GGXX:Venom vs. Eddie

After messing around with this game a little I think I’m interested in learning one (or both) of these characters…problem is, i dont know any1 around here who plays that can help me out…any tips/strategies with these guys? ive heard that eddies really good…but i dont know y…could some1 help me out here? thanx a lot

Both are very good characters. Of the two, i would suggest you learn Eddy first, or another character completely to get you into the game. Venom is one of, if not THE hardest person to play with in the game. I strongly recomend you learn the engine first. I cant exactly say Eddy is a good introductory character either, but he is much easier to learn than Venom. While taking the more difficult road may seem “hard core” in theory, you will find it only frustrates you, and will eventualy make you resent the game. But honestly, its all up to you. Good luck.

thanx for the advice…ive been messing around some but im still figuring out the basics i guess…originally i played as chipp since he appealed to my style of playing fast rushdown characters (like magneto in mvc2) however id really like to learn venom and eddie…any detailed strategies and or basic stuff i should work on? also, any videos or anything i could watch? thanx again for the help

Eddie Move List
Little Eddy Basics
Eddy Strats

Venom Move List
Venom Rush Down

I still insist that you shouldnt try venom untill you are more exp in this game. He is extreamly hard to master, even for seasoned players.

Not sure about the direct linking, mods, if its illegal, just edit it. For future refrence, if you want good feedback on GGXX you should go to I have more respect for this site than any other online. Very informative and dedicated ppl on the boards. Some of the best US players frequent it to browse, if not donate awsome amounts of info and strats themselves. Check it out. Seriously, you cant think Guilty Gear without thinking… (that SO sounded like a commercial…)

I am sure it willl help you more than I could by myself.

to b honest i knew of gamecombos but had trouble finding the info u left links for (prob cuz im an idiot :bluu: ) anywayz…thanx a lot for the help

I honestly think that eddie is the hardest character to learn and use. I gave up cause i just didn’t have the time to learn him efectivily. Knowing how to position little eddie, move little eddie, attacking with eddie and little eddie at the same time, keeping an effective trap rushdown using them both, and setting up his unblockables are just way too much.

Venom i feel is easier to learn when compared to eddie. Just have to get use to his unique projectile system and using them to rushdown and pressure is just about the only hard time to learn for him. His combos are pretty basic and his FRC string take about a week, maybe less to get down. His 2D has high priorty and for venom, its really about keeping poolballs in their face and knowing where exactly each projectile will go and how fast they will go when you launch them.

Still, Sol is da shit, but so are zappa, ky, and anji. oh yeah, POTEMKIN BUSTER OWNS!!!, but i suck with him


OK, i just dl’ed some venom vivids and i retract the part about venom being easier to learn then eddie. I suppose venom players around here just aren’t that good here. But i must say, venom has to do way too much freakin work just to win a match, my wrist would be way too tired to finish a 3 round match. The comboes i saw do shit for damage. Its really all about flash and flare, no mistakes cause you die if you do.

where did u get the vids? could i perhaps get some links from u? thanx

i forget which one are the venom vivids, but i think like half of them have venom in them. crazy venom combos, but they reallllly do shit for damage. the slayer had to hit venom only half as much to win the rounds. but frc string they use are fun to watch, but way toooo advance for beginners to comprehend.

Fm dl any vivid with that in it, thats for venom

Venom is alot of memorization and practice. You need to learn ball formations and ways to continuously apply pressure. Its a major time investment.

I’ll not say alot about Eddie, since there is far too much to say. Simply put, the way the Japanese learn Eddie is basically to go “here are his basics, now spend an ungodly number of hours messing around and finding shit you like.” You can’t teach his mindgame.

hmm…thanx for the opinions…any1 ppl recommend me playing as? i know that ppl say that the characters r relatively balanced and i should find who i like…but still i wouldnt mind hearing some other recommendations…i tried chipp, but he seems too weak, i dont like potemkin(never been a fan o the big guys), not a fan of either ky or sol (cuz im a weirdo who doesnt like using the really generic characters usually)…so yea…i guess if any1 can recommend some1 perhaps im overlooking along with some tips thatd b great…i guess right now i’ll still try playing around withh venom and eddie…o, i might also b interested in slayer…
sorry if this seems like a random unfocused thread, i guess im basically trying to reach out and learn more about this game since i don’t know any1 who plays it around here…

Contrary to popular belief I would consider Chip to be an advanced character as well considering how much actually skill and effort it takes to win with him even on a non tourny level.

Ky and Sol dont fall under generic to me at all. I used to think like that untill I’d had an extended amount of exp playing this game. They play nothing alike, and are completely original playing styles. While the both have dp/fireball type moves ther properties of both are totally different. But its all opinions, I wont lecture…

As far as recomendations go, I would have to know how you liked to play. Do you like to play range games (faust, axle, etc…), maybe you like planning strategies and playing traps (testement, eddy, dizzy, venom), or do you like mind games (chip, ky, jam, anji, slayer, potemkin, etc…) There are so many characters in this game that can be played many ways, its hard to break them down in to catagories, so dont consider a character to be designated as mind games, when they can also rush down, or be defensive, the possibilities are endless. But you have to find your own style before you can pic your main(s) character(s). This may take a few weeks of playing for some, and it may take months for others. But you have to start by playing. That is the only true advice I can give you. I cant truthfully sit here and try to tell you who to play with. You have to find what is most effective to you. Most people around here wont even spoon feed you this much. You should start playing more, and asking less. I enjoy being helpful, but you should play by yourself and alot of these questions would be answered for you.

what ever floats your boat dude

Hmm, i would never call Sol or Ky generic characters. They seem like they are easy to learn and they have the basics moves, but Ky is actually pretty advance and so is Sol. If you want to be effective as Ky, its takes more then fireballs and dp. For sol, you have to learn to nail the dloop from anywhere on the screen which takes a while to learn.

