Ghetto result's from~*Atl. South JustinW & Xecutioner Pre-Evolution Tourney 07-05-03*

I don’t know them but maybe someone will see this thread and report back on this thread.:cool:

So where are those damn results people?!?!?!?:confused: :lol:

Here are the predicted results:

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Desmond or Mixup if Mixup went
  3. Desmond or Mixup
  4. who cares
  5. see 4
  6. see a pattern?
  7. scrub
  8. scrub
    scrub a dub-dub

1st. Xecutioner

Justin Wong


thats al i remeber…wait till sora post full results…

Justin lost to X? congrulation X for getting first.

pretty sure justin didnt enter marvel

congrats X


what teams did jwong and xecutioner use for cvs2 and mvc2???

LOL y’all think X-Ecutioner beat Wong lol no wong didn’t enter MvC2, Wong won CvS2 though. X-Ecutioner is mad raw on MvC2 though no one could beat him man I mean his combos are so ill everyone was amazed. And he was killing people with low tier team on T. Bears request lol he used Sentinel, Cyclops, Omega Red or Sabertooth, saw some nasty shit even with those characters. One more thing the CvS2 sticks were crap I will never enter a tourney with sticks like that again. I had to resort to old style CvS2 on those sticks. Pick Ryu Cammy Sagat poke to death Cvs2. blah:bluu: It was all good though on MvC2 man Wong is more beastly than I ever imagined he killed everyone pretty bad on casual play lol:eek:

Complete results?

…at least top 5 in each game.

MvC2 : 16 Entries

1st - Desmond Pinkney “Xecutioner” NYC
2nd - Michael Ngyuyen AUG
3rd - Taz Dench “Arcade Man” KY
4th - Sora Arrington “Tron li” AUG

5th - Don Kim “ilovecola_man” AUG
5th - Antonio McCumber AUG

7th - Cameron Jones AUG
7th - David Helman “Mr. Grimm” SC

9th - Ruben Tarrence “Ragnarok” AUG
9th - Brian Loomm AUG
9th - Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” SC
9th - Alberto McCumber AUG

13th - Jose Ruelas AUG
13th - Hubert AUG
13th - David Watkins “Incinerated Jew” AUG
13th - Eric Jeffries “HaoGui” ATL

CvS2 : 13 Entries

1st - Justin Wong “JustinW” NYC
2nd - Antonio McCumber AUG
3rd - Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” SC
4th - Brian Loomm AUG

5th - Eric Jeffries “HaoGui” ATL
5th - Soriano Ray HI

7th - Scott “Howky” AUG
7th - Tei Garret “Taloney” AUG

9th - Frederick “Free” AUG
9th - Jose Ruelas AUG
9th - Dalton Jackson AUG
9th - Desmond Pinkney “Xecutioner” NYC

13th - T Bear “Kuma” ATL

T4 : 9 Entries

1st - Clinton ATL
2nd - Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” SC
3rd - Taz Dench “Arcade Man” KY
4th - Prime-7

5th - Soriano Ray HI
5th - Justin Wong “JustinW” NYC

7th - Don Kim “ilovecola_man” AUG
7th - Tei Garret “Taloney” AUG

9th - Mike Johnson “Ramenman” AUG

if justin did enter and i wouldve beaten him the world wouldve un-did itself…

that would have benn…cool…

you think a tourney with justin and X would of had more people. . .
weak ass attendance

Thats the South for ya. We hardly get 20 people at tournies. sad, so very sad. :frowning:

What can I say? $h!t is mad spaced out in the South. The demise of the arcade is more evident here than probably anywhere else in the country.

It’s not uncommon to have to cross 2 states lines in order to get to a tourney… and I’m not talking about tiny states like Delaware or Rhode Island, either. :slight_smile:

I personally don’t relish the prospect of doing 14 hours of total road time, I don’t care who is supposed to be there. And I like Marvel as much as any Marvel fan that’s still playing after 3 years.

That’s the problem. Things are wicked spaced out here, and most of us have to play in little communities with people just as poor as the rest of us :lol:

I would have LOVED to have gone, but things such as the girlfriends birthday, job hunting, etc prevented me. Some will call it a lame excuse, but bills come before games :rolleyes:

YAY I WON :eek: :eek: :eek: oh wait…i didn’t even enter ^_^;; oh well