GGXX : ways to use slayer


ive been recently playing GGXX, and ive found out that ive been preety sucessfull with Slayer. im still a newbie on how to use him right, and it would help me if anyone knows any good stradegy of using Slayer, plus any usefull combos for him as well it would help me alot
thanx peace – kiba–


s,s s,s 236+PorK RC HS 214+pp
learn that


how do u get out of the command grab infinite ?


You don’t. If you want to stay out of it, you best not get thrown. I’ve never seen anyone able to shake out of it. But don’t worry too much, it’s more of a meter builder for slayer than actual damage… unless you can dizzy them and Instant Kill them :evil:


one tip that i heard that ino left in nebraska is t oshake fwd,ub instead of fwd back so u if u do for some reson get out like if they messup a rep u will jump out, second i heard from tragic that it is possible to mash out of the dizzy b4 they can ik u im sure its hard though, really hard.


Yes, it is possible to mash out of the dizzy before getting IK’ed. That’s a good idea on how to get out though, cause I know a lot of people I play get cause when I mess up the timing a litte because they’re still flailing away at the control and I can just get them again.


I actually mashed out of the infinite one time on luck, but I didn’t jump out so I got wasted anyway. :smiley:

How to play Slayer: Basically, poke a lot and look for openings, then punish hard. Best pokes are probably s.K and s.S(f). Use his evasive maneuvers to get around predictable offense and canned strings. Slayer does the majority of his damage based on getting counterhits or RCing. Counterhit Pile Bunker (press P during the D Step(QCB+P or K)) wall bounds and gives you an opportunity to aircombo for pretty big damage, so learn good times to use this move. If your opponent sits there blocking a lot, go for mixups between c.K and his F+K, then combo afterwards, or go for the grab infinite. Otherwise, you want to play in a slightly defensive manner; Slayer is not built for rush and his offense can be very predictable after a while.


Ok, here’s a question, does anyone know a decent folow-up to the Eternal Wings super? It does crap damage and I know that it’s a setup cause they can’t recover out, but for the life of me I can’t tack much extral damage on. Any thoughts?


I don’t use the Eternal Wings super much (in fact, I don’t use supers much at all in this game). You can generally get a free QCF+K after it, or if they’re cornered, s.S© to aircombo. But I generally reserve meter for RCs and comboing his air super or his Dead On Time.


how do u get the second pair of slashes to connect i can only get 4 slahes if im lucky


i found a pretty cool combo it goes qcb p,k jump p,k double jump p,k,d qcbqcb s, cr.slash jump p,k double jump p,k,d qcb k


hhmm does the dwn+slash juggle because of the stagger? o_O and is the next part SJC? because if its not its techable…


You guys are down right adorable.

Ok, here’s the jist of it. Slayer isn’t a rush down char. Or a turtle char. Or lock down. He’s a wait, react, RC, and crush half a life bar char.

That makes sense? Good. Now that we have that out of the way, there are only two combos with Slayer you’ll ever be bothered with. Here they are.

s,s s,s, 236k, RC, HS, 236K, RC, HS, 214k, P

Here’s why.

First off, s x4 is lots of damage. Now, if you have no meter, just 214k, S.

The reason you 214k is because that d-step is a LOT faster than the punch one, thus giving you quicker recovery, and allowing the S to come out faster. The reason I say use S, is because the p, k, and H all come out slower, and leave you at more risk if blocked. If they block the S, you’re absolutely safe.

But, if you have meter, just 236k, RC, HS. Again, no more meter? 214k, S.

BUT, if you have meter, RC, HS, 236K or 214k, S.

Boom, most their life, gone.

That’s all I’m gonna be bothered with.



sorry i did not know it was techable still can someone tell me how to connect the s,s,s,s i can only get the first two


It’s all timing, you can’t mash on the button to fast. Really the only way to learn is go to training mode and try a couple different timings to get it then just practice.


adorable is thinking that doing one combo/string will win the match, thats why so many people find that their strats eventually are telegraphed by people because they try to use only afew of slayers tactics, now i wasnt gonah say anything about this but has anyone actually though about how sick slayer knock down options are? people say his dwn+dust is not safe, bullshit u just have to chain it off c.kick or do it at a sertain range form them, when they are knocked down u can cross up, u can over head at least 2 ways u can go low or u can justdo nothing, verystrong.


Well, Slave (I’m only gonna assume that’s Drezial from GCC, since he’s got the exact same ideas) has been experimenting with Slayer for a long time, and he plays the Japanese. His whole “adorable” comment refers to some people who are trying to discuss combos w/Slayer when he really isn’t combo-oriented; he’s trying to emphasize that Slayer is a wait-and-counter type of character. Anyway, we’ve been discussing Slayer over at GCC, and while I am also a supporter of his wakeup game, most of his options on wakeup are very risky. And yes, his sweep isn’t that good unless you do it from max range (and from there it’s easy to see coming). Yeah, you can chain it from a stand K, but the K has to actually HIT them.

Anyway, the main reasons behind Slayer’s wakeup game being risky is that almost ALL of his options are suspect to reversals (ex, Volcanic Viper w/Sol). He’s got a decent number of options for wakeup, but almost all of them can be reversed. Crossups are reversible, overheads are reversible, and doing nothing just resets the situation. His safest options are probably crouch K, BDC jump (enter backdash command and immediately cancel w/jump, makes your jump invincible for a short time), or BDC command grab. BDC jump defeats rising reversals like Sol’s VV since the attack will go right through you and you can airthrow him, BDC grab defeats ground-based reversals like Axl’s and Bridget’s, and leads to infinite (if they just sit there and crouch block, though, you’ll have to be right on top of them to grab). Everything else is based on intimidating your opponent, and this is kind of hard to do with Slayer since most of his wakeup options are easy to break.


i was always under the impression that the one of the only wakeup moves that can hit slayer when he dashes through u is ky’s dp, iv actually been missed with alot of wake up sol dps. also the fact that alot of them are reversable still doesnt change the fact that that they are their and should not be ignored, u can do c.k and chain into the slide, thus reseting the whole kockdown, and liek u pointed out if they just block low seeing that thas the only viable option then u can stil lgo for the crossup or the overhead not alot of people iv ran into had reversals for a fwd+k at max range.i would like to discuss these more in dept with anyone to really point out the flaws so we can go around them somehow hopefully
i understand the fact that slayer is not combo oriented but the post above just send a message that basicly sujests that slayer should just concentrate on that one combo, which i odnt agree with since to me it sets even more limits on him instead of trying to drop some unexpected ideas so that hes not so easily coreographed by the opponent it really breaks his game down imo. i could be wrong in this of course since i odnt play in japan.
i dont see slayer as a yang, where his game revolves around landing mantis slashes all the time, i just think that slayer has enough tools to rely on at least 2-3 other combos then jut onse with rc dashpunches.


True, but the issue at hand with that was that people keep posting combos w/Slayer that are really impractical or weak. Slayer really only has a couple of useful combos; like I said, he’s not combo-oriented. But people who are learning him are experimenting with a bunch of different combos, which is just totally unnecessary. Slave was just trying to squash that w/his post. Combos aren’t about mixing up on your opponent, they are tools for dealing out damage. Using anything but high-damage, practical combos is basically a waste. Frankly, Slayer is pretty easy to read overall; varying up your combos will not change that.


being close minded is not a good idea imo but hey whatever