Chipp is another advance character. If you play him flawlessly, no one can beat him, but then again, not too many can. I’m actually gonna start to learn venom, he is quit impressive if you do all of his shit, but like i said, he does shit for damage. Venom is all about endless pressure.

Johnny is pretty advance too, mist canceling takes quit a bit of them to get down.

For starters, I recommend Slayer or Faust. The don’t have any complicated poke strings or any frc’s. Well, Faust can frc his pogo, but if you miss, you still get the rc if you have enough tension so it doesn’t really make a difference.

thanx a lot for the advice, and i apologize for calling ky and sol generic…like i said, im pretty new at this and don’t know any1 around here who plays…i guess like u said i’ll need to play around more to develop my style…
in response to ppl calling chipp “advanced”…do u think if played well hes good? i seem to notice that if i mess up at all i got nailed, especially when playing against potemkin (obviously) … is ur calling him “advanced” mean that the best players somehow manage to not get hit or somethin? i guess i dont understand how someone so weak can put up a good fight against a good eddie or somethin…
well thats all for now, again, thanx for the help so far, and keep posting! laterz

Ok, let me start out by clarifying. Every character on this game is good in the right hands. I have never been able to say this and be more sencere with any other game than this one. This is one of the most balanced games, in that, any character you put time into mastering has the ability to be devistating.

When I say advanced character, I am not referring to how good the character actually is. I am referring to how much skill and training/effort it takes before you can be formitable with them. When we talk about how good a character actually is, we use the term tier. Hight tier, and low tier. Keep in mind, it doesnt mean the character is bad if he is low tier in this game. It just means that some one else is a little better. But no one in this game is bad.

Chip is an advanced character for sevral reasons, but there are two main ones. 1 if he gets hit with a combo, he is likely to loose twice as much as any other character in the game. Which means you cannot afford to make even one mistake in high level play, or you lose. 2 He doesnt take damage well himself. This means that he constantly has to rush down in an attempt to overwelm the opponent in order to be effective. While still being precise enough not to make any punishable mistakes. This is alot more than a notion.

And chip is fairly effective against anyone who has no wake up game. Once Chip is in his comfort zone (right up in Eddie’s ass) everything he has beats eddie’s normals. Unfortunately, Chips biggest feat in this match will be getting into a comfortable rush down zone. Because a smart Eddie will kill you before you get close enough to start rushing him down. Not only this, but if Eddie fills your guard gage once and does his bread and butter combo, chip dies. Its not an even match at all, but it rarely is for chip. But that is part of what is fun. You have to try alot harder with him, the mind games amuse me. And some times even if I lose it funny to watch people mouth drop when they see how a real chip plays. But if I want to win?.. Slayer.

To be honest I would recoment Ky as a first character. It will help you learn to make a smooth flowing offensive and force you to learn how to use mind games. He also doesnt take alot of damage, so you wont be able to abuse anything as much as you would with say… Sol. He is a good character to learn control, pressure, and mind games with. But there are many other characters who are good for this also. Its hard for me to remember how I learned, but as I said in my last post, most important thing is to play it. Bug your friends to come play it with you, they are better than the AI even if they are unexperienced. Practice execution untill you can do your combos in your sleep so when crunch time comes in a match you dont faulter or hesitate with whoever you play with.

My first character was Johnny. He has 3 instand launchers - 6k,6p, and throw which leads to instant air combo. Getting down his mist canceling was too hard for me, especailly on the pad. I think its way too much work just for a poke string, but its fun to watch people who had the patients to learn. Oh yeah, learn how to use the coins, wasteing them is a no no for johnny.

Next was zappa… learning how to use all of his summons is easier then you think, but its hard to play him against others. But i still pick him sometimes to show off. People who never seen a good zappa get don’t really know whats going on when they see him. And the freak out when they see how strong roah is and how his can dominate in just 15 second.

Pot is actually a fun character. Pot buster does nasty damage and his combos are easy too, but they require a lot of tension. But if your oppenent picks Axl, then DO NOT pick pot. Pot has nothing for him. If you use his special armor to get in, Axl still has plenty of time to counter. So basically, they match will be Pot sitting there with chains constantly in his face.

Try Anji, he is fun too. His B&B is easy and leads to his butterfly trap which is easy to learn. All it is, is just throwing the damn butterfly after a close knock down which leads to a unblockable set up STRING… or if they jump out of it, you can just command grab into a air combo or super. No frc to worry about, only good one his has is his super frc, but not really worth learning unless you do it off of the butterfly.

Slayer is fun too and i think easy to learn too. Just learn to use his danty step wisely and dash canceling. His semi infinite takes all but 10 mins to get down. Only thing hard is his, S,S,S,S string and dash canceling into a 236k - I don’t know the correct motion for it, thats why. but the S,S,S,S, string isn’t all that important either-

S,S,S,S, 236k, rc, hs, 214korp, p does like 223 and
S,S, 236k, rc, hs, 214korp, p does like 201 or something like that. Learning the complete SSSS is really just to show them that you know how to play slayer.

I usually just stick with Sol and Anji for aracde play. Hopefully Venom can be next.