Ghetto result's from Athen's Ga. 1st monthy tournament


1st i’ll like to say I had a fun time at the tournament. To bad I had to leave before the 3s tournament ended, but I had to get my wife. I was mad because I was still in the winners bracket and I had to leave.:bluu: Oh well, that’s life.

I heard that June Ro won 3s. Colin Caldwell won cvs2. Sorry as Hell won mvc2. Haunts won puzzlefighter. and I don’t know who won ggxx.:rolleyes:

Someone post the full results so I can put them in the apex system.:cool:


Sorry I didn’t make it. I was with a female and that shit’s a lot more important than games to me.


I understand that yo.:wink:


Female 1.
Video Games 0.