Ghetto baller balrog alternate costume

How do you unlock the G-Unit looking Balrog alternate costume? Is it in a pack? Is it downloadable yet? I’ve seen videos of it being used on Youtube. Sorry for such n00b question. X360 and yes I will buy it

yes it is a dlc and it is available. you should find it on the xbl store under super street fighter 4. im not sure what the pac is called, but you can also buy all 2nd alternate costumes in one pack. the 1st alternates would be under vanilla street fighter 4.

Ok, found “Super Complete Alternate Costume Pack” which includes it for 1440 points, Super Complete Alternate Costume Pack Screenshots

Otherwise it’s sold in the Super Shadaloo Pack for 320

Now my question is…
Does the Super Complete Alternate Costume Pack include the first 2 Alt costumes or only the 3rd (as pictured in the link above)?

The super package is just that; all the alt costumes that were new with super (not including the recent new ones). If you want the alts from vanilla, buy the vanilla alt pack (yes it works with super still).