anyone know where to get some Gulty Gear XX match vids or combo vids.
i also did a little movie of my own, you may want to chek it out.

Nice lookin combo if it wasn’t so easy to escape after the 1st grab

if your in a corner i m pretty sure you cant excape…+ the computer was set to limited guard and random direction recovery…

Not random recovery. Test is always for forward or backwards recovery, since you can recover those directions before neutral. Though I’m fairly certain that this particular corner combo works, its still better to make sure there is no doubt.

Combo might work, but there’s no way in hell it would do that much damage. The guy had guard meter turned up somehow (the blocked Megafist added to the whole thing).

teh thing is that if you block teh megafist at this particular distance you CANNOT escape the throw try it yourself you ll see.
it s cheap ass 50% damage

Megafist to Pot Buster is escapable, it’s an old-ass setup. It can be jumped out of if you time it correctly. The trick is that if you anticipate the setup, you can Heat Knuckle instead to catch them out of their jump, then RC for more damage.