GGXX: Testament vs Venom

who would win the best out of ten matches and why?

i havent seen to many good venoms but id go with testament.
imo venom is long range and needs time for his ball formation testament should be able too rush him down.

Testy’s best weapon against Ven is his counter. I can’t seem to start a fromation offense from afar like what Venom does best. Testy would just counter any particular slow balls then all of a sudden, he’s right behind Ven - totally annoying. I recommend that you knockdown him then okizeme his arse until dead cuz his defense options suck… Then again so is Ven’s.

Venom would win if boths players are the best at that char of the venom wasnt amazing then the testie would win with gayness

…will have to go with venom on this. being that the majority of testie’s moves have a rather large lag time. thus relying mostly on his counter and rc’s than his supers, while the po0lstick hom0 sho0ts 8balls from the heavens. both have long ranges, but testament im0 doesn’t have much of an air game when compared to vemon and is quite predictable if you get rid of those irritating blo0dwebs. game 0n!

id have to go with venom on this. even though ball set ups are a big part of his game, and they both have pritty nasty ground pressure, a highly skilled venom can take care of blood web traps and stuff like that. the carcas ride corner trap can really fuck people up to, and also the fact that testements guts rating is 0 so you can make comebacks fighting against him really easily.

mozaiku wins.

I’d say 7-3 in favor of Venom.
Testament is pretty laggy, and one sweep from Venom is the game.
Also, Venom is CRAZY when it comes to rushdown; he could get rid of the webs with ball formation. If Testy were to try to get close, Slash Double Head Morbid is a safe DP.
Venom is far more mobile than Testy, and has more secure attack methods.

The thing about Test is that webs/trees are useless outside of okizeme, for the most part. Counters are ok but I wouldn’t rely on them since an opponent can predict their use and punish you. I would say at med to high levels of play it’s based heavily on who gets the first knockdown since they both have strong pressure setups following that (although I think Venom’s is much harder to do perfectly). With that in mind, I’d probably give the edge to Venom also, albeit a slight one.

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