Whitch one is better? Cause I dont want to play Reload and find out XX is better.

#R is better but alot of people still play XX since it was released here in America and #R was not. #R is still much much better though.

xx #r came out over here for xbox

i perfer GGXX !!!

#Reload is the tournament standard now. If you are still playing XX, you are in for a rude awakening when all the stupid-ass bullshit doesn’t work in #Reload.

Major changes:

-Slayer loses his bite infinite xx pilebunker xx instant kill
-Sol loses massive damage off of Dust Loop, cannot superjump Dustloop anymore. (can still dustloop, must normal jump)
-Eddie cannot do brain-dead double unblockables that lead to dizzies on half the cast.
-Millia does less damage overall, but has more mix-up options.
-Faust loses far slash -> c. dust, pogo FRC also removed
-TONS of balance changes. GCC has a full list.

Basically, take all the stupid scrubby bullshit from XX and refine it, tweak the gameplay engine slightly and improve balance and you have #Reload.

Im sure Reload has tiers too though.

I stick with GGX 1.5 :tup:

#R is better than XX.

#R is more tournament worthy :tup:

Yes it does, but is not badly unbalance like XX.

fuck xbox. i’ll stick to GGx on my DC and GGXX on my ps2.

I never said it didn’t. However, the lower tiered characters can actually stand up to top tiers now, whereas in XX you’d pretty much lose the match for free (or at a horrible disadvantage. 7-3 or 8-2’s, effectively counter-matchups)

In #reload, there are VERY VERY few 7-3 match-ups, the rest being either Even (5-5) or slight disadvantage (6-4). Generally you can pick the character you enjoy playing, and as long as you grasp the concept of the game’s engine and the match-ups, you can compete and learn tricks/strategies that will allow you to not die 100% of the time against top tiers.

I urge people who are serious about learning GGXX to learn #Reload over XX. XX is seriously a wasteland of a game now that there’s an updated version.

And a few months from now, we’ll be seeing #R vs Slash comparison threads. :encore:



This is the 2nd XX vs #R I’ve seen in my life… and I have no life.

true…how bout xx .vs #R.vs/ vs.http:// vs. .org :tup:

Better yet, XX vs #R Red vs #R Blue vs Slash. :encore:

Yes, Faust definitely needs to be able to combo into and out of his pogo stab. In fact, it also needs to be an infinite. #R Red 4 LYFE.

Then again, Slash is also pretty worthwhile because cmon, zappa is gonna own everyone in that.
And why the hell do most people not understand that XX and #R are like… completely different sides of the spectrum. Goddamn. It’s a freaking sequel-ish expansion.


Best version yet :tup:

loads up the poormans Guilty Gear aka GGX on dreamcast

Fuck that.

loads up the ghetto hobo’s Guilty Gear aka GG1 on Playstation. :karate: