Ghetto results for Charlotte's 1st bi-weekly (MvC2, CvS2)


Don’t mean to overstep my bounds, but in the interest of having somewhere central to discuss this past Saturday’s tourney before the momentum & interest deflates like air from a balloon ( :smiley: )…

MvC2: ~16 entrants

1st: Shaun B. "evil-storm"
2nd: Israel
3rd: Dee or Nhan I think, I forget which…

CvS2: 13 entrants

Fayetteville takes a clean sweep of the top 3 spots between Kev “Jabroni Kenshin”, Lamont “ghettoize” & James D. “MegaZangief” (I forget who actually got what, sorry…). Way to rep, Fayetteville… hats off to ya!

My apologies for any mistakes, corrections are welcome.

This tourney was mad fun. The later starting times, the extra room to move, the faster pace of the tourneys, more time afterwards for caz play, visibly less effort required from the staff… worked out really well. I recommend it to anybody who couldn’t make it this time.

I actually got to mingle & talk with people, see how they were doing, etc. which was nice. Good to see the participants from Fayetteville, Charlotte & points south…

Thanks to the Mindboggle staff, each & every one (I wanted to thank a couple of the guys personally but they left before I did). I want to make that clear. We appreciate everything. :slight_smile:

Also wanted to thank David for being a sport about our Marvel set & the stick/replay incident. Long story short, David asks for about a 5 second pause while he checks for stick trouble left side (~35 seconds left to go, 1st game). Some of the crowd (mostly Jimmy & Shaun B.) argue that the match should be replayed. I was going to let it go, but we decide to do it over. I win on the right side, then offer to take left side. It’s getting worse, so we break & they fix it. I start feeling like David is getting a bit of a raw deal, so I decide to call it 1-1 after the fix plus keep the faulty side, and I end up winning the deciding game. I tried to do what I thought was fair, David… thanks for doing the same…

The only thing even remotely related to a complaint was some of Charlotte saying that the event could have been publicized locally a little better; they blamed the absence of some of their notable Marvel players on that. May want to consider that going forward, but if that’s it gripe-wise, that’s pretty good… :cool:

Anyway, everybody take care, and hope to see you at future tourneys. Later.



Well the results are posted so everyone can see what happened. I thought the tournament went very well, and it is great to see everyone again. The one thing I did learn this tournament though is that I am ont playing MvC2 again lol…


Good shit guys, whens the next major so the MD crew can come by again? :smiley:


Thanks, Isaac; next biggie is projected for late September according to staff. Hope y’all can make it.

Oh yeah, one last thing; Mindboggle, PLEASE consider doing a complete overhaul of the controls on stand-up Marvel. Also, if the bi-weekly is only going to tie up the sit-down cab, maybe stand-up Marvel can be designated the “switchout” cab for other games (be they your own or boards brought from offsite)… ?

Response has generally been very positive for such “switchout” games that aren’t normally in the rotation (like ST, XvSF, and so on); this way it can happen without having to sacrifice another game. Just a thought… thanks again…



hey sup guys, i just posted the full results which can be seen here just wanted to thank all u guys for showing up.i appreciate it and hopefully u guys can come next time. maybe we can hold a major at the end of sept but i gotta talk to my manager. good shiet guys and cya.


oh yea, the next bi weekly is gonna be sept 6th. even though it says bi weekly, im aiming for the first and third of every month. but anyways, the games are going to be mvc2 and sc2. see u guys next time.


Okay… for the next ‘major’ I suggest it be on the 20th of Sept. Why? After pay-day for one and two, it’s on the 3rd Saturday of the month and will take the place of a would be bi-weekly. Talk to Mike or whoever and try to get this date set if possible. Hopefully the turnout will be big if we get the word out sometime this week so people can make plans. Maybe Desmond can make it out to this one :smiley: Kill!


Yea, try and get that date finalized soon. MD has to rent a car to come, and we can get one a lot cheaper if we reserve it earlier, plus we could possibly get a place to stay instead of havin to get a holiday inn.


It’s good to hear that the bi-weeklies have gotten off to a good start, if things go well for me by the time the 6th rolls around I’ll be there!

Need help defending against certain moves
Need help defending against certain moves

Sc2 ?
erm…is there enough interest in that ?

I was gonna make the last one but I choose to drive to Atlanta instead to play SvC (which was BROKEN):mad: .
I know I would come up for 3S so how about it ???

keep up the good work Charlotte



well we wouldn’t mind doin 3s but i guess we wanna try something new. we might start holding sc2 in the majors but we gotta see how many people are willing to show up just for the bi weekly. will most likely have 3s for the next tourney cause hopefully, HOPEFULLY, we can hold a major. but we will see. i will post any info when i find out.

later guys.


Sept 20, Majors!! C’mon… we know you can do it. That’s the best date to do it. Keep up the great work though. :smiley:


SC2 is sorry booo, more CvS2 :slight_smile:



when is the next one going to be