GGXX: Which characters give Chip problems and why?

I’m trying to figure out who chip has a weakness against. Any experts in the house?

Well, Pot owns him for free if you aren’t really, really, REALLY patient. If you force the other player to earn his damage and he can’t beat you mentally, it’s a slow, painful death for Pot.

That’s the most common one and easily his most difficult matchup at low to mid level play. I’m not sure who else he has problems with, but I think Slayer can be a bitch as well. 'course anybody can be hard if they have good defense and don’t let you control the match, as you can’t afford to mess up.

how’s his match-ups with bridget and Ino?

Slayer and Sol get a free win against Chipp. Any char that can chase chipp down will give him a hard time. Of course, Slayer can just wait for him to come and then nail 70%, dizzy chipp and kill him. At high level play I belive it’s 50/50 against Pot. Jam can also be a big problem, since she has speed & power.

Bridget may be in for a fight for his life if he can’t trap chipp in a corner. Not sure about I-no, since nobody plays her.

doesnt everyone give Chipp a hard time?

Heh, that’s what I was thinking, too :rolleyes:

Heh, usually. But some ppl say a good chipp can give johnny and dizzy some headaches. He seems to give Ky alot of trouble too.

In theory, Chipp actually owns most the other characters souls. However, in the real world he’ll get hit twice and die.

I actually think Chipp / Potemkin is 5/5. Chipp can do ghetto mix-ups all day, and tick away at him. Chipp > Potemkin’s priority, so you can kinda chip chip chip at him all day. But of course on the same note, fuck potemkin. Fucking stupid character.

You probably play slayer/roboky/both, am I right? :slight_smile:

Me, I give chip problems because i hate him dearly. On a real note, maybe someone along the lines of Ky,Sol, and possibly Anji. Also Johnny but you need to know what you are doing. That may sound crazy, but Johnny can block really good, and if you know when to strike, chip will become your bitch

Seeing as how I play against Chipp 90% of the time I’m playing someone in GGXX/#R, I think I have some knowledge of who gives him problems.

I’d have to say that any character who can chase Chipp down, and keep him in one place will give him problems.