Ghetto Results from the Fla. Invasion 2/15--2/16


I don’t know shit but i’m hoping someone that went to the tournament will post some results.:rolleyes: :lol: Well I made the thread for you jetphi. Now you must post the results when you see this thread.:cool: I hope everyone had fun at this tournament and no one got punched in the face.:rolleyes:


Hope these tide you over until Phi posts full results. This is what happened yesterday, had to go back home by sunday.

2. Alex Navarro
3. Arturo

Mvc2 team:
1. Rick-e/Arturo/Desmond
2. Team mixup

Rick-e also won Super turbo and 3rd strike.


Thanks yo.:cool:


Well since you’re a 3S kinda of guy Larry I’m sure you’d appreciate to see who placed in the top 5 in 3S at this tournament:

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Results:
1st.) Ricky Ortiz (Ken - SAIII)
2nd.) Arturo Sanchez (Alex - SAII / Ken - SAIII)
3rd.) June Ro (Ken - SAIII / Urien - SAIII)
4th.) Nathan Roach (Q - SAI / Ken - SAIII)
5th.) Colin Caldwell (Ken - SAIII / Alex - SAIII)


  • Over 20 people participated in the 3S tournament!

  • SAIII Ken was apparently the flavor of the day seeing how everyone who placed in the top 5 used him at one point or another.

  • Colin Caldwell gave me an extreme run for my money with his Alex. “The Shocker” + “Stomp That Sh!t Down” = PWNAGE!

  • June Ro proved once more that he’s one of the A.S.'s finest . Being placed in the losers bracket only because he was MIA for “N”-Minutes and JetPhi got tired of calling him. Once there he tore his way through meeting me in the loser’s quarter’s beating me 2-1. After that he fought against Arturo Sanchez losing 3-1 taking 3rd. He put up a great fight though. Much props to him.

  • Ricky Ortiz ripped through the brackets winning the tournament UNDEFEATED. He plays an extremely smart mix of offense/defense/zoning and always controlled the pace of his matches. Too good.

Thanks goes out to all of those who participated and to JetPhi for throwing the Invasion. I really enjoyed myself.

Major props also go out to Dr. Funkenstein, Ronin Chaos, and Colin. Those guys are a riot and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t know the joys of “The Shocker!”. :lol: My only regret was that I didn’t get to play Dr. Funkenstein in 3S. :frowning:

Take care and hope to see as many of you as possible at FR6! (assuming I can attend that is. :sweat: .)


Good shit June for getting 3rd place.:cool: Good job natedog and colin for getting 4th and 5th. June disappears during a tournament huh? Dumbass. :stuck_out_tongue: That sounds just like june ass.:lol: :lol: This tournament sounds like it was alot of fun. Wish I could have been there to play in it.


Thanks to JetPhi for a great tournament… there was alot of mad talent there… Congrats to Ricky for winning just about all the tournaments there…


Sounds like a great tournament .
June and Colin did well for the A.S.
How many entries for 3S ?

I wish I could have been there but it wasn’t possible and FR is looking dismally impossible as well:bluu:

congrats to Rick-e



The total was somewhere are 20-25 people for 3S, which in my opinion was a great turn-out. (Believe it or not 3S had more participants then CvS2.).

It was a real shame you couldn’t attend Ted, I really enjoy meeting up with my fellow A.S. 3S players and everyone I’ve met so far is really cool. It’s also upsetting to hear you might not be able to attend FR6 either. :frowning:


Nathan, would you happen to have Third Strike footage? I wasn’t able to hook up my VCR to shit on Sat so I didn’t get a chance to get any.



Yes Eric did manage to get some 3S footage.

Mainly the matches in the quater finals.

The following matches will be put up on the WWN:

June Ro vs. Arturo Sanchez
Nathan Roach vs. Ricky Ortiz
Nathan Roach vs. Colin Caldwell

To my knowledge Arturo and Ricky actually didn’t play each other in the finals. And if they did they must have done it while I had my back turned. :confused:

Outside of the three matches I listed above I don’t know what else I have recorded considering Eric was the camera man.
(I know he taped me playing Craig and CJ from Jacksonville and Desmond from NY but I’m not sure if he recorded anything else.)

Also I’ll have acesmith5 put up the CvS2 semi-finals and finals (and some other matches if possible I’ve got to look through the tapes.).


You wouldn’t mind me using that footage to go on the trailer I’m editing now would you?

Wish you would have stayed for Sunday, you could’ve seen my super low tier single CvS2 skillz. A Groove King - Strategy: RC every fucking move I can (mostly Mirage Kick) and pray i could get a CC in the corner. PWNAGE

EDIT: note that i say nothing about winning or anything in there.


Anyone know if Phi got stranded in the airport? I told him he would but he didn’t believe me so I wanted to know if he was alright


tis I, Eric, A.K.A. The Muffin Man.
i will be posting some pics up in the next day or 2 of the tourney on WWN. we will also be posting up footage as well. but the vids will be up a couple of days after the pics. believe me it is a process getting Acesmith5 off his ass to encode these things.

And also, for those of you who wanted to go downstairs and see the hot asian women, but couldnt get the chance cause you were to busy playing videogames and hanging with guys :lol: , ive got a few pics and vids of what was going on down there. so you could at least get an idea of what you missed. :wink:



Singles MVC2.

  1. X
  2. Mixup
  3. Ortiz

I’m a little shady after that… but it was a damn good tournament… thanks for everyone for comming out :wink:

Also one note.
Most of Team Orlando MVC2 wasn’t present the 2nd day due to problems with getting there on time… so Eder, Teddy, and Peter could have done a lot better… but instead the people they faced got bye’s, for the exception of Eder since I took his spot.

It was also cool meeting everyone…

Raekwon, Aiji, Xececutioner, JetPhi, Robert, SentinelsForce… and everyone else… have safe trips back home :wink:


It’s all about the shocker, you fucks!


THE SHOCKER REPRESENTED. Even Arturo used Alex so he could distribute THE SHOCKER to his opponents. Two in the pink, one in the stink - it’s the SHOCKER.


uhh, this is mix

Dope tourney aside from the lil bs here and there.

Props to all!


Craig from tallahasse has that shit!! ask him he got some awesome 3s footage.


There’s a craig from Tallahassee? I always thought he was J-ville?


lol a craig from jax…i wish i had gone to the tourny:( :frowning: sounded hella fun. Anyway does anybody have full MvC2 results and full ST results?