Hey all; since I see all sorts of threads popping up for GGXX, I figured I’d save alot of head-ache and make a central starting point for beginniers.


So, ask away! I’ll gladly answer any questions anyone posts, and I’m sure others will too. :smiley:

well I played GG a few times and find it hard 2 get into the game and my fav guy is SOL BADGUY , so much 2 pay N u play 4 me and let me take the credit since I am paying for you to win for me.
IF not how to get with SOL BADGUY

damn button was preesed to early, how 2 use SOL effective and get good with him quick, the basics and stuff like that and is he a good char, since I like Ryu type style of playing

he told that
anyways for your questions i posted all i knew on sol here

Quick q’s about the blocking system:

  1. You can’t block a ground attack if you’re in the air (let’s say, Sol’s 5K as an anti-air) unless you FD it, correct?

  2. How does FD decreases the Tension? Is it over a certain amount of time or damage being done to you? (GCC is down at the moment for me to look for that info up…)

And a question regarding IK’s:

  1. Is it me or does everyone have different startup times to get into IK mode? For example, Potemkin seems to take forever to start up, which gives enough time for opponent to mash out of dizzy animation while Jam can pretty much land an IK once she gets her opponent dizzy since her IK is pretty quick.


i think it’s both. if you just open up FD while not blocking anything, it decreases slowly over time. but when you’re FD-ing say venom’s dark angel super over 50% of your tension goes away immediately.


Everyones IK startups have VERY different startup/properties.

Take Eddy for example, his is kinda slow, but he turns invincible on his for most of it for some crazy reason.

Just a small enquiry about instant blocking ( if that’s what it’s called) How do you know when you’ve done it?

Also what are the benifits?
And can you multiple instant block like say for example multiple just defend, cheers

When you instant block, you flash white. You can IB multi hit moves, or entire combos. You can also IB out of guard stun, but the IB timing is tighter. IBing decreases block stun and push back (to make it easier for you to punish them) but you still take chip damage and it still adds to the guard guage (not entirely positive about the guage thing)

Also, yes you have to FD to block ground based moves (think of the moves you can’t air block in CvS2 or A3)

Its kinda different from CvS2. In CvS2, moves like Shoryukens are air blockable if the character doing it is no longer on the ground. In GGXX, moves cannot be air blocked if they were executed on the ground, regardless of if the character moves into the air as part of the animation. So like, ground Grave Diggers and Volcanic Vipers, cannot be air blocked normaly, even though it moves through the air, and in CvS2 you can air block a hurricane kicks, and Shoryukens (as long as they are “in the air”/not “deep”).

just vulcanic viper everything that moves :lol:

Since these weren’t addressed yet.

For air blocking, yes. They also count for certain special moves that don’t seem like it, like Sol’s Volcanic Viper or Ky’s Vapour Thrust! (their dp moves for the uninformed)

And for IKs, I don’t have the PS2 on me right now, but it sounds true. I’ll have to check when I get back.

When Faust faces RIGHT and pulls out a meteor, which way does the meteor land…against his direction or the other way around? I keep forgetting >_<

are there any good IKs or uses for IKs? Like, besides if the opponent is dizzy?

Since Faust is facing RIGHT, it starts from the RIGHT side and goes LEFT towards the person at the time the meteor is casted (so you can easily dodge meteor is you just crossover the person)

I’m still a GGXX scrub and I was wondering how people air throw all the time especially when I tech. I kinda understand the bottom person has higher priority but I still can’t get how people do it so often.

After you air tech, you have a few frames where you can’t do anything, and you are vulnerable to a throw. This is easy after practice.

The best way to practice this is to go to training mode, and set the CPU to air tech backwards.

Afterwards, you can use this to your advantage to make setups for air throws depending on your character. You can also practice throwing people out of Bursts, which take quite a bit more practice.

About the IK questions: Every char has different startup for both the activation and the actual move. Also, technically, most IKs have some use but the risk is way too big.

May/Zappa: since these are throws, you can use them after a tick but if you get it right you win. =)
Pot: His Ik counters everything! lol
Ino/Eddie/Venom: can kinda do it as anti-air but yeah, it sucks.
Johnny: Umm, there’s that old juggle into IK so that they have to FD the ik or lose the round.
Anji: Tragic found a crossup with this so it could be used for fun.
Chipp: You can use it to taunt in casual! :slight_smile:

Also, while the main gamecombos site(aka GOD) is down, is still up. This link has everything about the general system mechanics and also includes frame data for all characters and strats/combos for some. Still one of, if not THE, best ggxx tutorial ever.

I’m going to go out on a limb and ask for some suggestions here from you GGXX knowledgeable folk. KenX, Beast of Fire, ryucross (does he come here?), SSJ Hibiki I’d love some input from you guys.

Only recently have I felt confident in the way that I play CvS2, and it took me quite a whiles to sit down and figure out my manner of play style. So I’ll tell you how I like to play, and then who I’m trying to muck around with it, and you guys can go all out and tell me who would be best used to accompany my playstyle.

I like being able to have some range in my attacks, as so I can inflict damage and be safe, but not to the point where I’m playing keep away or turtling the entire match.

For example, in CvS2 I love playing with Hoahmaru, and I can play plenty offensive with him, or defensive. Other favorites are Vega and Blanka.

I’m trying to buckle down and really get into GGXX so here is who I’ve fucked with and what I think.

  1. Sol - I hate Sol. I hate how he plays. I hate everything he does. I just flat out can’t take playing with him or against him. I imagine that with time and understanding of the game, I’ll begin to see his weaknesses poking through, but right now he just seems way overpowered.

  2. Jam. I love being speedy and crazy. She’s lots of fun to play with, but it’s so hard to get in and land a hit with her. I don’t think she has much of a ground game, so the folks I play against with obviously know to guard her from jumping on them. She obviously doesn’t bode well for my manner of play, but I like her speed.

  3. Bridget. I tried to learn this little twat, but the only good thing I do with him is to play a moderate game of lockdown, which brings up the fact that I’m not actually hurting them, but more afraid of being hurt myself. I love his range, manueverability, and the fact that I have to appropiately multi task. Very challenging.

  4. Ky. Now I thought this guy would have perfectly fit my playstyle, but he’s just so slow sometimes, and to me I can see most everything coming (if I were playing against another Ky). He seems a bit simple too, which isn’t a bad thing mind you. So I guess you can say that I love his range but dislike his manueverability and speed.

  5. Millia. I would love to learn how to use her right, master all her air combos, all of it. I’ve heard she has one ugly learning curve though, but I’m willing to give all my time to her. The end result is that I love her speed and manueverabilty but dislike her lack of range. And I can’t get the hang of launching after a throw yet either.

  6. Venom. I’m going to try and see what he’s got, but I like EX-Venom so much more thanks to how he can call forth his pool balls, but my judgement is being held on him.

One more thing, the game has IAD still right? How do I do them, or how do I know if I’ve done it right? Also, what of jump installs, how are they done?

So yeah, that’s what I got going. Go for it. Be brutal.


no range? she has 2d; all the range you need. her mix-ups are braindead, and lead to easy 50% air juggles. everything she does gatlings into 2d -> 41236hs (if they block, perfectly safe)

if you DO trip them, do 214k -> 41236hs, and do random mix-up into 50% damage. her hair-pin beats every anti-air in the game, and her j.d and j.s are godlike.

edit: forgot to mention, you don’t HAVE to air-combo after throw… it is more of an advanded combo, and you could just run up disk, but it’s always better to do more damage. that sort’ve thing is learned.