GGXX: Stroy arc- Dizzy

GGXX: Stroy arc stat- Dizzy

i have completed every arc for every character under story mode but two: dizzy, and sol (whos cant be completed until dizzy’s is).

i cant seem to defeat boss i-no at the end of dizzy’s story. you need to defeat her to complete the 2nd path of her endings.

im just posting this hoping anyone could lend me some useful strategies to defeat her. it really irks me since i want to unlock GG mode, and sol is my main person, so i cant use his SP mode until i complete his 3rd ending, which cant be done till i complete dizzy’s 2nd.

any advice would be appreciated.

Difficulty affects story mode.

you gotta be kiddin’ me, lol. i have yet to try her story on the “very easy setting” if thats whats easiest, but are you sure difficulty affects story mode?


yes i’m sure

Difficulty doesn’t matter cuz I-No still does the same shit.

That was pointless advice.

haha, I remember this part. When you knock down ino, just keep doing ice spikes.

Haha. It’s not.

She is definitely less aggressive in very easy vs. her extreme difficulty. Tell me you’ve tried to compare them at least.

And don’t tell me the same shit=I-no’s full screen. Learning to dodge it takes like, one try. It’s be even easier with Dizzy, since she has a double air dash to get to one end of the screen quickly.

appearently difficulty does affect story mode.
it took about 7 tries but i finally got her, anfd i still couldnt BEAT her, it was a timeup victory. so now i have justice and GG mode unlocked. i dont know what i was expecting exactly, but it was a lot of work to get all the endings, & i dont feel very rewarded by the game…but at least i have everyones EX & SP. i must say, dizzy EX mode is pretty kool, & with GG mode enabled i dont seem to input commands “too quickly” to pull them off. thanx for the advice, it helped insurmountably, i could not have beaten her without it.

so…anyone have any thoughts about EX versions vs normal?
i personally prefer I-no’s & slayer’s cause of the differences in their dashes. Sols is OK, having air projectiles seems to do little for him, but dizzy’s EX might actully cause me to use her more often, she seems more applicable to rush down a foe. but what the hell happened to Jam?!?!?!