the dust loop right away, and unless you’ve got a lot of practice, you could mess it up, especially from half screen. A better opition if to plant them in the corner, or knock them down. This puts them at Sol’s mercy, and makes them more likely to panic, and thus open to a combo.

Whatever. I hate Sol.

I = h8r.



rob will hate sol even more when he learns the “Dust Loop from Anywhere” Technique.


Sol’s Dust Loop

Sorry to sound like newbie but, what is the dust loop and how do you do it…?



Sol vs Johnny

i need opinions…
Johnny>Sol, unfortunately.:bluu:

discuss. i’ll post my thoughts later.


sorry for asking this but why don’t you people talk more QCB or HCF than 623…something cause i want to learn some combos and i dont’ understand any thing


7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

\ | /
- o -
/ | \

Look at your numpad for the directions.


Sol in a Nutshell (took 1 min to write, plz excuse errors)
Loops: (all loops repeatable at least 4 times)
*corner not needed
Bandit Bringer Loop, GunFlame (GF), FRC, 236[K] (Bandit Bringer), GF, FRC, 236[K] Repeat.
*corner needed
Bandit Revolver Loop, 6P, 2H, 236K, K,S,236K, repeat.
Many more Different Variations of this
dj. Version: Dust Loop, 6P,S,2H,JC,J.D, dj.S, D , land , J.D,dj.S,D, repeat
Many more different variations of this (ie K-D version)
and Many more different setups
HJC version: Volcanic Viper, RC, K, 2H, Super Jump-D, D, land, SuperJump-D, D.
Many more different setups.
On Dustloops do the 2nd Dust hit as late as possible.

Pokes: K (Anit air), S, 6H (staggers on hit), Fafnir (HCF+H)

no tension:
214K, dash in, K,2H,JC,j.S,dj.S,D,VV
Fafnir, dash in, K,2H,JC,j.S,dj.S,D,VV
Command Throw, 2H, J.S,dj.S,D,VV
Quarter Tension:
GF FRC, dash, 2K,S,6P (or 2D),GF (pressure string)
Bandit Bringer Loop X 1
Half Tension:
GF pressure string X2
K-S-S-H-Super (HCB,F+H)
VV (volcanic viper), RC,dash,S/K,2H,JC,J.S,S,D,VV
Bandit Bringer Loop X2
three quarter Tension
Bandit Bringer Loop X 3
GF pressure string X 3
Full Tension
Kinda stupid combo- Dash S,S,H,RC, dash, S,S,H,RC, Dash, 6P,S,2H,JC,J.S,dj.S,D,VV
Bandit Bringer Loop X 4
GF pressure string x 4
Super, RC, dash,K,2H,JC,J.S,dj.S,D,VV
Fafnir FRC x 4 lol.
note: another alternative to -dash,S/K,2H air combo is, J.S,D,dj.S,D,VV, but you need to have momentum (dashing) to do it.

Getting DustLoop from 3/4 Screen away
Launch (with anything)
for example, VV,RC,K,2H, JC, J.D
Wait (the air dust will recover and you can air dash before hitting the ground)
Airdash, K-D, they are now in the corner. Begin Dust loop


Sol has another loop to… umm well not really sure if its a loop but you can tiger knee his slash shoryuken over and over again. You can usualy get it 5 times or so on average characters. Doesnt do much damage though. You might be able to get it more times but my pad doesnt like tiger knees so to lazy to go for more. =/


that loop is funny.

I Also forgot the dust combos:

from standing dust:

D,D,S,D,S,D,VV is usually what i do.

Who am I kidding, my best combo is Riot Stomp X 2


Dude, if you ever land a TK VV, you might as well just go for a Dust loop or a regular air combo, way easier and a whole lot more damage. =/


Here’s a little something for people who are learning Sol:



I’m assuming that you’re hosting that since it’s from an Edmonton address, so thanks. The rest of the vids are pretty useful too :stuck_out_tongue: