GGXXslash team info as it comes

ok since its all marvel marvel marvel

kensous team qualifys outa pools winners
so does daigos team (or should i say RFs team lol)
nebraska quals losers under daigos team
team katrina lose to mius team both times
im guessing miu quals out his pool winners
tons of ocvs by team houston and team katrina
final showdowns team is out via braska


Congrats to the qualifiers thus far.

ok marteeen is hella shyyy and ocved the MIU team with aba
cue/elvn/juicy is the team im calling nebraska

heidern98 simon and jammar over team houston so they qually in winners? and houston in loseres

Any player names on the teams?

which teams?

who is “marteeen?” I’m assuming Martin Phan but who knows.

oh course

and that team is him tuan and hitler

The Texas teams for me, or any teams that have had a pretty good showing so far.

houston is
jan del rio .kensou. robot

midwest or nebraska to me is
cue.juicy g.elvnshadow

heiders team is
him simon yoo and jammar

UPDATE: final four

mints team
RFs team
cues team

and whoever wins out of team run fl an mius team

who is on mint’s team? and who is on daigo’s and RF’s team?

mint/ruu/??? yukinose maybe?

team nebraska, lol…2 of 3 players are from chicago :confused:

^____~ yup

Wait So i heard it’s Bas/Ruu/MINT. At anyrate, charlie can you list the players that’s actually in order and how close was Showdowns team? 1 game away from Qual in Losers or wha?


il try to get more info today since its 3s and cvs2 only

also the other team in losers is FLORIDA
they apperently beat out MIUs team i dunno what happen to RUN now since i was under the impression it was them vs FL dunno.

also from what i understand the order of the teams could be switched and was throughout the tourney
the one team im sure of is MIUs
MAGO TOKIDO MIU in that order
i know houstons anchor was JAN also

(Shinomori using Rob’s SN again)

Um…who made it to top 8 though bro, all I wanan know :-D. I mean from what you said sounds like Mui’s, Houston’s, R.U.N. and Heidern’s were top 8. Is this true? And what happened to FinalShowdowns and the Kugz’s team? How far did they get??


Ayo shadowcharlie…

what is the number to the Alpha ism radio staion?

kug personally told me he made 8th place and lost to cues team man
RUN im still not sure about but what u named sounds close.
kugler has internet currently too so look out for him

425 738 6216