GGXX: still confused on jump installs even after reading


im confused on how to do jump installs correctly.

for example my character is Axl Low and his includes the vertical regensaki(or however it is spelled). but after the first hit and i Roman cancel it arn’t I supposed to be able to air dash backwards or forwards? Because everytime I try it doesn’t work for me. Do you have to be super fast to do it or am I just missing a step and doing it incorrectly?



jump installs are odd things

first do a jump cancellable normal, hit up, but before you jump do a special that takes you to the air, then RC it, now because you hit up, you can double jump

another example doing a jump cancellable normal, hit up, then quickly hitting down then up, to do a super jump, but because you hit up the first time you can double jump in the middle of a super jump


im pretty sure that jump cancels are different then jump installs. not sure though. and still confused.


To make them seem simple.

Jump cancels are jumps during attacks that allow jumping after they connect. Examples include Ky’s standing close slash, Johnny’s forward punch and forward Hard slash. Note that if they DON’T connect, you are not allowed to jump until the animation finishes.

Jump install is when you add a jump to a situation where you normally wouldn’t be allowed to jump again. Jumping during a super jump (look at the previous example) is normally not possible.


Basiclly, you are doing the motion for a jump cancel but are canceling the JCable move into another move before the jump comes out. Later in the combo, you can RC a special in the air and either Double Jump or Air dash. An example with Sol is:
5cs(8),5fs,623hs(2 hits),RC,j.s,JC,dj.s,dj.hs,j.623hs,214k,/

What is happening is that the standing close slash(5cs) can be Jump canceled. So, you input the command to JC it(8 or up). However, before the 5cs is canceled int a jump, you cancel to 5fs. Later, after RCing the Volcanic Viper and you are now in the air. Now, you do a jumping slash and due to the jump install yo used in the 5cs, you can jump cancel the j.s into more hits. I hope that helped. One more example fo May:

This is one of May’s Overhead kiss setups. You are hoding back the entire time before dong iruka-san. When you jump install the close slash, you use 7 or ub to keep the charge. After FRCing the dolphin, you can now airdash immediately.