GGXX Venom


I’m a newbie when it comes to playing with venom so if anybody knows some strategies , ball formations, setups or combos that are important please post them on here.


im not too good with venom, but I guess…



[jk> js] or [js> jp> js] > JC> js> jh/jd

CR loop:

(corner) DASH> 2k> s©(2hits)> [2]8s> repeat

Stinger Aim loop #1:

(corner) DASH> s©> [4]h> 6h> FRC> repeat

Stinger Aim loop #2:

IAD> jk> js> jh> LAND> s©> [4]h> 6h> FRC> repeat

knockdown after throw:

midscreen - throw> s©(1-2hits)> 2369h
corner - throw> s©> 9236h

ID combo:

5d/\ 8d> 8d> 236h> LAND> 2369h

end combos with either s©> 421p/k/s/h, or 2d> 214p/k/s/h (first one is preferable)


a blocked s©> can lead to [4]h> 6h> FRC, [2]8s/h, 2369s> LAND> s©/2k, or gatling to sweep. Stinger Aim and carcass raid will put you back on rushdown to connect another s©. 2369s can be mixed up off itself, or by goin low, or by going s© into different options. Carcass raids can also mixup into themselves by charging immediately after execution.

ball formations…

there are much better people out who know more about this sort of thing, but heres what I know…

after 2d knockdown:

214p> 2p shot> DASH

214k/p> 236k> jk> LAND

214k/p/s> 2369k> AIRDASH

214s/h> 236k> js> LAND

After far knockdown (like throw combo knockdown):

[214p> 214k> 2p shot] x1-2 > 214p> 5p shot> DASH

214p> 214k> 214s> 2p shot> DASH> jump back> jh/jk
(should be the 3 ball setup where its 2 low balls, one slightly higher than the other, and then one way above them).

anyway, I’m drawing a blank on other setups, but remember that you can mix ball formations with carcass raids and stinger aims to cover more area, and catch people trying to get through.


thta helps out a little i printed out some stuff yesterday and its kind of confusing


well, venom is a bit confusing =P

and very very hard to use…

oh yeah, a good idea is to hold [1] after executing a shot, and either do a carcass raid, or a stinger aim based on what the opponent does about the shot.
You use that same method when filling the screen with balls (like after a jump back js shot, hold [1] and when you land, fire off a stinger aim/carcass raid)


i figured out how to jump install his warp but can’t find a use for its to hard to do in combos and there are alot of ball formations to do


Hey Patrick

Hey patrick, this is your cousin. He’s meant for mainly countering and confusion. But, I did something one time, though I can’t remember the exact motions, that was reminiscent of the butterfly trap with Anji.

Also, I found out that if his balls are in mid flight, sending out another one would change their flight patterns in midair. It might serve towards some type of trick, though I’m not sure of it just yet. All I can say is, for as long as I can. I’ll try to help put venom combos and strategies together.


for starters please don’t post my name on here.
Next thing a I alresdy know that just that doing really high damaging combos arehard to do theres just so much stuff about venom you have to remember


end a string in the corner with a dubious curve plus another ball, then JI the warp…

after that, instead of coming down on the opp with a jk or js to hit the ball, Airdash in for a string jk> js> jh, and start your string from there (you can warp back to the ball whenever for a mixup).


the venom txt file from the other thread that I posted is really good stuff. Its a lot, but if you work through it you’ll be a lot better. Kerorin really knows his stuff (most of the posts are by him in that file).

The teleport (623k) is useful mostly for confusion and repositioning. One example I can think of is HS ball->P ball->2p (hits p ball)->623k (teleports above hs ball)-> j.k or j.s(hits HS ball)-> stuff depending on where your opponent is. Also summoning a HS ball when you’re backed into a corner a little (but still safe for the ball summon), then teleporting out behind the opponent. That setup by bakablitz is nice. :smiley:

sweep -> dubious curve is hot stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

What button you use to hit the balls with venom modifies the damage they do (ie a HS cue will do more damage than a P cue). \

Venom makes frequent appearances in match videos on a-cho, so you might check out that stuff.

I’m kinda half ass workin on a venom ball summon guide. So far all I’ve got done is the P ball by itself :lol: . There’s like 13 ways to hit a P ball. p,k,s,hs,d,2p,2s,j.p,6hs all send the ball straight forward at varying speeds. You can also get some interesting angles on a P ball from j.k and j.hs (as you’re falling from the jump). More to come later…maybe.


well i’m showing sign of some improvment thanks for all your help so far. that untechable dust combo is prety sweet. if only i could add something else to it. well back to practice.

Speaking of practice MYND ARA did you ever find at least 3 people to play with. I asked so the next time i play you i won’t have to call it a test case. in the event that i destroy like i did last time.(considering that you have gotten better):lol: :lol: :lol:


the poor man’s lockdown :lol:

s©(3hits)> [2]8s> DASH> repeat unto oblivion :smiley:

heres a cute little setup…

214h> 214p> 2p shot> warp> j[2]s shot> LAND> 8s (CR)> 214k> jk shot> AIRDASH> etc =P


After pressing CD and sending your opponent flying, what is the best combo to do?


there is an untechable dust combo he has but i kinda forgot how to do it i’ll post it here when i get the chance to


I posted that earlier…
5d /\ 8d> 8d> 236h> LAND> 2369h> (LAND> 2369h)

sometimes, you can tack a second one on (ex: the stuff in parenthesis).

And yea, its listed in my first post.


:lol: I used to do that all the time before I could do a real CR loop :smiley:


yeah, it’s funny and it works on newbs that don’t know you can duck the last hit =D


I am not sure what you mean… what is “d”, “h” and “>”? For example, does “>” mean “cancel into” like in MvC2 or forward or something else.

Let’s assume we have the button ABCD like for the neogeo, would that mean?
5A, superjump in the air, 16A, qcf.C, (land, qcu.C)*2


ok button layout is k s h
p dust

you can think of it as p=a k=b s=c and h=d and dust is just dust.

the combo would then be: Standing dust,JC,hold up and press dust,dust,qcf+s,land,tiger knee qcf+h,repeat the TK qcf+h if you can.

BTW, if you happen to see me at SVGL,(I’m the guy who shows up in red and khaki on the GGXX machine) I can help you with some basics if you’d like.

PS: for the person who said big damage is hard to get, you’re playing Venom. =P He doesn’t really do big damage but he can lock down and get lots of hits.


Thanks for the offer.


no s version, just one h version or two.